Friday, December 8

Tommy Keene - Chicago, IL 2014 (FM)

Live On the Mayne Stage 
Chicago, IL
July 2, 2014

FM capture (sound quality Ex-)

SAMPLE: "Back to Zero" (live 2014)

ROB SEZ: Here's more Tommy Keene goodness in memory of the tremendously talented singer, guitarist & song writer, who died just 2 weeks ago. Massive thanks to the taper & sharer (I would credit them by name ... but I've lost that info). I threw together some custom artwork. Come back soon for more...

JUST POSTED: NEW FLAC links for these previous TK posts: Washington, D.C. 2004 (sbd); Velvet Crush Live in 2005 with Tommy Keene (sbd); TK Live 1989 & 1998 (the latter was originally posted in lossless; I'm re-listing it for those who missed it).


On the fence about Tommy Keene's music?
Watch the "Deep Six Saturday" video.
The guy in the bear (?) suit is randomly goofy, but the rest of the video is thoroughly enjoyable. 
From TK's 2011 album Behind the Parade.
Watch the entire pro-shot 2014 "Live On the Mayne Stage" Broadcast

Learn more about the music of Tommy Keene 
at his web site and at AllMusic
Trouser Press covered TK's 1980s & early 1990s output.


  1. More Tommy? Oh yes, there's always more...

    Los Conciertos de Radio 3
    Musica-1 Studios
    Madrid, Spain
    March 3, 2000

    FM recording (sound quality: Ex-)

    01 On the Runway
    02 The Man Without a Soul
    03 Long Time Missing
    04 Silent Town
    05 High Wire Days
    06 Compromise
    07 Kill Your Sons (The World, NYC 1986)


  2. Fantastic Tommy show in great quality. Thank you so much Rob. I have been feeling so down since the news about TK's passing. He was such a great talent. Really enjoying the acoustic bonus posting too. I was pleased to see that Peter Holsapple rated Tommy so highly. Thanks for all your efforts. Simon in Manchester UK

    1. Cheers, Simon. So glad you're enjoying these. I've been comforted by the music and by watching the "Deep Six Saturday" video -- feels like a little wave from Tommy, wherever he is now...


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