Friday, January 29

Tim Finn - London 1984 + Auckland '86

The Venue
London, UK
March 14, 1984

FM broadcast (sound quality VG+)

SAMPLE: "Dock of the Bay" (London '84)

01   Through the Years
02   Below the Belt
03   Grand Adventure
04   Growing Pains
05   Not For Nothing
06   The Shape I'm In
07   I Only Want to Know
08  Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay
       (Otis Redding cover)
09  Ain't That News

The Galaxy
Auckland, NZ
July 4, 1986    

audience recording (sound quality VG)

SAMPLE: "Don't Bury My Heart" (live '86)

01 Spiritual Hunger
02 So Deep
03  Don't Bury My Heart
04  Timmy
05  Fraction Too Much Friction
06  No Thunder No Fire No Rain
07  Carve You In Marble
08  Six Months in a Leaky Boat 
09  Hole In My Heart
10 Big Canoe
11 Water Into Wine
12 Made My Day
13 License to Kill (Dylan cover)
14 In a Minor Key
15 Staring at the Embers
16 Hyacinth

MUCHOS GRACIAS to lottiesdad, Camus and Janemusic for sharing.

ROB SEZ: Tim's younger brother Neil gets more acclaim, but Tim showed Neil the way as a founder of Split Enz and, later, a solo artist. Tim and Neil have collaborated through the years in Split Enz, Finn Brothers and Crowded House. But Tim had a good thing going in the 1980s when he launched his solo career, and recorded some enduring albums. I'm calling this week "Tim Time" at the blog. 

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Tuesday, January 26

Charlatans UK - All Beeb, All the Time

BBC Sessions
(none officially released)
1990 - 2010

FM captures (sound quality VG+ to Ex-)

Please note: officially-released tracks have been removed, which means this artwork is not completely accurate. This share does NOT include the tracks listed above as Disc 2, tracks 8, 13-17 as well as Disc 3, tracks 1 & 2. They appeared on The Charlatans' Best of the BBC Sessions 1999 - 2006. A handful of the rest of these appeared on long-deleted, out-of-print CD singles.

ALL THANKS & PRAISE to Don from the old ASH blog, my source for this. Hurry over to Don's new Anything Should Happen Again blog for compelling reflections on the kind of music you must like (otherwise, you wouldn't be here, right?).

ASH Tuesday post #31.

Friday, January 22

Kirsty MacColl - TV Performances 2000 +

TV Performances in Stereo 
1992 - 2000
Soundboard-sourced audio rips (sound quality: Ex-) 

SAMPLE: "In These Shoes?" (Live - Glasgow, 2000)

"The Boxed Set", Scottish Television Studio, Glasgow, Scotland March 14, 2000
01 intro
02 In These Shoes?
03 England 2 Colombia 0
04 Kirsty talks 
05 Walking Down Madison  
06 Celestine
07 Kirsty talks 
08 Us Amazonians 
09 Wrong Again 
10 Head 
11 Here Comes That Man Again 
12 My Affair 
13 Kirsty talks 
14 A New England
Later with Jools Holland November 9, 1992 
15 Soho Square
16 Angel
Later with Jools Holland April 15, 2000
17 In These Shoes?
18 interview (with snippet of “Chip Shop”)
19 England 2 Colombia 0

ROB SEZ: In the "Adele Age", it's sad to think of someone with similar vocal chops and superior songwriting skills being overlooked by so many. Kirsty recorded several splendid albums, married record producer Steve Lillywhite, and gave birth to two sons before her tragic death in a diving/boating accident in December 2000. Past time, methinks, to recognize a colossal talent.

MASSIVE THANKS to Wolfsbane for sharing both of these sets. The collector and poster of the first set says: “Everything here is true, beautiful stereo and a great listen.”

Mountain Stage
Charleston, West Virginia
January 22, 1995

FM stereo broadcast (sound quality: VG+) 

01 introduction
02 Fifteen Minutes
03 They Don't Know
04 Caroline
05 Miss Otis Regrets
06 Still Life
07 Free World
08 Roll 'em Easy
09 My Affair


This lovely photo is by Rita Carmo. Drawing below is by Gary Bedard.

Musicians for 2000 live performances:
Kirsty MacColl - vocals
Pete Glenister - guitars
Chucho Merch·n - bass
Bob Knight - drums
Michelle Drees - percussion 
Ben Storey - trumpet
Joe de Jes's - trombone
James Knight - saxophone

Learn more about the music of Kirsty MacColl at AllMusic, Wikipedia 

Tuesday, January 19

Mommyheads - Stockholm 2011+

Stockholm, Sweden
March 2011

soundboard recording (quality Ex-)

NOTE: First 10 tracks are from the Stockholm show; last 7 are from a show at Howland Center, Beacon, NY in January 2012.

ONCE AGAIN, all thanks to Mick, who compiled these and made the artwork, and to Don, who posted it all at the old ASH blog. Check out Don's new pop music reflection & discussion blog, Anything Should Happen Again.


The Mommyheads:
Guitar - Adam Elk
Keyboard - Michael Holt
Drums - Dan Fisherman
Bass - Jason McNair
ASH Tuesday post #30.

Go check out The Mommyheads' digital releases at Bandcamp.

Friday, January 15

Sleater-Kinney - Washington, D.C. 2015

9:30 Club
Washington, D.C.
Feb. 23, 2015
NPR webcast

sound quality: Ex-

Sleater-Kinney: Carrie Brownstein (above) + Corin Tucker + Janet Weiss (below), 
rocking the house at the 9:30 Club about a year ago. Enjoy! 

01 Price Tag
02 Start Together
03 Fangless
04 Oh!
05 Surface Envy
06 Get Up
07 Ironclad
08 No Anthems
09 Youth Decay
10 What's Mine Is Yours
11 A New Wave
12 No Cities to Love
13 One Beat
14 Words and Guitar
15 Bury Our Friends
16 Sympathy
17 Entertain
18 Jumpers

19 Gimme Love
20 Little Babies --> 

     Turn It On
21 Modern Girl
22 Dig Me Out 
TT: 1 hr., 20 mins.

Corin Tucker
Carrie Brownstein
Janet Weiss
Katie Harkin

Watch the entire webcast and read more 
about the show at NPR Music

Tuesday, January 12

Flick - Demos & Rarities

Boogers, Demos & Besides

Rare EP & Demos collection
(recording data unknown — circa mid 1990s)
soundboard recordings (quality VG++)

ALL THANKS & PRAISE to Mick & Don from ASH.

ASH Tuesday post #29.

Learn more about the music of Flick at AllMusic