Friday, July 26

The Music of Star, Big – Amsterdam 2012

B.S. & guests
De Melkweg
The Netherlands
November 21, 2012

audience recording by Dutch Masters' Apprentice (sound quality VG+)

The latter-day B.S. lineup includes 2 members of The Posies
photos from a similar “Music of B.S.” event in The Netherlands
in April 2011 by Bas Jongeleen via Flickr 

SPECIAL THANKS to Cornello for permission to share here. Please honor his request: do not convert to, or share this show in, any lossy format, unless solely for personal use.
What — a B.S. show without LX Chilton?? Yeah, I know: you’re not sure you want to bother. But if you love the group’s music, you probably want to give this a listen. The lead vocalists do a great job, and I think the re-constituted B.S. is very underrated.

Setlist: (lead vocalists listed in parens)
01 intro
02 Back Of A car (Jon Auer)
03 In the Street (Tim Knol)
04 Don't Lie To me (Tim / group)
05 When My Baby's Beside Me (Jon / JB Meijers)
06 Way Out West (Jody Stephens)
07 Kangaroo (Jacco de Greeuw)
08 I Am The Cosmos (Jon)
09 You Get What You Deserve (Bella Hay)
10 My Life Is Right (Ken Stringfellow)
11 For You (Jody)
12 Lady Sweet (Jon)
13 Holocaust (Jacco)
14 Daisy Glaze (Ken)
15 You And Your Sister (Jelka van Houten)
16 Big Black Car (JB)
17 Give Me Another Chance (Ken)
18 The Ballad of El Goodo (JB / Ken / Jon)
19 Thirteen (Denvis / Bella / Jon)
20 Slut (Pablo van der Poel)
21 Feel (Ken)
22 September Gurls (Jacco)
23 Ken Stringfellow speaks
24 Thank You Friends (Denvis)
25 Jody Stephens speaks
26 Blue Moon (Jody)

TT: 1:39:26

Jody Stephens, sole surviving member of the original lineup, carries on

Lossless WAV files (BIG zip file – please be patient with download)

Core band:
Jody Stephens (B.S.)
Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, B.S.)
Jon Auer (The Posies, B.S.)
JB Meijers (De Dijk)

Tim Knol, Jacco De Greeuw, Bella Hay, Jelka van Houten, Denvis, Pablo van der Poel, Roland Brunt

Faye Hunter - R.I.P., 1954-2013


First, Scott Miller. Now, Faye Hunter.

All I can offer right now is a sad and pissed-off DAMN IT!

Faye on bass at a Let's Active gig, The Pier, Raleigh, NC in 1984.
That's Faye in the middle, L.A. early lineup.
Time to cue R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts" — and your favorite 
early Let's Active music.

Friday, July 19

Lloyd Cole - London 1991 + bonus 1987 show

Lloyd Cole is back with a smashing new album, Standards. 
Here are two archival live shows. Rob says Lloyd’s da man!

Hammersmith Odeon
Oct. 26, 1991

FM capture (sound quality Ex-) 

01 Rattlesnakes
02 Charlotte Street
03 Mr. Malcontent
04 Weeping Wine
05 From the Hip
06 Patience
07 Butterfly
08 There for Her
09 Man Enough
10 A Long Way Down
11 She's A Girl and I'm A Man
12 Pay for It
13 Perfect Blue

Musicians (presumed lineup):
Lloyd Cole - vocals, acoustic guitar
Robert Quine - lead guitar
Jack Johnson - guitars
Blair Cowan - keyboards
David Ball - bass
Dan McCarroll – drums

Royal Concert Hall
Nottingham, UK
Nov. 13, 1987

BBC Radio One broadcast with Johnny Walker

FM capture (sound quality Ex-; excellent sound marred only by a half-second cut just before start of each track)

01 My Bag
02 29
03 Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken?
04 Jennifer She Said
05 Patience
06 Perfect Blue
07 Hey Rusty
08 Mr. Malcontent
09 Perfect Skin

(complete broadcast, which did not include complete concert)

Lloyd Cole & The Commotions:
Neil Clark – guitar
Lloyd Cole - vocals, guitar
Blair Cowan – keyboards
Lawrence Donegan – bass
Stephen Irvine – drums

MP3@320  (second show = MP3@256)
LC: sharp-dressed man in Chinatown.

Lloyd Cole's new album is Standards.
A gutsy title, yes. But it's merited.


BUY Standards directly from Lloyd Cole. Or, if you must, you can give Amazon more of your money.

Learn more about the music of Lloyd Cole at the artist's official site and/or AllMusic

Friday, July 12

Peter Holsapple & Worst Case Scenario - Chicago 1989

The Cubby Bear
Chicago, IL
March 5, 1989

Leukemia benefit show
NOTE: each of the two sets has its own separate download

audience recording (sound quality VG; club show with some distracting crowd noise)
Robyn Hitchcock & Peter Buck, collaborating once again.
MUCH APPRECIATION to the taper and to dB’s Fan for sharing.      

Peter Holsapple setlist:
Six Degrees or less from Robyn H. & Peter B.
01 This is Where I Belong (Kinks cover) 
02 She Got Soul
03 I’m Running Over
04 Bald Headed Baby
05 Soul Kiss
06 Big Brown Eyes
07 Second Time Around
08 Lonely Is as Lonely Does
09 Next to the Last Waltz
10 Black and White*
11 Judy*
12 Neverland*        

*with Peter Buck (aka “Mr. Good Wrench”) on guitar

Peter H. called on Robyn Hitchcock & Peter Buck to play this benefit with him.
photo by k-dj via Flickr
Worst Case Scenario setlist:
01 I Wanna Destroy You (Robyn Hitchcock) --> Twist and Shout (Isley Bros. / Beatles cover)
02 Do Right Woman (Moman / Penn tune)
03 Changed the Locks (L. Williams cover)
04 Revolution Number 1 (Beatles cover)
05 Roof Is Leaking (Dion cover)
06 Queen of Eyes (Robyn Hitchcock)
07 Mr. Spaceman (Byrds cover)
08 The Rumor (The Band cover)
09 You Can’t Do That (Beatles cover)
10 It Takes a Lot to Laugh… (Bob Dylan cover)
11 Robyn speaks
12 The Bells of Rhymney (P. Seeger / I. Davies cover) end cut, faded
Performed, but missing from this recording:
         ·      Mr. Tambourine Man (Dylan/Byrds cover)
         ·      The Child In You (Peter H. solo)
THIS INFO courtesy of the fine folks at The Asking Tree (comprehensive Robyn Hitchcock fan site)
Peter Buck
Robyn Hitchcock
Peter Holsapple
Andy Metcalfe
Morris Windsor

FURTHER INFO about this performance:
Originally, this was to be a Peter Holsapple solo show in aid of "Concert For A Cure" to benefit the Leukemia Society of America. But with help from his friends (Peter Buck, Robyn Hitchcock, Morris Windsor & Andy Metcalfe), it turned into a "Worst Case Scenario" performance (one of the pseudonymous names used by Peter Buck, Robyn Hitchcock & various musical friends). At the time, Peter H. was a touring member of R.E.M. and Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians were a support act for R.E.M.
A similar show took place a few days later in Minneapolis (compare & contrast the setlists):
8 March 1989 - Seventh Street Entry, Minneapolis, MN
The Cars She Used To Drive / Wax Doll / Freeze / Falling Leaves / Swirling / Calvary Cross / Birdshead / Flesh Number One (Beatle Dennis) / More Than This / The Lizard / Queen Of Eyes / Revolution / I Wanna Destroy You / Twist And Shout / The W.S. Walcott Medicine Show / Do Right Woman, Do Right Man / Eight Miles High / Rain
(as with the Chicago show, this was preceded by a solo set by Peter Holsapple)
ABOVE INFO courtesy of the fine folks at The R.E.M. Timeline.        

Friday, July 5

Graham Parker - Edinburgh 1982

Edinburgh Playhouse
Edinburgh, Scotland
April 4, 1982
Graham Parker: the man dazzles
photo by Jolie Parker
audience recording (sound quality VG; transfer from master tape; typical fluctuations in sound during the first number; crowd noise is minimal during the performance). Just in case there's any question: this has NOT been officially released.

TREMENDOUS THANKS to MATB for sharing and to his unnamed friend for taping this show.

SAMPLE: "Passion Is No Ordinary Word" (Edinburgh 1982)   

01 Discovering Japan
02 Its All Worth Nothing Alone
03 Fear Not
04 White Honey
05 Jolie Jolie
06 Dark Side of the Bright Lights
07 Can't Waste a Minute
08 Passion Is No Ordinary Word
09 Thankless Task
10 Howling Wind
11 Temporary Beauty
12 Crying for Attention
13 Love Without Greed
14 No More Excuses
15 Hit the Spot
16 Another Grey Area
17 A Big Fat Zero
18 Stupefaction
19 Endless Night
20 band intros
21 Hey Lord, Don't Ask Me Questions

TT: 84:17
GP digs LARGE sunglasses...
Alt. Link MF
Graham Parker - vocals, rhythm guitar
George Small - keyboards
Michael Braun - drums
Carlos Alomar - guitar Kevin Jenkins - bass  
Brinsley Schwarz - lead guitar, backing vocals
Learn more about Graham Parker's music at AllMusic, GP's web site or this fan site