Monday, September 27

The Beths - Chicago, IL 2019 (sbd)

Lincoln Hall 
Chicago, IL
March 6, 2019 

soundboard-sourced webcast capture (quality: Ex-)

01 Whatever
02 You Wouldn't Like Me 
03 Not Running
04 Warm Blood
05 Great No One
06 River Run (Lvl 1)
07 Idea/Intent
08 Lying In the Sun
09 Happy Unhappy
10 chit-chat & thank you's
11 Little Death
12 Less Than Thou
13 applause, crowd
14 Future Me Hates Me
15 Uptown Girl

The Beths:
Elizabeth Stokes - vocals, guitar 
Jonathan Pearce - guitar, vocals 
Benjamin Sinclair - bass, vocals 
Ivan Luketina-Johnston - drums, vocals, tambourine
I didn't know anything about New Zealand's The Beths until I started this series and Chuck got in touch. Quite the enthusiast, Chuck persuaded me The Beths are the real deal, and he's totally on the money: winsome pop played with rock energy, fronted by Elizabeth Stokes, a charming singer with a sly sense of humor. (If I'd been paying closer attention, I would've already known Neil & Tim Finn are fans.) The Beths deserve an honored spot on anyone's list of "Worthy NZ Bands Old & New." Indykid captured this webcast beautifully, and I ripped the audio. The source is lossy, but it's high quality — so I'm sharing my lossless capture here also. Sample and purchase The Beths' music at Bandcampincluding the just-released live recording Auckland, New Zealand 2020.


Friday, September 17

Don McGlashan - Radio NZ Live Sessions 2013-2015

Radio NZ Sessions 2013-2015
Auckland, NZ

webstream (sound quality VG+ to Ex-)

SAMPLE: "Lucky Stars" (2015 RNZ live session)

Most excellent photos by David Watson
01 Bad Blood (solo)
02 Korea (solo)
03 Envy of Angels (solo)
04 Marvellous Year (solo)
05 Harbour Bridge (solo)
06 Lucky Stars (solo)
07 Charles Kingsford Smith (solo)  
08 Last Year's Shoes
09 Face In the Paper
10 Bathe In the River
11 Harbour Bridge
12 Toy Factory Fire
13 This Is London
14 When the Trumpets Sound
15 Charles Kingsford Smith
16 Lucky Stars
17 The Waves Would Roll On
18 Tomorrow Night

1-5 = solo session, June 2013
6-7 = solo session, Feb. 2015
8-11 = with band, June 2013 (Wayne Mowat, 'Afternoons' show)
12-13 = DM & Seven Sisters, Music 101 live session, June 2013
14 = with Tom Rodwell, 13th Floor Video Session, April 2015
15-18 = with Chris O'Connor & Tom Rodwell, June 2015

Taite Music Prize Awards
Auckland, NZ
April 15, 2015

webstream (sound quality VG+)

01 Hold On to Your Loneliness
02 Girl, Make Your Own Mind Up 
03 Lucky Stars
04 On My Way to You
05 The Waves Would Roll On
06 When the Trumpets Sound

ROB SEZ: Don was the founder, songwriter, and lead singer of New Zealand's beloved Mutton Birds. Friend of the Finns, Don is every bit as talented as Neil & Tim, but not as well known. He deserves to be an international household name. I buy all of Don's albums without stopping to ask "Is this going to be worth the money?" because I know it will be — and I've never been disappointed. I am stoked to know he's about to drop his latest, Bright November Morning, at the end of October (see below).

Don's forthcoming album: Bright November Morning — first in 6 years, out Feb. 2022.
Listen to the single "Now's the Place" right now.
Sample or preorder this & his others at Bandcamp.

Read more about the music of Don McGlashan 
at his website or FB

Sunday, September 12

Tim Finn - Live 1989 + 1993

Dallas, TX
April 1989
Tim Finn: best widow's peak in pop 
(venue, exact date unknown)

audience recording (sound quality: VG+) 

01 Young Mountain

02 Not Even Close

03 How’m I Gonna Sleep?

04 Parihaka

05 Tears Inside

06 Birds Swim, Fish Fly

07 I Hope I Never

08 Suicide On Downing Street

09 Show a Little Mercy

The Borderline

London, UK

June 16, 1993

soundboard recording (quality: Ex-, ripped from 

promo-only CD via 'Walk You Home' boot)

01 Hit the Ground Running
02 Persuasion

03 Protected

04 Many's the Time

05 Six Months In a Leaky Boat

06 Walk You Home

07 Charlie

08 Parihaka (incl. Weather With You)

09 Not Even Close

10 Protected

11 All I Ask*

12 Persuasion* (w. Richard Thompson, guitar)

*Tracks 11 & 12 recorded live on Later With Jools Holland in 1993, TV audio

ROB SEZ: Fancy a bit of Finn musical fun? If you're showcasing New Zealand talent (as I'm doing these days at the blog), you can't go wrong with either Finn brother. That said, Neil is more prolific, and it can be hard to find live recordings of Tim in good voice. Here are two for your listening pleasure. As always, my biggest thanks go to the tapers and sharers, whose names are unknown to me. Please enjoy.




Saturday, September 4

The Gordons - Wellington, N.Z. 1984 (sbd)

Terminus Hotel 
Wellington, New Zealand
July 5, 1984

soundboard recording (quality: VG++)

01 Reactor
02 Quality Control
03 Joker
04 Red Line 
05 Mono Flo
06 Identity
07 Machine Song
08 Adults and Children
09 Lead Room
10 Dreams Are Free
11 25,000 Years*
12 Mentus Fugit

*song titles for 10 & 11 are guesses, based on the lyrics

ROB SEZ: Once again, I'm featuring a band I don't know much about, except that they're from N.Z., and were part of the Flying Nun crew. They didn't release a lot of music before they folded. Yet The Gordons caused enough of a stir that tapers like crankingamps were paying attention. All thanks to him for recording & sharing this one.