Friday, August 25

Nick Lowe - Solo 1987 + 1990

Rhino Records 
Feb. 1, 1990
UC Irvine, CA
April 17, 1987

soundboard (or FM) recordings (sound quality VG+ to Ex-)

ROB SEZ: More Nick Lowe greatness, courtesy of Don at the old ASH blog. Can't be sure, but the cover art might just be Mick's handiwork. SINCERE THANKS to Don and whomever the taper, sharer and artwork creator may be. Please enjoy.

Tuesday, August 22

Nick Lowe - Malmo 1985 + San Diego 1987

Malmo, Sweden 1985
+ San Diego University, CA 1987-04-18

FM broadcasts (sound quality VG to VG+) 
"Say, Nick, that pose & camera seem kinda familiar..."

01 Peace Love and Understanding
02 Heart of the City
03 Tempted
04 Little By Little
05 I Need You
06 Burning
07 Half a Boy and Half a Man

08 How Long
09 Without Love
10 From Now On
11 Talk
12 Cruel to Be Kind
13 When I Write the Book
14 Raining Raining
15 chat (Huey Lewis story)
16 Heart
17 The Rose of England
18 Too Many Teardrops
19 Big, Big Love
20 So It Goes
21 I Knew the Bride

ROB SEZ: A very busy week for me, so I'm relying on the old ASH blog archives for material. As usual, I am greatly indebted to Don. When this one was first posted, Don wrote, "There's an absolute cracker with the Impossible Birds from Malmo, Sweden in 1985 with both him and Paul Carrack on top form. Then to stretch it out, we venture to San Diego State University for more Nicholas joy."

ASH Tuesday post #71

Friday, August 18

Lolas - Kyoto, JP 2016

Kyoto, Japan
March 5, 2016 

audience recording (sound quality: VG to VG+; 
at times, the vocals are a bit distant & buried)

SAMPLE: "Silver Dollar Sunday" (live 2016)

Out front: Tim Boykin, Lolas' frontman, focused
01 stage entrance, intro
02 The Best Part
03 unknown
04 Feelin' So Good (Skooby Doo)
05 Something You Oughta Know
06 I Got Time
07 The Only People In the World
08 Brad Quinn intro
09 Waiting for No One
10 Don't You Wanna
11 Yer Gonna Need My Lovin' Someday 
12 Impossible
13 Lamp of Love
14 Little Deedra
15 The Summer Sun (Chris Stamey cover)
16 Skating Rink
17 Superman
18 Silver Dollar Sunday
19 Kick Out the Jams
20 Twist and Shout
20b audience
21 song intro, band banter
22 September Gurls

NOTEI could not identify 03. If you can supply a title for it, please leave a comment.

ROB SEZ: For those who don't know the music of Lolas, it belongs at the wonderful intersection of heavy guitars and hummable pop. Think of Lolas as the musical love child of the Ramones and the Monkees. This probably explains why, even though they're from Birmingham, Alabama, Lolas have toured Japan at least twice, including last year. Lolas have the discerningly good taste to cover Chris Stamey's power pop chestnut "The Summer Sun" (joining the ranks of Alex Chilton, Yo La Tengo and others). TREMENDOUS THANKS to HAWKMASARU1 for recording and sharing.

Learn more about the Lolas' music 
at AllMusic and the band's FB page 

Tuesday, August 15

Robyn Hitchcock - Radio Sessions (50 tracks)

Radio Sessions
3 CDs (50 songs' worth)
various dates, locations, recording info

Disc 1
01 Sometimes I Wish I Was a Pretty Girl
02 Love Is What
03 Flavour of Night
04 I Often Dream of Trains
05 Agony of Pleasure
06 Ye Sleeping Knights of Jesus
07 Man With a Woman's Shadow
08 I Something You
09 Further Scenes From a Family Life
10 Cool Bug Rumble
11 Devil's Radio
12 Queen Elvis
13 Jewels for Sophia
14 NASA Clapping
15 You've Got a Sweet Mouth On You
16 Thumb Song
17 No, I Don't Remember Guildford

Disc 2
18 The Yip Song
19 Uncorrected Personality Traits
20 De Chirico Street
21 Heliotrope
22 1974
23 Let's Go Thundering
24 Gene Hackman
25 Cheese Alarm
26 Arms of Love
27 Surgery
28 I Often Dream of Trains
29 Autumn Is Your Last Chance
30 Freeze
31 I Feel Beautiful
32 Cheese Alarm
33 A Man's Gotta Know His Limitations

Disc 3
34 Full Moon In My Soul
35 Creeped Out - Penguin of Love
36 Oceanside
37 Birds In Perspex
38 Chinese Bones
39 Ride
40 Uncorrected Personality Traits

41 Tonight
42 Mexican God
43 It's A Man's Life
44 Ivy
45 Arms of Love
46 Wreck of the Arthur Lee
47 Egyptian Cream
48 Sinister
49 Yes I Do

50 De Cherico Street

ROB SEZ: I received these without any dates, locales or recording info. But if you're a Robyn Hitchcock fan, what do you have to lose — except a bit of disc space? MEGA THANKS to Don from the old ASH blog for sharing. This comes with a shout-out to Don, since he's been under the weather lately. I do hope you're on the mend, kind sir.

ASH Tuesday post #70

Friday, August 11

Bongos - New York, NY 1996 (sbd)

Mercury Lounge
New York, NY
May 16, 1996 

soundboard recording (quality Ex-)

SAMPLE: "Video Eyes" (live in 1996)

01 intro
02 In the Congo
03 The Bullrushes
04 I've Got a Secret
05 Complications
06 Hunting
07 Video Eyes
08 Tiger Nights
09 Speaking Sands - Clay Midgets
10 Splinters
11 Sweet Blue Cage
12 Glow In the Dark
13 Zebra Club
14 Nuts and Bolts

15 Totem Pole
16 Mambo Sun
17 Three Wise Men
18 Number with Wings
custom artwork by Angelo, included in download
19 River to River*
20 Barbarella*
21 Sunshine Superman (Donovan cover) 
22 Space Jungle

*with George Usher

ROB SEZ: The Bongos performed this one-off reunion show in 1996 as a benefit for Hoboken musician George Usher. SPECIAL THANKS to Angelo at Power Pop Criminals for sharing this years ago. Look for a bonus vintage Bongos show, hiding somewhere around here... 
Learn more about the Bongos' music at 

Tuesday, August 8

Bongos - New Haven, CT 1983

Toad's Place
New Haven, CT
Oct. 10, 1983

Alex Butterfield Archive recording ABA-146 

audience recording (sound quality: VG++; transfer from first-generation tape; excellent-sounding club show without any issues worth mentioning)

SAMPLE: "Glow In the Dark" (live 1983)

complete artwork included in download

ROB SEZ: SINCERE APPRECIATION to Paul Butterfield for this recording and to everyone who shared it with the fans. This is a brief Tuesday post; come back on Friday for more Bongos. Enjoy!


Friday, August 4

Pernice Brothers - B-Sides & Other Rarities

Pernice Bros: Sub Pop made us smile for our promo!
Early Singles + B-sides

01 Square World (early single A-side)
02 In Plain Sight (early single B-side)
03 Jimmy Coma (Sub Pop single)
04 Monkey Suit (alt. version, Sub Pop B-side)
05 Love My Way (Psychedelic Furs
     cover, Clear Spot B-side) 
06 My Own Personal Psychic
    (Working Girls B-side)
07 Double Bed
08 Whatshisname
09 She Falls Apart (Working Girls B-side)
10 Up the Down Elevator (7:30 B-side)
11 Our Time Has Passed
      (4-track version, 7:30 B-side)
12 7:30 (demo)

SAMPLE: "Up the Down Escalator (B-side)"

Sandwich EP (2000 - ltd. ed. tour release) 

**NOW AVAILABLE directly from Pernice Brothers via their Bandcamp site. Go get it in lossless quality!**

Gone to the dogs:  Pernice Brothers, chilling in..., uh ... Joe's basement?? 
Live a Little - Bonus Disc (2006)
If you pre-ordered Pernice Brothers' album Live a Little, it came with a limited-edition bonus disc of demos and alt. mixes. I guess it really WAS strictly limited, because this thing is now impossible to find. Fair warning: on the demos, Joe hums and la-la-la’s his vocals.

01 Conscience Clean (alt. mix)
02 Microscopic View (alt. mix)
03 PCH One (alt. mix)
04 Cruelty to Animals (no vocals) 
05 Automation (no vocals)
06 Zero Refills (no vocals)
07 Automation (demo)
08 Somerville (demo)
09 Cruelty to Animals (demo)
10 Zero Refills (demo)
11 Microscopic View (demo)
12 How Can I Compare (demo)
13 B.S. Johnson (demo)
14 PCH One (demo)
15 Conscience Clean (demo)
16 Lightheaded (demo)
17 High As a Kite (demo)

ROB SEZ: How many artists do you know with only 4-star or better ratings from AllMusic? Pernice Brothers (and front man Joe Pernice's solo recordings) are in that rare category. If you don't know the music, I heartily recommend you check them out. MEGA-BIG THANKS to Don, Pernice Brothers and Chris for sharing these tracks.
Note: This set attempts to collect all Pernice Brothers studio rarities not readily available through normal, legal channels. Some are from vinyl-only releases. Although not rare and currently available as a digital download, completists will want to seek out the 5-track Australian Tour EP from 2002. It has alternate versions of 5 songs from the band’s first two albums. All tracks were recorded live-in-the-studio Jan. 2002 in Brooklyn, NY. One more non-album track that’s available digitally, which explains why it’s not included here: “Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown?” — an old Gospel number the band covered for the movie soundtrack for The Slaughter Rules (2003 - on Bloodshot Records). That one’s also available at iTunes & Amazon.

MP3@VBR (low to medium bit rates; best available)
Want more? Check out my 2016 post with two live recordings and 

Learn more about Pernice Brothers' music at Wikipedia, AllMusic and the band's web site.