Friday, December 29

The Maggies - Anniversary Show 1994

Grass Routes
Keene, N.H.
Feb. 12, 1994 

audience recording (sound quality: GD+ to VG-; the mix is a bit muddy and the vocals, at times, are overly buried — but it's still an enjoyable listen for fans)
01 Blow
02 Do Nothing
03 Beautiful Joe
04 The Girl Who Lives 
     On Heaven Hill 
05 Evidence
06 Nightmare I Love
07 Solid Yellow Zero
08 Weatherland
09 Show & Tell
10 'Bunny Sings the Hits'
11 Cottonmouth
12 Heaven Alone
13 Ten Long Years
14 Cool Relationship
15 Dog
ROB SEZ: Philip B. Price (above photo, at left) is a highly talented musician from New England who fronted or played in various bands over the years before settling on Winterpills — a favorite at my house. This show (shared by drummer Rich Dart) marked the 1-year anniversary of the power pop / Brit Invasion-inspired Maggies. Fittingly, there's a celebratory spirit in the performance. All of Philip Price's many solo recordings were released earlier this month. Check out this archival project via Bandcamp or PledgeMusic. Read a great interview with Philip Price by Mick at his Art Into Dust site.

Learn more about The Maggies' music at Philip B. Price's web site; read an excellent interview with Philip by Mick. Buy Maggies music (and snag some freebies) at Bandcamp.

Friday, December 22

R. E. M. - Borderline, London March 1991 (complete)

billed as Bingo Handjob
The Borderline
London, England 
March 15, 1991
R. E. M. with Robyn Hitchcock, Billy Bragg & Peter Holsapple
audience recording (sound quality: VG++; this is the Stonecutter version — accept no substitute!)
SAMPLE: “Disturbance at the Heron House” (live 1991)

R. E. M. played two shows in London as Bingo Handjob
We'd rather not have to explain the derivation of the name...
The March 14 show became a bootleg DVD 
01 Introduction
02 World Leader Pretend
03 Half a World Away
04 Fretless
05 The One I Love
06 Hello In There (John Prine)
07 Youngest Son (Billy Bragg)
08 Jackson (Johnny Cash)
09 Dallas (Jimmie Dale Gilmore)
10 Disturbance at the 
     Heron House
11 Belong
12 Low
13 Love Is All Around
     (The Troggs)
14 You Are the Everything
15 Swan Swan H
16 Radio Song
17 Perfect Circle
18 Endgame
19 Pop Song 89
20 Losing My Religion
21 Fall On Me
22 organ intro
23 Tom's Diner (Suzanne Vega)
24 You Ain't Goin' Nowhere 
25 Get Up
26 Moon River (H. Mancini - J. Mercer) 

TT = 2 hours
Mythical logo for a mythical band
Someone was really into it...
ROB SEZ: In light of Peter Holsapple's presence, I should have my hand slapped for not posting this one sooner. The delay might be explained by my irrational knee-jerk reaction when I see the "audience recording" label. As many audies as I've posted here, I should know better than to assume a recording is lacking just because it doesn't have a soundboard, FM or preFM source. This share proves the silliness of my prejudice. The Borderline is a small venue, the taper must've used excellent equipment & the "tweakers" really outdid themselves because this sounds great. (Other versions circulate, but this one is complete and has the best sound quality.) Massive appreciation to Rich, George, kingrue, Wolfsbane & The Edge, all of whom played a role in getting this one to the masses. ENJOY!
HISTORICAL FOOTNOTE: The guys in the band must've thought this was a pretty cool event since 3 songs from the show were released on the "Near Wild Heaven" single from Out of Time. If memory serves, Suzanne Vega liked this acapella-and-human-beatbox version of "Tom's Diner" so much, she included it on a subsequent album featuring various covers of the song.

Tuesday, December 19

Norman Blake & Joe Pernice - Toronto, CN 2015

The Dakota Tavern 
Toronto, Canada
April 10, 2015

with heavy friends
audience recording (sound quality: VG)
Norman Blake (left) & Joe Pernice started playing together in Toronto in 2012
photographed above at the Sydney Festival, 2013

Norman & Joe in 2015 (Frank Yang photo)
00 banter
01 There Goes the Sun
02 Follow You Down
03 banter
04 By the Time It Gets Dark
     (Sandy Denny)  
05 The Loving Kind
06 banter
07 I Don't Want Control of You (Teenage Fanclub)
08 Telescope
09 Dark and Lonely Night
     (Teenage Fanclub)
10 Cruel Annette
11 Bob P. takes the stage
12 I'm In Love
    (Teenage Fanclub)
A 2013 performance inspired this artwork
13 switching to piano
14 English Lady (Jonny) 

15 banter
16 Sarasota
17 banter
18 That's How I Got to Memphis
     (Tom T. Hall)
19 Shouting Match
20 switchover
21 Start Again (Teenage Fanclub)
22 Laura Stein 
     + Jennifer Pierce take the stage
23 All Ready (Jale)
24 Sign of Life (Jale) 
25 Promise (Jale)
26 switchover + banter
27 Somerville
28 banter
29 Then He Kissed Me (The Crystals) 
30 switchover
31 The Concept (Teenage Fanclub)
32 Baby Lee (Teenage Fanclub)
33 switchover
34 The Kids Are Alright (The Who)

TT = 1:41:18
Joe Pernice: guitar, vocals all tracks except: bass on 12, 14, 21, 34; (does not play on 25)
Norman Blake: guitar, vocals all tracks except: glockenspiel on 1, 2; piano on 14; bass on 16, 18, 19; (does not play on 25)
New Mendicants' album: Into the Lime
Michael McKenzie: bass on 9; guitar on 16-34 
Mike Belitisky: drums on 9, 16-34
Bob Pernice: b. vocals, guitar on 12, 14, 18, 21, 27, 29, 31, 34; iPad on 16
Laura Stein: vocals on 24- 31, 34; guitar/bass on 24-31
Jennifer Pierce: vocals on 24-31, 34; bass/guitar on 24-29

ROB SEZ: Busy times at our house this week, so I wasn't sure I'd have a Tuesday post for you. Then, I remembered this share that from Don. Fans of Teenage Fanclub and Pernice Brothers, take note: Norman and Joe are leading lights of those better-known groups and formed The New Mendicants some years ago when they both lived in Toronto. They've released one album, an EP & at least 1 single.   

ASH Tuesday post #82

Friday, December 15

Yo La Tengo with Alex Chilton - Hoboken, NJ 2007

Maxwell’s, Hoboken, N.J.
December 8, 2007
Hanukkah, night 5
soundboard-audience matrix (sound quality: VG++ to Ex-)  

01 Barnaby, Hardly Working
02 Shaker
03 Stockholm Syndrome
04 Tears Are In Your Eyes
05 Season of the Shark
06 Don’t Say a Word (Hot Chicken #2) 
07 Song for Mahlia
08 talking
09 The River of Water
10 talking
11 Sometime In the Morning (King/Goffin) 
12 talking

13 E.T.I. (Blue Oyster Cult)
!?NO KIDDING?! Alex Chilton — night 5 of Yo La Tengo's Hanukkah celebration in 2007
photo by Jacob Blickenstaff 
Gotta extinguish the menorah...
01 Mr. Tough
02 Big Day Coming
03 Watch Out for Me, Ronnie
04 The Story of Yo La Tengo
05 encore break – talking
    *(encore)* with Alex Chilton on guitar & vocals 
06 I’ve Had It (Bell-Notes)
07 The Oogum Boogum Song (B. Wood)
08 Let Me Get Close to You (King/Goffin)
09 Femme Fatale (Velvet Underground)
10 Baby Strange (T-Rex)
11 Hey Little Child (Alex Chilton)
12 Government Center (Modern Lovers)

ROB SEZ: Ten-year anniversary post. Gotta love the surprise 7-song encore set by Mr. Alex Chilton. Whether or not you observe Hanukkah — or any other religious holiday this time of year, I do hope you'll enjoy this one. No sample this time, but trust me: it sounds great. The sharer says, "Thanks to Yo La Tengo, sound guy Mark Luecke, the great folks at Maxwell’s, and thir13en!"

Tuesday, December 12

Tommy Keene - Before & After 'Songs from the Film'

Pre-‘Songs From the Film’ Demos 
c. 1984-1985

all tracks officially unreleased

soundboard recordings (quality: VG- to VG+; recorded at different times, culled from various sources)
01 Back Again (early version)
02 Fall Down Too
TOMMY KEENE: still can't believe he's gone
03 Save My Life
04 As Life Goes By
05 Drowning (early version) 
06 Astronomy
07 The Story Ends
08 Faith In Love
09 We’re Two
10 Nothing Is Great
11 Listen to Me
12 Gold Town
13 Call On Me
14 You’ve Gotta Stop
15 Run Now (early version)
16 Call On Me
17 Run Now (alternate)
18 Fall Down Too
19 The Story Ends (acoustic intro)
20 Gold Town

ROB SEZ: Most people who know only one album by Tommy Keene know Songs from the Film — probably because it's Tommy's first proper album and contains the only song that was a near-hit, "Places That Are Gone". This post is a companion to the album, containing pre-album demos as well as a live set from 2010 during which Tommy played the album in its entirety (see below). These demos were shared by DSMOOTH7, whom I thank profusely. My only change was some light eq’ing. There’s hiss here & there, but not enough to risk loss of overall sound quality by attempting noise reduction.

The Record Collector
Bordentown, N.J.
Sept. 18, 2010

audience recording (sound quality: VG)

The Songs from the Film album played in its entirety (tracks 03-16)

01 Late Bright
Awesome Tommy Keene photo (2015) by Chris Sikich
02 A Secret Life of Stories
03 Places That Are Gone
04 In Our Lives
05 Listen to Me
06 Paper Words and Lies
07 Gold Town
08 Kill Your Sons [Lou Reed] 
09 Call On Me
10 As Life Goes By
11 chat
12 My Mother Looked Like
     Marilyn Monroe
13 Underworld
14 chat
15 Astronomy
16 The Story Ends
17 chat
18 Turning On Blue
19 Highwire Days
20 band intros
21 Black & White New York
22 applause
23 encore entrance
24 Back to Zero Now
25 Love Is a Dangerous Thing 
26 It’s Not True

MEGA THANKS to Tom at Bagofsongs for sharing this a while back.

FLAC (demos in FLAC; also includes the live set in lossy)

MP3 (includes demos MP3@320 & live set MP3@192)