Friday, January 24

Rain Parade - In & Around NYC 1983 + bonus

‘In & Around the Big Apple’
New York City & Hoboken, NJ
December 1983

audience recordings (sound quality VG; club shows — see info on sources below)

Rain Parade: a handy bunch of guys

THANK YOU KINDLY to the tapers, sharers and Hermesacat for pointing me to one of these

01 Whatever They Say
02 I Look Around
03 This Can't Be Today
04 No Easy Way Down
05 Saturday's Asylum
06 Talking In My Sleep
07 One Hour 1/2 Ago
08 Revolution (Beatles cover)
09 Any Other Way
10 What She's Done to Your Mind
11 It's Gonna Work Out
12 All My Friends

13 Sad Eyes Kill (B.O.B. flexi version)
14 What She's Done to Your Mind 
     (single version)
15 This Can't Be Today (live, Club 688)

1-8 = CBGB, NYC 1983-12-10; liberated Pontiac Records boot Out of Time (digital transfer from Welcome to Paisleyland vinyl LP boot to silver, factory-pressed CD)
9-12 = Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ 1983-12-02; master audience recording (more crowd noise than NYC show)
13 = Bucketful of Brains flexi disc; from Out of Time boot
14 = original 7-inch single; video-sourced vinyl rip
15 = audience recording; Club 688, Atlanta, GA 1985

The band reunited in 2012 and recorded THIS live album
[coupla more vintage RP live shows at THIS earlier post] 

Rain Parade:
Steve Roback - vocals, bass
David Roback – vocals, guitar
Matt Piucci - vocals, guitar
Will Glenn - keyboards, violin
Eddie Kalwa - drums

Learn more about the music of Rain  Parade 
at Wikipedia or AllMusic

Friday, January 17

Autumn Defense - Schuba's 2004 + Best Video Rips

Chicago, IL
Nov. 24, 2004


Writing for AllMusic, Lisa M. Smith says The Autumn Defense "chase the sun westward to the California coast, gathering inspiration from classic L.A. pop and well-crafted melody in the '60s and '70s traditions. Between gentle harmonies and instrumental texturing, the associations are tempting: a trace of the Beach Boys or a Wilson brother? The Byrds, the Bee Gees, Bread, the Zombies, piano pop? [AD founder John] Stirratt himself quotes the seminal Forever Changes (Love) as one shaping influence to their sound."

soundboard recording (sound quality Ex--; mix is a bit "bright," but treble adjustment should do the trick...)

AUTUMN DEFENSE: Pat Sansone & John Stirratt.
Both are members of Wilco, and
 Stirratt was a member of Uncle Tupelo.
01 'Autumn Defense #3' (poem)
02 Some Kind of Fool
03 The Sun In California
04 Silence
05 Written In the Snow
06 The Answer
07 Why I'm Like This
08 Tuesday Morning
09 The World (Will Soon Turn Our Way)
10 Everybody's Been Burned  
     (D. Crosby/Byrds cover)
11 Circles
12 Pretty Ballerina (Left Banke cover)

This and other recordings by The Autumn Defense are available
in lossless quality at the fab Owl & Bear Wilco Archive

The Autumn Defense
Best Video Rips
various sessions, 2010-2012
video-sourced soundboard recordings

sound quality Ex- (if you like a little grit with your pretty melodies, you might prefer Autumn Defense live to their studio recordings)

01 Feel You Now (live)
02 Back of My Mind (live)
03 The Sun in California (live)
04 Allow Me (live)
05 Sentimental Lady (live)
06 Huntington Fair (live)
07 The Swallows of London Town (live)
08 Spend Your Life (live)
09 Written In the Snow (live)
10 The Answer (live)
11 Everyday (live)

1-5 = Eddie's Attic, Atlanta, GA 2010-11-17 (hi-fi sound mix by Shalom Aberle)
6 = Black Sheep Studios, Chicago, IL 2010-11-05
7 = unknown live session
8-11 = Sugar Hill Studios session, Fall 2012

Autumn Defense's latest album, Fifth 
drops Jan. 28 on Yep Roc
 Learn more about the music of The Autumn Defense at the band's web site and/or AllMusic

Friday, January 3

Yo La Tengo & Friends - Cat's Cradle 2004

Cat’s Cradle
Carrboro, NC
Oct. 10, 2004

audience recording (sound quality VG++; sounds like it was recorded with raised mics; excellent sound, and the crowd noise not obtrusive)
This show came shortly after the recording of Chris’ collaborative album with Yo La Tengo called A Question of Temperature / V.O.T.E.  It's a Rock the Vote type gig on YLT’s “Swing State” tour to promote participation in the upcoming national election, and Chris sings and plays on three songs.

Chris, guesting at a Yo La Tengo Hanukkah show, 2007
photos by

Repercussion: There’s a lot I could write about Chris’ musical connections to Yo La Tengo, but it’s probably best to let him speak for himself. Here’s what he said in a Q & A with Magnet’s Jud Cost in Feb. 2013:

Q: How was it working with Yo La Tengo on your previous solo release? Always loved those guys. Ever play with them live?
A: I was actually in Yo La Tengo off and on, as extra guitarist, for a while. And I’ve played with them lots, even in the last decade. They are both kind and fearless, and somehow they have never banned me and my cello from their stage although you’d think… Ira and Georgia have participated, most recently, in the European concerts of the Sister Lovers material, as well. The record with them was somewhat of a busman’s holiday, to be honest; we just set up and played our first instincts, hoping for a few songs for an EP and ending up with “the world’s longest EP” if you look at it one way. It wasn’t one of those kinds of albums where you stop to reflect, it was more gung ho and damn the torpedoes. 

101 - Sudden Organ
102 - Beautiful World (Devo)
103 - Decora
104 - Don't Have to Be So Sad
105 - Behind That Locked Door (George Harrison)
106 - Noisy Night^ (Portastatic; half-second hiccup at 0:55)
107 - Gold In Sound+ (David Kilgour)
108 - I Wanna Be Your Lover (Bob Dylan)
109 - Oh Yeah* (Chris Stamey)
110 - Tears Are In Your Eyes
111 - I Hate Hate (Razzy Bailey)
112 - Little Eyes
113 - Seemingly Stranded+ (David Kilgour)
114 - St. Elmo's Fire^ (Brian Eno)
115 - Moby Octopad

TT for Disc One: 1 hr.,15 mins., 51 secs.

201 - Big Day Coming  fast version
202 - Compared to What* (Eugene McDaniels)
203 - You Can Have It All  drum version
204 - I'm Your Puppet (James & Bobby Purify)
205 - Stockholm Syndrome
206 - Late Century Dream^ (Superchunk)
207 – Shivering+ (David Kilgour)
208 - The Summer
209 - Autumn Sweater
210 - Tom Courtenay
211 - I Heard You Looking
212 - Somebody's In Love (Sun Ra)
213 - encore intro
214 - What I Dig* (Sneakers)
215 - Sugarcube
216 - Speeding Motorcycle

TT for Disc Two: 1 hr.,15 mins., 53 secs.

Yo La Tengo: seeing the light, again

Yo La Tengo:
Georgia Hubley – drums, vocals
Ira Kaplan – guitars, vocal
James McNew – bass

Special Guests:
+David Kilgour (The Clean)
^Mac McCaughan (Superchunk, Portastatic)
*Chris Stamey (The dB's, etc.)

Notes: As a live act, YLT seem to dig an extreme loud-to-soft dynamic range, and it’s rather obvious here. I compensated for this pretty successfully, but you may still want to adjust the volume once or twice while enjoying the show. Originally, it was much longer. I edited out a guest a cappella/comedy group and some speech making to get it down to the length of 2 discs, for those who’d like to burn it.

Learn more about the music of Yo La Tengo at Wikipedia, the group's own site and/or at AllMusic