Friday, November 27

Glenn Mercer + Wake Ooloo - Live

Glenn Mercer
Three Chord Monte show (DJ Joe Belock)
Jersey City, N.J.
May 31, 2007

web stream (sound quality VG++; only anomaly is a brief transmission interruption at the tail end of track 3, but it’s not very noticeable)
GLENN MERCER: leading light of The Feelies & Wake Ooloo. Enjoy this live solo set. 
SAMPLE: "Morning Lights" (WFMU-FM 2007)

Member of The Feelies, Wake Ooloo & solo artist
01 Days to Come
02 Wheels In Motion
03 Get It Back
04 Let's Go
05 Morning Lights
06 Two Rights
07 Higher Ground
08 Whatever Happened 
09 Until It's Clear
10 interview

Glenn Mercer - guitar, vocal
Dave Weckerman – percussion
Vinny DeNunzio - drums
Bob Torsello - bass, vocals
Wake Ooloo: post-Feelies music vehicle for Glenn & Dave
1 Adam 12 – guitar

Wake Ooloo
The Music Faucet
East Orange, N.J.
Oct. 4, 1992
FM broadcast (sound quality: VG+)

01 show intro
02 Slow Down*
03 Big Day**
04 Doin' It Again*
05 interview 1
I really dig the shoes
06 Find a Way*
07 Ruby Tuesday (Rolling Stones) 
08 The Undertow*
09 interview 2
10 Throwing It All Away
11 Powderfinger (Neil Young)
12 Modern Farmer**
13 interview 3
14 Higher Ground*
15 Return To Zion**
16 Crazy Rhythms*
17 interview 4
18 Satellite of Love (Lou Reed)
19 Dead Flowers (Rolling Stones)
20 For Your Love (Yardbirds)
21 interview 5
22 Dancing Barefoot (Patti Smith)
23 interview 6
24 Honky Tonk Women (Rolling Stones)
25 interview 7
* Feelies song/cover
** Yung Wu song/cover  

Note from sharer: This "show" was performed shortly after The Feelies split up and Glenn Mercer and Dave Weckerman were just starting to put together Wake Ooloo. Russel Gambino, a future member of Wake Ooloo, performs here with Glenn and Dave on a number of Feelies, Yung Wu and various cover songs. No WO songs here, perhaps because none was written yet.

MP3@320 (Glenn Mercer set = 256kbps)

Glenn Mercer
Dave Weckerman
Russel Gambino

Learn more about the music of Wake Ooloo at the band's record label and read an interview with Dave and Glenn at Perfect Sound Forever

Tuesday, November 24

Darryll-Ann - Triple Threat Set

Play the Byrds 1998
Run Through 'Weeps'
Live at Pinkpop Fest 2002

ROB SEZ: A triple-threat music set from Dutch indie pop group Darryll-Ann, courtesy of my friends Mick & Don from the defunct ASH music blog. Darryll-Ann are a talented bunch, certainly worth a listen or two ... or THREE.

ALL HAIL Mickwho collected all this music
& made the artwork

Learn more about the music of Darryll-Ann at AllMusic, Wikipedia, and the band's FB page

ASH Tuesday post #22.

Tuesday, November 17

Pillbugs - Unreleased Rarities

Demos, Outtakes & Alts.
Posted at the Pillbugs' old web site
Collected by Mick
various dates, venues, sources
sound quality range: VG to Ex-
BIG, SLOPPY THANKS to Mick at the old ASH blog

ROB SEZ: Say you don't know the Pillbugs & their music? Well, here's your big chance.

ASH Tuesday post #21.
Learn more about the music of the Pillbugs at Wikipedia, the band's FB page and be sure to cruise over to Bandcamp to check out their actual music!


Friday, November 13

Winter Hours - Soundcloud Rarities Collection

Soundcloud Rarities (live + studio recordings)

various venues, dates, sources
collected & shared by Michael Carlucci, R.I.P.

sound quality rage: VG to VG++ (soundboard, FM & audience recordings)
Michael Carlucci (R.I.P. — far right) was songwriter & guitarist for Winter Hours

ROB SEZ: Blog friends brought news that Winter Hours' songwriter and guitarist Michael Carlucci recently died unexpectedly from heart failure. (Winter Hours is yet another 1980s band that made quality guitar rock & pop that went largely unheard.) Before his death, Michael uploaded a nice set of rarities and live tracks to Soundcloud. To that collection I've added two tracks from what may have been one of Michael's last public performances, an acoustic show from March 2015 with other New Jersey indie music luminaries, including two members of The Feelies. 

Winter Hours: unfairly accused of being an R.E.M. clone
photo by Elliot Landy
01 Island of Jewels
       (live in studio)
02 Time of the Season
03 Faded Pictures (live)
04 Roll In the Ivey (live)
05 Jane September
06 Bus Stop
07 Churches (alt. version)
08 Up There Again (live)
09 One Small Achievement
10 Rise (live)
11 Island of Jewels (live)
12 Last Drop (instrum.)
13 Top of the Stairs
      (acoustic live 2015)* 
14 Hyacinth Girl
      (acoustic live 2015)

#13 & 14 = "Song Swap" rec. Rock n Joe, Millburn, NJ. 2015-03-07; acoustic show with Glenn Mercer, Dave Weckerman, Matthew Davis & Michael Carlucci (THANK YOU Joe Noel)

*Matthew Davis, additional vocals

Winter Hours:
Joseph Marques - vocals
Michael Carlucci - guitar
Bob Perry - guitar, vocals 
Bob Messing - bass
Stanley Demeski - drums

(other drummers for the band were John Albanese, 
Frank Fiannini & Dave Scheff)

Cruise over to Wilfully Obscure, where spavid has posted a great-sounding live set from Winter Hours for your enjoyment (avail. in lossless) 

Learn more about the music of Winter Hours at AllMusic and Three Dimes Down