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Tommy Keene - Before & After 'Songs from the Film'

Pre-‘Songs From the Film’ Demos 
c. 1984-1985

all tracks officially unreleased

soundboard recordings (quality: VG- to VG+; recorded at different times, culled from various sources)
01 Back Again (early version)
02 Fall Down Too
TOMMY KEENE: still can't believe he's gone
03 Save My Life
04 As Life Goes By
05 Drowning (early version) 
06 Astronomy
07 The Story Ends
08 Faith In Love
09 We’re Two
10 Nothing Is Great
11 Listen to Me
12 Gold Town
13 Call On Me
14 You’ve Gotta Stop
15 Run Now (early version)
16 Call On Me
17 Run Now (alternate)
18 Fall Down Too
19 The Story Ends (acoustic intro)
20 Gold Town

ROB SEZ: Most people who know only one album by Tommy Keene know Songs from the Film — probably because it's Tommy's first proper album and contains the only song that was a near-hit, "Places That Are Gone". This post is a companion to the album, containing pre-album demos as well as a live set from 2010 during which Tommy played the album in its entirety (see below). These demos were shared by DSMOOTH7, whom I thank profusely. My only change was some light eq’ing. There’s hiss here & there, but not enough to risk loss of overall sound quality by attempting noise reduction.

The Record Collector
Bordentown, N.J.
Sept. 18, 2010

audience recording (sound quality: VG)

The Songs from the Film album played in its entirety (tracks 03-16)

01 Late Bright
Awesome Tommy Keene photo (2015) by Chris Sikich
02 A Secret Life of Stories
03 Places That Are Gone
04 In Our Lives
05 Listen to Me
06 Paper Words and Lies
07 Gold Town
08 Kill Your Sons [Lou Reed] 
09 Call On Me
10 As Life Goes By
11 chat
12 My Mother Looked Like
     Marilyn Monroe
13 Underworld
14 chat
15 Astronomy
16 The Story Ends
17 chat
18 Turning On Blue
19 Highwire Days
20 band intros
21 Black & White New York
22 applause
23 encore entrance
24 Back to Zero Now
25 Love Is a Dangerous Thing 
26 It’s Not True

MEGA THANKS to Tom at Bagofsongs for sharing this a while back.

FLAC (demos in FLAC; also includes the live set in lossy)

MP3 (includes demos MP3@320 & live set MP3@192)

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  1. The Acoustic Tommy Keene (2006-2015)
    one dozen songs: just Tommy and his guitar

    Joe Belock’s “Three Chord Monte” Show
    East Orange, N.J.
    Aug. 1, 2006 (broadcast date)

    acoustic versions of 5 songs
    recorded at Tommy’s home studio, Hollywood, CA
    summer 2006


    World Cafe live session
    Philadelphia, PA
    3 live songs + interview with David Dye
    April 30, 2009 (broadcast date)


    Daytrotter Session (acoustic)
    4 songs, played live
    Futureappletree, Rock Island, IL
    Apr 22, 2015


    bonus track:
    Faith In Love (acoustic)
    B-side of the Listen to Me single
    rel. 1986



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