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Tommy Keene - Hartford, CT 1996 + Demos

Trinity College 
Hartford, CT
April 11, 1996

soundboard recording (sound quality Ex-; mix, sound quality & performance are all amazing)

SAMPLE: “Turning On Blue” (live 1996) 

TOMMY KEENE: through a looking glass
01 Call On Me
02 Going Out Again
03 Turning On Blue
04 Astronomy
05 Alive
06 Your Heart Beats Alone
07 On the Runway
08 Nothing Can Change You 
09 Silent Town
10 Good Thing Going
11 Back to Zero Now
12 Compromise
13 Love is a Dangerous Thing
14 Places That Are Gone

ROB SEZ: Talk about your heart-breaking news: the sudden, unexpected death of Tommy Keene last month was an ugly shock to his family, friends & fans like me. Tommy's older brother Bobby wrote & recently posted a moving, essay-length remembrance with lots of previously unseen photos. It's well worth a read, as is Blurt's extensive coverage. What's a music blogger to do in the face of such a loss? Find and share the best-performed, best-sounding ROIOs he's got. Expect more TK here soon, and a re-post or two from the archives. The 1996 show was shared by dap, who wrote, "This is one of my favorite Tommy Keene shows — great sounding soundboard, and great performance on the Ten Years After tour. Jay Bennett (from Wilco fame) is his second guitarist here, and he adds a tasteful dark tone to the proceedings."
Pre- Matador Demos
early 1990s
soundboard recordings (quality: VG++) 

01 We Got a Good Thing Going
02 Lies in My Heart
03 Your Heart Beats Alone
04 If You're Getting 
     Married Tonight 
05 Time to Say Goodbye
06 Tell Me Something
07 Before the Lights Go Down
08 Alive
09 Compromise

ALL PRAISES to those who shared these tracks. Unfortunately, I have lost their names — sorry about that. Leave me a comment and I'll gladly amend the post...

MP3@320 fixed - new link


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  1. Here are your TK bonuses: two extensive podcasts about Tommy and his music. The first one from this year includes what might be his last-ever interview. (Note: 2 separate downloads)

    Tommy Keene’s Final (?) Interview - In 3 Parts
    Rockin’ the Suburbs Podcast with Jim Lenahan and Patrick Foster
    with pre-recorded music (some rare)
    Interview recorded Sept. 2017

    Episode 229: Interview – Tommy Keene, Part 1
    Posted: November 29, 2017

    On November 22, 2017, power pop icon Tommy Keene passed away unexpectedly at his home, in Los Angeles, California, at only 59 years of age. Before Tommy’s untimely passing, Jim and Patrick had the incredible opportunity to sit down and chat with him, two months ago, at the restaurant Villain & Saint (located in Tommy’s hometown of Bethesda, Maryland). For the first out of three parts of our interview, Tommy talks about his time as a band player before becoming a solo artist. This interview is likely to be Tommy’s last. [Includes pre-recorded music from throughout TK’s recording career.]

    Episode 230: Interview – Tommy Keene, Part 2
    Posted: November 30, 2017

    Episode 231: Interview – Tommy Keene, Part 3

    Rest in power, Tommy.

    BIG THANKS to Jim & Patrick at Rockin’ the Suburbs.


    Tommy Keene - Chocolate Cake show 2011-09-12 (podcast with TK interview & pre-recorded music) 1 hr. 52 mins



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