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R. E. M. - Borderline, London March 1991 (complete)

billed as Bingo Handjob
The Borderline
London, England 
March 15, 1991
R. E. M. with Robyn Hitchcock, Billy Bragg & Peter Holsapple
audience recording (sound quality: VG++; this is the Stonecutter version — accept no substitute!)
SAMPLE: “Disturbance at the Heron House” (live 1991)

R. E. M. played two shows in London as Bingo Handjob
We'd rather not have to explain the derivation of the name...
The March 14 show became a bootleg DVD 
01 Introduction
02 World Leader Pretend
03 Half a World Away
04 Fretless
05 The One I Love
06 Hello In There (John Prine)
07 Youngest Son (Billy Bragg)
08 Jackson (Johnny Cash)
09 Dallas (Jimmie Dale Gilmore)
10 Disturbance at the 
     Heron House
11 Belong
12 Low
13 Love Is All Around
     (The Troggs)
14 You Are the Everything
15 Swan Swan H
16 Radio Song
17 Perfect Circle
18 Endgame
19 Pop Song 89
20 Losing My Religion
21 Fall On Me
22 organ intro
23 Tom's Diner (Suzanne Vega)
24 You Ain't Goin' Nowhere 
25 Get Up
26 Moon River (H. Mancini - J. Mercer) 

TT = 2 hours
Mythical logo for a mythical band
Someone was really into it...
ROB SEZ: In light of Peter Holsapple's presence, I should have my hand slapped for not posting this one sooner. The delay might be explained by my irrational knee-jerk reaction when I see the "audience recording" label. As many audies as I've posted here, I should know better than to assume a recording is lacking just because it doesn't have a soundboard, FM or preFM source. This share proves the silliness of my prejudice. The Borderline is a small venue, the taper must've used excellent equipment & the "tweakers" really outdid themselves because this sounds great. (Other versions circulate, but this one is complete and has the best sound quality.) Massive appreciation to Rich, George, kingrue, Wolfsbane & The Edge, all of whom played a role in getting this one to the masses. ENJOY!
HISTORICAL FOOTNOTE: The guys in the band must've thought this was a pretty cool event since 3 songs from the show were released on the "Near Wild Heaven" single from Out of Time. If memory serves, Suzanne Vega liked this acapella-and-human-beatbox version of "Tom's Diner" so much, she included it on a subsequent album featuring various covers of the song.


  1. Happy Holidays, everyone.

    R.E.M. - Two 1991 promo tour radio sessions (1 pretty rare)

    KCRW-FM, Santa Monica, CA 1991-04-03 (FM) 17 tracks, Ex- quality

    Night Time's Session, London, UK 1991-03-31 (FM) 6 tracks, VG+ quality



  2. Very cool find! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey Rob...
    Turned up a full set list, strangely enough, here
    (2nd page)

    Be interesting if the full set turns up sometime with the PH tunes, etc...


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