Wednesday, June 30

Great Unwashed - N.Z. Indie Supergroup Demos + Live 1983-1984

The Great Unwashed
Demo recordings

Colombo Street
Christchurch, N.Z.

soundboard recordings (audio quality: OK)

01 Zombies at the Door
02 Instrumental
03 Instrumental
04 The Way You Should Be Now
05 Instrumental
06 (2nd take of 2nd piece)

ROB SEZ: This post kicks off a new series focusing on New Zealand ROIOs from the 1980s and 1990s. I thought the Great Unwashed would be a great way to start, since it includes members of The Clean, The Bats, and The Chills. HUGE THANKS to H.T. and Happytrader for sharing their treasures with folks like me. Watch for lots more in the coming weeks...

The Gluepot
Auckland, N.Z.
Aug. 9, 1984

audience recording (sound quality: very good)

Hamish Kilgour (left) & Pete Gutteridge (RIP), 1984

01 Toadstool Blues
02 Neck of the Woods 
03 Small Girl
04 Green Skin
05 ?
06 ?
07 ?
08 ?
09 Born In the Wrong Time
10 Middle Sized Mind
11 Feel Too Much
12 Boat With No Ocean
13 It's a Day
14 Duane Eddy
15 Can't Find Water
16 Sense of Balance


Saturday, June 26

Returning Soon with Cool N.Z. Music Posts

Coming Your Way:
ROIOs by New Zealand Indie Groups I Love

ROB SEZ: After a much-needed break, I will be re-booting the blog very soon with weekly posts by New Zealand artists & bands I love. Who'm I talking about? The Clean, David Kilgour, The Chills, The Verlaines, The Bats, The Great Unwashed, The 3Ds, Crowded House, The Finn Brothers, The Gordons, The Mutton Birds, Don McGlashan, 7 Worlds Collide and the great Dave Dobbyn. That's not a complete list of Kiwi music I listen to, but it pretty well covers the ones for which I have ROIOs to share.

"Why N.Z. music?" you might wonder. I fell in love with the country when I went there with my wife for a 2-week visit back in the 1980s. I love the whole vibe and feel of the place, but I don't think it receives nearly enough attention or recognition. (Let's not forget which country was the most effective in quickly kicking COVID's ass as a public health hazard...) In keeping with the "Every Cult Band Needs a Cult" ethos of the blog, it seemed right to shine a spotlight on a place with a LOT to like — especially its many wonderful indie bands.

The first post of the re-boot is coming your way in a few days, so check back here soon.