Tuesday, September 29

Jason Falkner - Demo Bonanza

Two separate sets; two separate links
(aka, Demos from the Lost Years)

SAMPLE: "Feeling Much Better" (demo)

ROB SEZIf you like your pop with an alt. edge, hummable melodies, and lyrics worth more than a passing thought, Jason Falkner is the bees' knees. He was in The Three O'Clock, Jellyfish and The Grays before embarking on a solo career. In recent years, he's been making a living as a musician for hire, working with the likes of Air, Paul McCartney and Beck. My best guess is these two demo sets are from the late 1990s. Click the sample to see what all the fuss is about.

KUDOS to Mick & Don at the old ASH blog. Mick assembled these and made the artwork, and Don posted them. We are forever in their debt...

Clumsy Grace
(more demos & outtakes via Mick)

There will be more Jason Falkner posts here in the future, because he's a really talented but underrated kinda guy. And we specialize in people & groups like that here at Repercussion...

This is ASH Tuesday post #14.

Friday, September 25

Shilohs - International Appeal

Rarities comp
various dates & venues (2012-2014)

soundboard, FM & audience recordings (sound quality: variable, VG to VG++)

Sunny Sunday afternoon: The Shilohs
ROB SEZ: The Shilohs are based in Vancouver, Canada. I’m guessing they took their name from an early Gram Parsons combo. This band’s sound certainly has some GP echoes, but their studio recordings also reflect an appreciation for The Beatles and The Kinks. Meanwhile, band member Daniel Colussi says the group is “trying to exorcise the ghosts of Glen Campbell, Lou Reed and Paul McCartney ... with some backbeat.” Spin described their first album as a “delicious bit of Big Star-informed, Feelies-indebted pop.”

SAMPLE: "International Appeal" (live in Vancouver)

A band's gotta eat. Big night out for The Shilohs...

01 International Appeal (demo)
02 Get Ready Now (live)
03 Queen Light Queen Dark 
     (Daytrotter session)
04 Palm Readers (live acoustic)
05 Sisters of Blue (live acoustic)
06 Down at the Bottom 
     of Bottomland (live acoustic)
07 On the Beach (live in-store)
08 English Roads (live in Vancouver)
09 International Appeal 
      (live in Vancouver)

     NOTE: details re: venues & dates can be found in the comment file tags
Nobody (except The Shilohs) knows the diners they've seen...

The Shilohs’ EP & two full-length albums are available
at Light Organ Records as well as Bandcamp.
Here's a link to their video 'English Roads' and a recent interview. 
Their FB page says they did some recording this summer for a 
yet-untitled album. I say: bring it! 

Tuesday, September 22

Finn Bros - KCRW Sessions 2004 + 2007

Tim & Neil Finn
'Morning Becomes Eclectic' 
Santa Monica, CA

July 15, 2004 (Neil & Tim)
and May 3, 2007 (Tim)

FM recordings (sound quality VG+)

ROB SEZ: Given how much I love their music, it's almost shameful to realize this is the first post featuring at least one of the Finns brothers. Here, you get two for the price of none.

MY USUAL EXPANSIVE THANKS to Don and Mick (who assembled the collection & created the artwork) for making these available originally, and for giving me permission to do so here.

This is ASH Tuesday post #13.

Friday, September 18

DM3 - Melbourne 2011 + bonus

Dom Mariani Three (DM3)
Melbourne, Australia
Oct. 15, 2011

audience recording (sound quality: VG) 

EXTRA THANKS to SaveStef for sharing

01 Everything That You Told Me
02 She's Fine
03 Speed Freak
04 Show You
05 For Always
06 Know You Now
07 band intros + Please Don't Lie
08 Before You Go
09 Don't Talk About Us
10 Blue Thing (sustained blasts of static)
11 Foolish
12 At First Sight
13 Move Me

14 1 Time, 2 Times Devastated 
Dom Mariani: more rock than jangle
15 Show You (acoustic)
16 Take It All (live)
17 Soultop (live)
18 Blue Thing (live)
19 Foolish (live)

TT: 82 mins.


[sound quality is VG+ or better]
14-15 = HMV in-store live session (undated)
16 = TV appearance (no other info provided); initial, brief distortion from old video tape
17 = "Telethon" TV show, Perth, AUS 1993
18-19 = Roskilde Festival, Denmark 1994
(these 2 are NOT on the live CD from this gig)
Read more about the music of DM3 at AllMusic, Dom Mariani's web site and/or Wikipedia 


Tuesday, September 15

Chris Stamey - Sawyer Sessions 2015

Sawyer Sessions
Hillsborough, N.C.
Thanks to eagle-eye Fantom for the tip and to WHUP & the Sawyer Sessions crew

The fab recent studio album by Chris Stamey
(but you already own it, right?!?)
If not, get it HERE

Dom Mariani - Radio Broadcast 2006

radio broadcast
2006 (?)
date & venue unknown

FM recording (sound quality Ex-) 

01 Girl Soul
02 Homespun Blues
03 Don't Talk About Us
04 Everything That You Told Me
05 Second Floor
06 Foolish
07 1 Time, 2 Times Devastated

ROB SEZ: This is Dom Mariani week at the blog; a related post is coming Friday. Dom is a living legend in Australia; give a listen & find out why...

REPERCUSSION: Dom Mariani collaborated many times with Mitch Easter, who produced recordings by The Someloves, The Orange Humble Band and DM3.

DON SAID: The storming Dom Mariani and a cracking 27 minute live set. It sounds remarkably like the Los Concertios De Radio 3 TV Broadcast from 3 June 2006, but that was TV and the sound here is a bit better. Also "1 Times, 2 Times, Devastated" wasn't broadcast on that show, but the rest of the setlist is the same. I'm certain it's a Rippled Souls set, too much of a coincidence for it not to be. It's more likely a Radio Broadcast from the same time. Outstanding Jingle Jangle!


This is ASH Tuesday post #12.
Continued thanks to Don and the crew from the old ASH blog (R.I.P.)

Friday, September 11

Pugwash - Live 2012 (Dublin + London)

Dublin, Ireland
June 22, 2012

audience recording (sound quality VG+; Whelan’s is a classic Irish pub and a great place to see a show; the atmospherics of this recording reflect these qualities)

BIG-TIME THANKS to kagee1, who did the usual excellent job of taping, transferring and sharing (thanks also to Philippe for sharing the set from London, Nov. 2012)
Pugwash: pooling their resources, somewhere in California...

ROB SEZ: I caught Pugwash live on the current tour and can say confidently that if you go, you will experience a very enjoyable show: sharp music and hilarious, Monty Python-esque banter with the band & audience. For my taste, the new album might be a bit over-baked in places, but still boasts a handful of soon-to-be classic tunes.

Catch Pugwash on their N. America tour - NOW!
01 intro, tuning
02 Be My Friend a While
03 Apples
04 Dear Belinda
05 Answers On a Postcard
06 What's On My Mind*
07 Fall Down
08 It's Nice to Be Nice
09 I Can Hear the Grass Grow 
     (Move cover)

10 There You Are
11 Finer Things In Life
12 The Age of Revolution^

Tracks 10-12 = 229 The Venue, Venue 1, London, UK 2012-11-09 (Acid Jazz Records Silver Jubilee Weekend)

*Saville tune dedicated to Andy Foster of Reekus Records. Andy passed
away suddenly the previous week.

^Duckworth Lewis Method song

If you're much of a Pugwash fan, you owe it to yourself to 
find the bonus tracks that accompany this post
(they're — um, oh ... somewhere around here) 

Thomas Walsh – vocals, guitar
Tosh Flood – guitar, keyboard, vocals
Shaun McGee - bass
Joey Fitzgerald - drums

NEW ALBUM, out now: Play This Intimately...
Get it from Omnivore Recordings, purveyor of great music

Tuesday, September 8

Tommy Keene - Demos

Studio Demos
recording location & dates unknown

soundboard recordings (sound quality VG+)

Of course Mick did the artwork; who else would come up with this??
UNDYING THANKS & PRAISE to Mick and Don at the old ASH blog for first sharing these and giving me permission to do the same here.

This is ASH Tuesday post #11. 

Read a most excellent TK retrospective by Tom Warner
Tommy Keene - Laugh In the Dark
the new studio album
BUY the CD or LP from Second Motion (download incl.)
DOWNLOAD the MP3 album from iTunes
STREAM IT at Soundcloud

Friday, September 4

The Orchids - Peel Sessions + More

Peel Sessions & More

FM & web streams

sound quality: VG++ (no audio anomalies; enjoy)

ROB SEZ: Couldn't abide having the Orchids represented here with the so-so-sounding share from Tuesday and nothing else. So here's one more that shows off their talents with better sound: 
Peel Sessions + extra goodies. Love John Peel's intro & outro for track 5!!

SPECIAL THANKS to members of the Peel Group for their amazing archival work, to pyrolysebred, and to the Orchids for sharing the remixes and rarities

01 Dirty Clothing (Peel 1990)
02 Frank De Salvo (Peel 1990)
03 And When I Wake Up (Peel 1990)
04 Caveman (Peel 1990)
05 Patience Is Mine (Peel 1994)
06 Waiting Seems Vain (Peel 1994)
07 Bemused, Confused & Bedraggled
     (Hamburg 1991) 
08 Peaches (Hamburg 1991)
09 Back to Your House (Shelter Mix)
10 She's My Girl (remix)
11 And When I Wake Up (Toadhall)
12 The OK Song (B-side version)

01-04 = John Peel session, rec. 1990-04-08 Maida Vale 3, London; first b-cast 1990-05-08
05-06 = John Peel session, rec. 1994-02-24 Maida Vale 4, London; first b-cast 1994-04-09
07-08 = from the sanctioned Sarah Records various artists boot, EEC Punk Rock Mountain 
             (Orchids tracks recorded in Hamburg, Germany on 1991-06-01)
09-10 = unreleased remixes (posted in 2011)
11-12 = outtakes & rarities
The Orchids: still going strong today

The Orchids:
Chris Quinn
James Moody
John Scally
Matthew Drummond
Ronnie Borland

Tuesday, September 1

The Orchids – Live 2014 + bonus

'My Secret World' / Sarah Records Artists Show
Arnolfini Gallery
Bristol, UK
May 3, 2014

audience recording (in mono - sound quality VG-)  

My only misgiving about this one is that the taper apparently was trying to save memory or battery power, 'cuz every track is faded in & out, and a few seconds are missing at the start & end of several tracks; otherwise, it's a fun listen.

ROB SEZ: Bringing you another little-known UK indie pop outfit with significant merit. Not technically an ASH post because the old ASH blog is not the source of these tracks. However, it was Don & Co. that turned me onto The Orchids, so it's a fitting ASH Tuesday share. The Orchids' recorded output is high quality stuff. Enjoy!
The Orchids in the 1990s. SHOULDA BEEN HUGE...

01 A Place Called Home
02 Lovechild
03 Between Sleeping 
     and Waking 
04 What Will We Do Next?
05 Women Priests & Addicts
06 Peaches
07 Blue Light
08 Apologies
09 Something for the Longing
10 Caveman
11 (Xmas Party '91 first trk)
12 (Xmas Party '91 second trk)
13 Tiny Words
14 The Coolest Thing
15 Peaches
16 Apologies
17 It's Only Obvious

TT: 55 minutes

Notes for tracks 11-17:
(bonus tracks; all aud. recordings)
11-13 = Sarah Records Xmas Party, The Thekla, 
             Bristol, UK Dec. 1991 (song titles 
             for 11 & 12 unknown)
14 -15 = The Bowery, London, UK 2011-05-11
16 = Bush Hall, Shepherd's Bush, 
        London, UK 2010 -11-12
17 = Madrid Popfest, Spain, 2011-03-11

SPECIAL THANKS to Country Mile for posting the 2014 set. Thanks also to Season Records, String Bean Jen, and others for the additional tracks.

This is ASH Tuesday Post #10.

The Orchids:
Chris Quinn
James Moody
John Scally
Matthew Drummond
Ronnie Borland

Read more about The Orchids at Wikipedia. Comprehensive band bio can be found HERE.