Friday, August 29

Wussy – Best Radio Sessions 2009-'14

KDHX-FM, St. Louis, MO
and KEXP-FM, Seattle, WA

pre-FM sources via Soundcloud and other web streams (sound quality VG+ to Ex-)

Wussy at KEXP in Seattle, WA, June 2014. I think Lisa likes the bike...
most excellent photos by BHarvey
ROB SEZ: I don't usually write about new or relatively unknown artists. But occasionally a band's music will catch my ear, and I feel compelled to help spread the word. Wussy is one of those groups. Check the sample to hear why Robert Christgau raves that Wussy has been "the best band in America" ever since they released their debut in 2005.

SAMPLE: "Airborne (live session)"

01 Little Paper Birds
02 Pulverized
03 Waiting Room
04 Asteroids
05 Magnolia
06 Airborne
07 Teenage Wasteland
08 Bug
09 Rainbows & 
10 Beautiful
11 Pizza King
12 Waiting Room
13 Pulverized
14 Little Miami
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the bandand give 'em a big tip!
15 To the Lightning (early mix)
16 Teenage Wasteland (for Cinci Mag) 

1 = KDHX Live Session Aug. 7, 2009
2 & 3 = KDHX Live Session June 7, 2012
4 – 6 = KEXP Live Session June 15, 2012
7 – 11 = KEXP Live Session June 20, 2014
12 – 14 = SxSW live set (KEXP rec.) March 14, 2012
15 = Wussy Soundcloud post (pre-Attica!)
16 = live session for Cincinnati Magazine, rec. Feb. 13, 2014

TT: 1:06:50 
photo by Jay Brown

Chuck Cleaver – guitar, vocals
Lisa Walker – guitar, vocals
Mark Messerly – bass
Joe Klug – drums

John Erhardt – pedal steel, etc.

WUSSY wants you to have this free collection of random tracks via Bandcamp. Isn't that nice?
NYC Taper has several live shows by Wussy.
Blogger Wick has a bunch of live shows as well.
Learn more about the music of Wussy

Friday, August 15

Univ. of Fla., Tampa, FL 1984 + Demos 1982-'83

The dB’s
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL
Sept. 28, 1984
TOURISM ON TOUR: The dB's at Niagra Falls
(opening for R. E. M.)

audience recording (sound quality VG; iffy sound from the tape source, but I did some tweaking in Audacity, and it’s now quite listenable — might even be mistaken for a lower-quality soundboard recording; try the sample)

01 Neverland (cuts in)
Halfway up the ladder: The dB's in 1984
photo by Laura Levine
02 Love Is for Lovers
03 She Got Soul
04 Bad Reputation
05 A Spy In the House of Love
06 Not Cool
07 Amplifier
08 Suspicious Minds
09 Rendezvous
10 New Gun In Town

Demos 1982-‘83
11 She Got Soul #2
12 Spitting In the Wind
13 Rendezvous
14 White Train #1
15 Molly Says
16 Repercussion
17 The Death of Rock
18 This Crazy Town
19 Martha Helen Wood*

TT: 1:06:08

*Track 19 is a demo for a song written and  sung by Gene Holder's wife, Myra. A finished version of the song appeared years later on Myra's solo album, Four Mile Road (produced by Mr. Chris Stamey + 1 track by Mitch). 

NOTE: Many of the demos in the set as I received them are not included in the above. Categories of demos not included here: 
1) Ones I already shared in the ‘Like This’ Revisited post
2) Demos the same (or nearly the same) as those on the Ride the Wild Tom-Tom official release; 
3) Demos with Chris on lead vocals (per an earlier request from him).
The dB’s (1984 live show line-up):
Rick Wagner - bass
Gene Holder - guitar
Will Rigby - drums
Peter Holsapple – guitar, vocals

Friday, August 8

The Windbreakers - 'Boxing Day' Live 1986

‘Boxing Day’ live release
W.C. Don’s, Jackson, MS
Dec. 26 (Boxing Day), 1986

01 Changeless
full artwork included in download
02 New Red Shoes
03 I'll Be Back
04 I Never Thought
05 Glory
06 Stupid Idea
07 What Goes On
08 Bad Sermonette
09 Hey! Little Child
10 You Never Give Up
11 Blue and Gray*
12 Rock 'n' Roll Star
13 Again (bonus track)*

*Iowa City, IA 1988

soundboard recording (quality VG+; vocals are kinda low in the mix at times, but it's really not a big deal)

SAMPLE: "You Never Give Up" (Boxing Day)

FOR REAL THANKS to Tim Lee and Robert Sutliff for graciously granting permission for this to be posted here. Please show these guys some love: leave a comment here, visit their current bands’ web sites (see below), and buy some good music!

REPERCUSSION: Mitch Easter produced several Windbreakers’ albums and played on many Windbreakers’ tracks.

Mitch, hangin' with Tim
Mitch, playin' with Bobby at the Drive-In
ROB SEZ: Normally, no official release ever gets posted here. However, the original Boxing Day live set saw a very limited CD-R only release on the now-defunct Paisley Pop Label. This many years later, I thought Tim and Robert, the founders of The Windbreakers, might consider giving this one away to the fans. I was delighted when they agreed; now everyone can enjoy this live, covers-heavy souvenir of a great combo.
Thanks a whole bunch, guys.

The Windbreakers, a "few" years ago...
WAV (lossless files)

Bobby Sutliff: guitars & vocal
Tim Lee: guitars & vocal
Barry Brown: bass

Bob Aitchison: drums

*rhythm section for 1988 tracks:
Matt Kimbrell: bass
Leif Bondarenko: drums

Robert Sutliff (right) returns to the stage with the TimLee3, Jan. 2013
A benefit show to defray medical costs after Robert's serious car accident
Read more about the accident, a benefit/tribute album, etc., HERE 
photo by John Boydston
 Tim leads the TimLee3                       Robert is a member of Donovan's Brain
TL3's latest is Devil's Rope
TimLee3 web site is HERE
DB's latest is Turned Up Later
DB's web site is HERE

Learn more about the music of The Windbreakers at AllMusic or Trouser Press

Friday, August 1

T-Bone Burnett - Hamburg, GR 1983 + bonus

Hamburg, Germany
Dec. 9, 1983
T-BONE BURNETT: producer extraordinaire and solo artist

audio rip from video (sound quality VG; very listenable show from the tour after T-Bone released his Proof Through the Night album)

REPERCUSSION: Although I don't believe T-Bone has ever collaborated with members of The dB's, he has worked with Don Dixon and Mitch Easter on occasion.

SAMPLE: "Pressure" (Hamburg 1983)

01 My Life and the Women Who Lived It
02 The Interview (song)
03 song intro
04 Fatally Beautiful / Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend
05 Pressure
06 When the Night Falls
07 Power of Love
08 Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk
09 A Ridiculous Man
10 The Sixties (intro cut)
11 Hefner and Disney
12 Hula Hoop
13 Trap Door
14 Not Fade Away
15 Richard Thompson intro
16 Shut It Tight

17 The Pilgrim Chapter 33
18 Boomerang
19 You Are My Sunshine
20 Poetry

TT: 1:15:59

17 – 20 = bonus tracks from solo acoustic set, McCabe’s, Santa Monica, CA (date unknown; audience recording, sound quality VG-)

A SINCERE THANK-YOU to beeswingrm for sharing the Rockpalast set

Learn more about the music of T-Bone Burnett 
at his web site and/or AllMusic