Friday, February 27

Let's Active - Asbury Park, NJ 1986

Asbury Park, NJ
May 2, 1986
I could find no reference to "Visions" as a music venue in Asbury Park, N.J.
But I REALLY like this graphic design by Gregory Attonito

audience recording (sound quality VG; decent-sounding recording, with a PA mix that takes until the end of track 3 to settle in; infrequent crowd chattiness near the taper + occasional phase shifts). 

Mitch at the mic, Einstein a Go-Go, Florida
groovy photo by Allison Durham
SAMPLE: "Fell" (Asbury Park '86)

01 Waters Part
02 Ornamental
03 In Between
04 Talking to Myself
05 Still Dark Out
06 Writing the Book of Last Pages
07 In Little Ways
08 Fell
09 Leader of Men
10 Whispered News
11 Prey
12 Won't Go Wrong
13 Every Word Means No
14 Last Chance Town
15 Hush (Deep Purple cover)
16 Reflecting Pool
17 He's a Whore (Cheap Trick cover)

TT: 1:05:49

SPECIAL THANKS to JW and RIDICULOUS THANKS to dB’s Fan for the share.


Let’s  Active:
Mitch Easter – guitars & vocals
Angie Carlson – keyboards, backing vocals
Eric Marshall – drums
Dennis Ambrose - bass

Friday, February 20

Repercussion - The Album REVISITED

The dB’s  
Live & Other Versions
soundboard & FM sources   

sound quality: VG+ to Ex-
I used the album's rare first-issue cover art, 
based on Peter's drawings and original design idea
(also used the original running order, restored in later editions)

REALLY RARE: album label for the Aussie release
01 Living a Lie
02 We Were Happy There
03 Happenstance (demo)
04 From a Window to a Screen
05 Amplifier
06 Ask for Jill
07 I Feel Good (Today)
08 Storm Warning
09 Ups and Downs
10 In Spain
11 Nothing Is Wrong
12 Neverland
13 pH Factor
14 (mystery track)
ROB SEZ: A SPECIAL POST TO CELEBRATE PASSING THE 200,000 HITS MARK. I had a ton of fun with this, totally geeking out as a deeBs fan boy. Like the other "Classic Albums Revisited" projects, I used only the best-quality sources (soundboard and FM in this case) and chose inspired performances from all the shows in my collection. This is my all-time favorite album, the one that inspired this blog...      
Live versions, unless otherwise noted

01, 05, 12 = NYC 1982-04-XX (sbd - venue, day unknown)
02, 06, 08, 13 = The Ritz, NYC 1982-02-XX (FM - master tape source)
03 Chris Stamey demo, c. 1981
04 Holsapple-Stamey studio recording, 2008
07 Reunion Show, Grady Cole Center, Charlotte, NC 1988-05-15 (sbd)
09–11 = Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill, NC 1981-10-24 (sbd)
14 = mystery track; info contained in the file tags 
both versions include full artwork
WAV lossless files  


The dB’s:
Will Rigby – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Gene Holder – bass
Peter Holsapple – vocals, guitar
Chris Stamey – vocals, guitar

Read Rob Ross' re-appraisal 
of Repercussion in Pop Dose

200,000 HITS - Congrats to ... Us!

200,000 hits!
Not bad, huh?
Passed that high-water mark about two weeks ago.

For a small-niche, "boutique" blog,
I must say I'm kind of impressed.
That may sound conceited.
But I'm talking about the idea of the blog
garnering this much traffic.
Two mighty, but relatively obscure, N.C. bands & their
musical "repercussions," gaining this kind of interest?


"Check out this blog..."

I don't plan to stop anytime soon, 
so hang on for more posts with rare, fabulous music.

Sunday, February 15

dB's - New Video!

"Write Back"
video by Emily Hubley
I think Emily's been studying Picasso lately...

Enjoy this animated video for the song Will Rigby
composed & sang, from Falling Off the Sky.

Emily also did the "Big Brown Eyes" video.

Read more about the "Write Back" video 
and get a link to the BBE video at Blurt Online.

Friday, February 13

Susan Cowsill & Friends - NOLA 2014

Carrollton Station
New Orleans, LA
April 27, 2014

audience recording (quality: VG+; clear, crisp recording with very little crowd noise — because there wasn’t much of a crowd!)

LOVE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS: davies51 took photos from the show & made cover art

PARTICULAR THANKS to jefft for recording and sharing

REPERCUSSION: Peter Holsapple was in the Continental Drifters with Susan (they also were married for a time and have a child in common). Oh yeah: and they made some exquisite music together. If you aren't familiar with them, do check out the Continental Drifters.

SAMPLE: "The Rain Song" (2014)

01 Don't Worry Baby
02 The Rain Song
03 Don't Pass Me By
04 I Never Knew There Would 
     Be You
05 Sunshine On My Shoulders
06 Banter 1
07 They Don't Know
08 Banter 2
09 Mamas Don't Let 
     Your Babies...
10 Banter 3
11 You've Really Got a Hold On Me
12 True Love
13 Banter 4
14 Take Me Home, Country Roads
15 Someday
16 Drunken Angel
17 'Round the Bend
18 Banter 5
19 Enough to Get 
     to Shore
20 After Hours
21 Do or Die
22 Snow
23 Crescent City  
24 Mississippi

01 I Think of You
02 Angel From Montgomery
03 Me and Bobby McGee
04 Banter 6
05 You've Got to Be Crazy to Live In This Town
06 Mohammed's Radio
07 Banter 7
08 Turn My Lights Back Home
09 Happy Together      
10 (intro to Track 11)
11 Ballad of Sis (Didn't I 
     Love You)
12 The Rain, the Park, 
     and Other Things

TT: 2:28:01

Susan Cowsill - Vocals, Guitar
Russ Broussard - Drums
John Fohl - Guitar, Vocals
Alexandra Scott - Vocals, Guitar (1st Set)
Alex McMurray - Guitar, Vocals (2nd Set)
Doug Pritchett - Guitar, Vocals (2nd Set, t03)

There's an awesome set of bonus tracks for this post, somewhere around here...

Susan's latest solo album is Lighthouse
(I own it, and it's excellent)
Buy the disc or download it HERE, directly from the artist
More live shows by Susan Cowsill are at Bandcamp 
Learn more about the music of Susan Cowsill at her official web site, her pages at 
and/or Wikipedia   


Friday, February 6

X T C - Black Sea Demos (etc.) 1980

1980 Polygram Studios
London, England
studio recordings (sound quality: VG to VG+; faint hiss is audible at times, but it won't ruin your listening enjoyment)
Cracks me up
I think this cover art (courtesy of Trystereo) is hilarious

ROB SEZ: Thanks to Hans de Vente, we have here a gem of a rarity: band demos (and perhaps also rough mixes) from sessions for the fourth album. Oddly, there are also three solo demos from Mr. Partridge (#8-10). These were on the tape that AP sent to Hans (see below), so they've been preserved in their original running order. However, you might want to move them as you arrange the tracks for your listening pleasure. Believe it or not, these have never seen an official release (even on the seemingly endless Fuzzy Warbles collections).

01 Living Through Another Cuba  
02 Sgt. Rock (Is Going to Help Me)
03 Rocket From a Bottle
04 Towers of London
05 Smokeless Zone [instrum.]
06 Ban the Bomb [instrum.]
07 No Language In Our Lungs
08 Pearl [APartridge solo]
09 Holding the Baby  
     [APartridge solo]
10 Monkeys In Human Skin Suites
     [APartridge solo]
11 Burning With 
     Optimism’s Flames
12 Paper and Iron 
     (Notes and Coins) 
13 Travels In Nihilon
14 Don't Lose Your Temper
15 Respectable Street
16 Generals and Majors
TT: 63 mins. 
REPERCUSSION: Several of our heroes have named X T C as an influence, and no less than Chris Stamey wrote a very catchy song not long ago called "You 'n' Me 'n' X T C" — recorded with musical advice from a certain Mr. Partridge. (Wanna hear it? Go here).

SKYLARKING AGAIN?  X T C in their 1980s heyday

X T C:
Andy  Partridge - guitar, vocals
Dave Gregory - guitar, vocals
Colin Moulding - bass, vocals
Terry Chambers – drums

Learn more about the music of X T C at Wikipedia, Andy P's official site, &/or this impressive fan site