Saturday, May 1

Field Music - Live at KCRW, Santa Monica, CA 2010 & 2016

Morning Becomes Eclectic, KCRW 
Santa Monica, CA
April 1, 2010

webstream recording (sound quality: Ex-; best-sounding webstream capture I've ever heard)

01 Them That Do Nothing 
02 Effortlessly
03 If Only the Moon 
     Were Up  
04 Something Familiar
05 Let's Write a Book
06 Rockist
      (School of Language cover)
07 Each Time Is a New Time
08 Share the Words
09 Tell Me Keep Me
10 Interview with DJ Jason Bentley

ROB SEZ: Field Music — how do they do it? How do the Brewis brothers throw so many genres into their magical musical blender and come out with such tasty prog-pop-funk+? And how the heck do they re-create it so effectively in a live setting? I'm hard-pressed to say which of these sets I like the best. They were recorded almost exactly 6 years apart, and have no songs in common. The sound quality is extraordinary for a webstream capture. Field Music just released their latest studio concoction, Flat White Moon (video of lead track "Orion from the Street" is below). I've heard it, and it's fab.

Field Music - the live band in 2016

                                  new album: Flat White Moon
Morning Becomes Eclectic, KCRW
Santa Monica, CA
March 30, 2016

webstream recording (sound quality: Ex-; best-sounding webstream capture I've ever heard)

01 Noisy Days Are Over
02 I'm Glad
03 Who'll Pay the Bills?
04 Disappointed
05 Don't You Want to Know
     What's Wrong? 
06 It's a Good Thing
07 Stay Awake
08 I Keep Thinking About a New Thing  
09 Interview with DJ Jason Bentley

(lossless captures, lossy source)
   "Orion from the Street" - new video