Friday, February 15

Tee Hedz - Central Park, NYC 1980

Tawking Hedz
Wollman Rink
Central Park
New York, NY
Aug. 27, 1980
Tee Hedz live: the gang’s all pictured here, except Adrian Belew

soundboard recording (sound quality Ex-; slight hum audible between songs; original recording by Frank Galagher; transfer by HDV)


REPERCUSSION: This blog is devoted mainly to two groups active primarily in the 1980s — groups at times lumped in with the so-called “New Wave”. So, at some point, I wanted to post something by this group. Otherwise, there’s no connection between our heroes from Winston-Salem, NC and the Tee Hedz from NYC.

SAMPLE: "Take Me to the River (Central Park 1980)"

01 Warning Sign (beginning cut, fades in)*
02 Stay Hungry
03 Cities
04 band intros 
05 I Zimbra
06 Once In A Lifetime
07 Houses In Motion
08 Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)
09 Crosseyed and Painless (fades in)** 
10 Take Me to the River
11 The Great Curve
     *first song in the set, Psycho Killer, is not included here
     **Life During Wartime from this show was officially released, so is omitted here (would have been the track before “Take Me to the River”)
ROB SEZ: I’ve tried to make it hard for the Internet music police to find this post. I’ve misspelled the name of the band and its original members. When Hans De V began sharing his amazing Tee Hedz tape collection a while back, the powers-that-be were all over his posts, and they disappeared quickly. I don’t want to jeopardize my humble little blog by calling attention to posts like this.
tape insert by Hans De V
(file says "Part 1", 
but it's the whole thing)

BONUS: audience recording of the same show — includes band intro & the songs missing from above soundboard version.

Sound quality VG

HQ MP3 (VBR avg. 280 kbps)

David Burne - vocals, guitar
Gerry Harrison - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Tina Weymuth - bass, keyboards
Cris Franz - drums
Adrian Belew - guitar, vocals, percussion
Bernie Worrell - keyboards, vocals, percussion
Busta 'Cherry' Jones - bass 
Steve Scales - percussion, vocals
Nona Hendryx - vocals, percussion
Dollette McDonald - vocals, percussion
(core band members’ names are misspelled intentionally...)

Friday, February 8

Continental Drifters - Bremen 1996

Bremen, Germany
Jan. 24, 1996
DSR satellite radio
   radio broadcast (sound quality Ex-)

BIG THANKS to the recorder and sharer (wish I could be more specific than that)

photo by Jutta Brandt Knust
REPERCUSSION: Peter joined the Continental Drifters in the early 1990s after The dB's were kaput, and he stayed with the group until it disbanded circa 2003. While they were active, the Drifters recorded several of Peter's songs, so if you enjoy his singing and songwriting, those discs are definitely worth seeking out. Their music is excellent! (Here’s another Drifters show I posted a while back.) 

SAMPLE: "Soul Deep (Bremen 1996)"

01 A Song for You (Gram Parsons cover)
02 Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway
03 Mezzanine
04 Desperate Love
05 Invisible Boyfriend
06 Mixed Messages
07 [zoo song]
08 The Rain Song
09 Darlin’ Darlin’
10 Some of Shelly’s Blues
11 New York
12 Soul Deep (Box Tops cover)
13 Get Over It
14 Who We Are, Where We Live
15 Highway of the Saints  
        (Pat McLaughlin cover)
16 Tighter and Tighter
17 Dedicated to the One I Love  
         (Mamas & The Papas cover)
18 Anything (bonus, live 1998)

Alt. Link

Continental Drifters:
Peter Holsapple - keyboards,accordion, mandolin, 6 & 12 string acoustic guitar, vocals
Susan Cowsill - acoustic & electric guitar, mandolin, shaker, vocals
Robert Maché - mandolin, acoustic & electric guitar, vocals
Vicki Peterson - acoustic & electric guitar, vocals
Carlo Nuccio – drums, vocals
Mark Walton - electric bass
Russ Broussard - drums, vocals (on #18, bonus track)

Go listen to & buy music by Continental Drifters!   Here they are at AllMusic 

Tuesday, February 5

Chris' "Lovesick Blues" solo album - OUT NOW!

iTunes (bonus tracks version)  CD (Yep Roc)  LP (Yep Roc)
CD (Amazon)   LP (Amazon)
ALBUM RELEASE DAY, new video, another live date.  
As I listen to the iTunes download of Lovesick Blues (!), here's some scoop on what's next as Chris and his label sell the music world on his great new album: 




Meanwhile, another live performance date has been added (in addition to the ones I've already listed on the News Page): Philadelphia, PA (World Cafe Live Upstairs), 3025 Walnut Street, Sunday, Feb. 17. More details are HERE

More news about Lovesick Blues can be found on the News Page. 

Friday, February 1

The Long Ryders - Philadelphia 1987

Chestnut Cabaret
Philadelphia, PA
May 5, 1987

audience recording (sound quality VG+; transfer from 1st-generation copy of master tape)

BY REQUEST When I asked for comments about future posts, “Long Ryders” was one of the requests — so here ya go!

SINCERE THANKS to the Punk-Rock Cop for taping the show, and to happyfeet66 for sharing.
The Long Ryders: "Americana" & "alt-country" before the terms were even invented
photos courtesy
SAMPLE: "I Want You Bad (Philly 1987)"

01 Prairie Fire
02 Lights of Downtown
03 Man of Misery
04 A Stitch In Time
05 State of My Union
06 Harriet Tubman's Going to Carry Me Home
07 Capturing the Flag
08 Long Story Short
09 Baby’s In Toyland
10 I Want You Bad (NRBQ cover)
11 Spectacular Fall (fades in)
12 I Had a Dream
13 band intros --> Greenville Trestle High (James & Joan Jett cover)
14 You Just Can’t Ride the Boxcars Anymore
15 Gunslinger Man
16 Looking for Lewis & Clark
17 Hair of the Dog (Green on Red cover)
18 Smash It Up (The Damned cover)
19 10-5-60 (big medley) 
Alt. Link

The Long Ryders:
Sid Griffin – vocals, steel guitar, harmonica
Stephen McCarthy – guitar, keyboards, vocals
Greg Sowders – drums
Tom Stevens – bass, vocals

Learn more about The Long Ryders’ music at AllMusic and/or Sid Griffin’s site