Friday, June 13

Tommy Keene - Washington, DC 2004 + bonus

9:30 Club
Washington, D.C.
Sept. 11, 2004

soundboard recording (quality VG++; darn fine sounding show; [don’t be fooled by intro, which will make you think this is an audie…])

NO FOOLIN’ THANKS to happymedium27 for sharing this.

TOMMY KEENE: bright lights, not-so-big recognition. Can we fix that, please?!
photo by Chris Grady

Tommy Keene is another artist in the category “massively talented but lamentably under-appreciated”. The guy’s been making high-quality, guitar-based pop with a rock edge for many years. This hometown show (opening for Guided by Voices) is a good intro for the uninitiated. Hit that sample button and see what you think…

DON'T MISS TK's amazing official live album...
01 Call On Me
02 Turning On Blue
03 Highwire Days
04 Compromise
05 No One In This City
06 Long Time Missing
07 Back to Zero
08 When Our Vows Break
09 Places That Are Gone
10 Kill Your Sons (Lou Reed cover)

11 Run Now (live 1990)*
12 Compromise (live 1990)*
13 Places That Are Gone
    (live 1994)^
14 Lost a Number (Nils Lofgren cover)+

Bonus Tracks info
*9:30 Club, Washington, DC March 1990 from the “Open for Business” rockumentary 
       (in so-so sounding mono)
^Conan O’Brien Show Feb. 1, 1994
+Rockville, MD 2004-08-25 (Nils Lofgren Tribute show)

TT: 58 mins., 59 secs.


FLAC (first 10 tracks only from 2004 show; download the MP3 version as well if you want everything)

Learn more about the music of Tommy Keene 
at his web site and at AllMusic


  1. WANT A FREE TOMMY KEENE LIVE CD? I happen to have an extra copy of "Showtunes" in VG condition. First person to email me with his/her snail address (someone who doesn't already own it, please) gets it. Friendly reminder from your friendly Blogger Guy: check the Comments section and please leave one every once in a while!

  2. Thanks for the show - Sending you mail info.

  3. The Tommy Keene live CD goes to Oxy...


  4. nice to see this! i've designed the last 4 or 5 cd's for Tommy, so it's cool to see these posts! thanks much!!

    1. Good to hear from you, Jim. Thanks for the comment, and great job on your design work (I own all those CD's, and will give 'em all another look this evening...)

  5. Thanks for posting this one. I was at this show. It was epic!

    1. Do you feel the green envy emanating from my being...?