Monday, February 15

Kiwi Jr. - Live 2017 + Tasty Extras

Horseshoe Tavern
Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
July 2017
(exact date unknown)

audience recording (sound quality: VG)

opening set in front of headliners

"tasty extra" tracks as noted below

SAMPLE VIDEO TRACK: "Gimme More" (live 2019)
     (audio for this track is included in the download)

01 Won't Do That Again*

02 Murder In the Cathedral

03 Football Money

04 Gimme More

05 Salary Man

06 She Waits*

07 Wicked Witches

08 Leslie

09 It Can’t Be Me*

10 Nothing Really Changes

*NOTE: titles 1, 6 & 9 are guesses, based on song lyrics

- Gimme More (sbd - live in Montreal 2019-09-26)
- Salary Man (sbd - live in Montreal 2019-09-26)

- Tugboat (Galaxie 500 cover)

ROB SEZ: Ready for a talented-as-heck rock/pop band with catchy tunes and a humorous bent? Look no further than Toronto's Kiwi Jr. Check the sample video, and you'll see what the buzz is about. Fans of The dB's and Let's Active are unlikely to be disappointed. HUGE THANKS to Ethan H. for recording & sharing the 2017 live set, to Lost Opus for recording & sharing the 2019 live tracks, and to Kiwi Jr. for sharing the G500 cover.

FLAC (lossless captures of lossy sources)


Learn more about Kiwi Jr. 
at the band's FB pageSub Pop, or AllMusic

Sunday, February 7

Veronica Falls - London 2011

Rough Trade East 
London, UK
Oct. 20, 2011

audience recording (sound quality: VG)

01 The Box

02 Stephen

03 Found Love In a Graveyard 

04 Bad Feeling

05 Buried Alive

06 The Fountain

07 Beachy Head

08 Starry Eyes

09 Come On Over

ROB SEZ: A short, but solid set from the late, great Veronica Falls. The group came & went like a blazing comet that leaves witnesses wondering, "Did we really experience that?" Attentive readers know I'm a huge fan of this band, but if you missed the comet, you can still enjoy the bright trail of stardust it left in its wake. I didn't catch the names of the taper & sharer, but I am indebted to them for this. I thought the original files as received needed some work, so I raised the levels and added one pass of compression and eq to bring out the best in the recording. Please enjoy.

My prior Veronica Falls post, with a double dose of goodies, is HERE




Saturday, February 6

Blue Aeroplanes - Convent, London, UK 2016 (sbd)

The Convent
London, UK
April 29, 2016

soundboard recording (quality: Ex-)

00 intro & band entrance
01 …And Stones

02 Dead Tree! Dead Tree!

03 Elvis Festival

04 Police (38 Divinity)

05 Go Along With Me On This One 

06 Jacket Hangs

07 Oak‐Apple Day

08 Gunning the Works

09 Cardboard Box

10 Skin

11 riffing & tuning

12 My Hurricane

13 Jack Leaves - Back Spring

14 Sulphur

15 Yr Own World

16 Fun

17 band intros

18 Breakin' In My Heart (T. Verlaine)

Blue Aeroplanes: still making great music; still cool


Gerard Langley: the Jack Nicholson
of 1980s & 90s Indie Music? Discuss.

ROB SEZ: Yes, I'm still posting new material when I get the time & inspiration. Like many (I suppose), I'd nearly forgotten about the mighty Blue Aeroplanes when a blog reader commented on this recording. HUGE THANKS to Gramophone Armageddon for sharing and to blureu for pointing me to this well-performed treasure. I threw together the cover image, using a gig poster I found online. (Original source was lossy, so no FLAC set this time around.) Please enjoy.