Friday, June 28

Deacon Blue - London Dec. 1991 (sbd)

Hammersmith Odeon 
London, UK
Dec. 23, 1991
soundboard recording (quality: Ex-; from band's own archives; remastered for official, non-commercial, release)
01 A Brighter Star
Larry Mullen, Jr. & his girlfriend
(actually, Deacon Blue in the late 1980s)
02 Peace & Jobs & Freedom
Twist and Shout
04 Fellow Hoodlums
05 Real Gone Kid
06 The Day That Jackie Jumped the Jail
07 Long Window to Love
08 Love's Great Fears
09 James Joyce Soles
10 Cover from the Sky
11 She / When Will You Make My Telephone Ring?
12 Your Swaying Arms
13 Ragman
14 Loaded
15 Raintown
16 The Wildness
17 One Day I'll Go Walking
18 Gentle Teardrops
19 Queen of the New Year
20 It's a Marshmallow World (Darlene Love cover)
21 I Don't Wanna Go Home (Little Steven cover)
22 Fergus Sings the Blues

ROB SEZ: OK, here's one last share for the Deacon Blue fans out there. This is what the band said when they released it a short while ago: "A rare and complete, never-heard-before recording of Deacon Blue's performance at the Hammersmith Odeon in London on the 23rd December 1991. Recorded as part of the 'Live Hoodlums' tour, we proudly present the band’s own official recording of the final concert from their 3-night residency. The audio was restored and remastered in 2017 specially for this release." (If you can't get enough, be sure to look for this week's rather impressive mystery bonus share.)

(lossy source; no FLAC this time)
Learn more about Deacon Blue's music at AllMusic 
and the band's official site

Friday, June 21

Deacon Blue - Tokyo, Japan 1993 (sbd)

Club Quatro
Tokyo, Japan
April 30, 1993  
soundboard recording (quality: Ex-) 

01 Your Town
02 Hang Your Head
03 Cut Lip
04 Your Swaying Arms
05 Real Gone Kid
06 Wages Day
07 The Day That Jackie
     Jumped the Jail
08 Cover from the Sky
09 Love and Regret
10 The Wildness 
     (with Angeliou) 
11 Born In a Storm
12 Ragman
13 Circus Lights
14 Only Tender Love
15 Fall So Freely Down
16 Raintown
17 Bethlehem's Gate
18 pre-encore break
19 Twist and Shout
20 All Over the World
21 Chocolate Girl (with My Girl)
22 Dignity
ROB SEZ: My hunch is Ricky Ross & Co. did some trawling through the archives a few years ago when they were putting together the deluxe reissues of their earlier albums, and found some gems. Here's one: a soundboard recording from the band's live tour after releasing Whatever You Say, Say Nothing — an under-appreciated album if I've ever heard one. By then, the band were being accused of artlessly apeing INXS & U2 — a shallow criticism that overlooked some fantastic songs & amazing live work. Enjoy.

(lossy source, so no FLAC this time)
Learn more about Deacon Blue's music at AllMusic 

Friday, June 14

Ricky Ross - Live in 2000 (sbd) + bonus

Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
March 2, 2000
Shepherd's Bush Empire, London
March 3, 2000

soundboard recordings (quality: VG++)
01 Threatening Rain*
02 The Undeveloped Heart
03 Away*
04 Icarus
05 London Comes Alive
06 Blue Horse*
07 Rosie Gordon Lies So Still* 
08 When Sinners Fall*
09 The Further North You Go
10 Ash Wednesday
11 James Joyce Soles*
12 Bethlehem's Gate
13 Cold Easter + What You Are*
14 This Is the Life*
15 A Love Like Yours
16 Good Evening Philadelphia

     *London 2000-03-03, rest are Liverpool 2000-03-02

ROB SEZ: Yes — THAT Ricky Ross: frontman for Deacon Blue, the Scottish band many have loved to hate over the group's many years. But I have to hand it to Ross, who has an undeniable knack for crafting catchy, heart-felt songs that have something to say beyond the usual pop blather. His solo work is less well known, so here's a selection from two shows he performed with a backing band in 2000. The recordings come courtesy of Steve at the impressive Circus Lights fan site, dedicated to documenting all of Ross' musical endeavors. Check the usual place for this week's mystery bonus share.
Ross' latest solo album: Short Stories Vol. 1

Friday, June 7

R. E. M. + Let's Active - One Night in Charlotte 1982

Let's Active
Viceroy Park
Charlotte, N.C.
Jan. 23, 1982

audience recording (sound quality VG to VG+; from best available, first-generation tape source; club show with a typical amount of chatter near the taper)

MITCHELL BLAKE (right), John Michael, Michael Edward & Peter Lawrence in 1982 

01 Single File  
02 I'm Sorry  
03 Safety In Numbers  
04 Counting Down 
05 Out of Sight, Out of Mind
06 Prying Eyes  
07 Dirty Reasons  
08 We Do the What If  
09 title unknown 
10 Make Up With Me  
11 Law of Averages 

TT: 38:12 mins.

MANY, MANY THANKS to kneesfudd for the analogue-to-digital transfer & generous sharing. Thanks also to the original taper & trader. One of Let's Active's first public shows, and the earliest-known live recording. 

Let's Active:
Mitchell Blake Easter - guitars, vocals
Faye Elizabeth Hunter (RIP) - bass
Sara Teresa Romweber
 (RIP) - drums

R. E. M. 
Viceroy Park
Charlotte, N.C.
Jan. 23, 1982

audience recording (sound quality VG to VG+; sounds like same tape source as the Let’s Active set; see above comments)

01 Ages of You
02 Catapult
03 Shaking Through
04 Laughing
05 Romance
06 Sitting Still
07 Permanent Vacation
08 Pretty Persuasion
09 That Beat
10 Gardening at Night
11 9-9
12 1,000,000
13 Wolves, Lower
14 Radio Free Europe

15 White Tornado 
16 Stumble
17 Ghost Riders In the Sky

TT: 1:1:04

Repaired & remastered by kneesfudd. MUCHAS GRACIAS to him and the original taper & trader, tomcannon.

R. E. M.:
John Michael Stipe - lead vocals
Peter Lawrence Buck - electric guitar
Michael Edward Mills - electric bass, backing vocals
William Thomas Berry - drums, percussion, backing vocals