Friday, October 30

Blue Nile - July '90 double shot

Park West
Chicago, IL
July 28, 1990
audience recording (sound quality VG+; an exceptional audience recording)

ROB SEZ: My regular followers know I have a soft spot for quality pop bands from overseas. And I have a special fondness for Scotland's Blue Nile, who make hushed, heart-felt pop of a high order. If you don't know the Blue Nile, this double shot from the band's 1990 tour of the U.S. wouldn't be a bad introduction.

HEAP O' THANKS to the tapers and sharers

SETLIST for both shows:

01 stage entrance
02 A Walk Across the Rooftops 
03 Tinseltown In the Rain
04 Heatwave
05 Over the Hillside
06 Stay
07 Easter Parade
08 The Downtown Lights
09 Saturday Night
10 Headlights On the Parade
11 Seven AM
12 Let's Go Out Tonight
The Bottom Line
New York, NY
July 23, 1990
soundboard recording (quality VG+)

(setlist same as above)

The Blue Nile
Paul Buchanan - vocals, guitars
P.J. Moore - keyboards, electronics
Robert Bell - bass
Nigel Thomas - drums
Larry Saltzman - guitars, keyboards 
Steve Gaboury - keyboards


Learn more about the music of the Blue Nile at Wikipedia and the band's FB page

Tuesday, October 27

Tories - Wonderful Life demos, etc.

Wonderful Life demos
Rarities & More demos
ROB SEZ: If Mick says they're cool, I'm sold. The Tories are a lot like Jellyfish, so if you enjoy the latter, you should check out the former.

YET MORE THANKS to Mick & Don at the old ASH blog.

ASH Tuesday post #18.

Friday, October 23

Feelies - NYC '89 + Portland '88

2 separate shows; 2 separate downloads
The Bottom Line
New York, NY
January 20, 1989 
(early show)

audience recording (sound quality VG+; all-around excellent recording, from master tape source)

artwork included (music is just the early show)
01 Only Life
02 Deep Fascination
03 Higher Ground
04 The Undertow
05 Dancing Barefoot (Patti Smith cover) 
06 Too Much
07 For Awhile
08 Take It As It Comes (Doors cover)
09 The Final Word
10 Away
11 Slipping (Into Something)
12 Moscow Nights
13 Too Far Gone
14 Sedan Delivery (Neil Young cover)
15 I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms
     (J. Richman cover)
16 Crazy Rhythms

MUCHOS GRACIAS to the taper, and to Brandon for the recent share.

Pine Street
Portland, OR
November 4, 1988

audience recording (sound quality VG; takes a little while for sound guy to get his groove on; quality improves by track 4)

01 Egyptian Reggae
     (J. Richman cover)
02 On the Roof 
03 Original Love
04 Fun to Be Happy
     (Love Tractor cover)  
05 Real Cool Time (Stooges cover) 
06 She Said She Said (Beatles cover)
07 Mannequin (Wire cover)  
08 See No Evil (Television cover) 
09 Two Rooms 
10 The Last Roundup
11 Fa Ce-La 
12 Run Run Run/ European Son/ 
     What Goes On
     (Velvet Underground covers)
13 Everybody's Got Something to Hide
     (Except Me & My Monkey)
     [Beatles cover]
14 I'm a Believer (Monkees cover) 
15 Roadrunner (Modern Lovers cover) 
16 Powderfinger (Neil Young cover)

MEGA THANKS to the taper, Dartman for sharing, and to Brandon for the recent share.

The Feelies:
Glenn Mercer - vocals, lead guitar
Bill Million - guitar
Brenda Sauter - bass, vocals
Dave Weckerman - percussion
Stanley Demeski - drums


REPERCUSSIONThe dB’s have indirect connections to The Feelies. One example: Anton Fier, who for a time was drummer for The Feelies, went on to found The Golden Palominos, which roped in both Chris and Peter for collaborative efforts. The dB’s and The Feelies also have Hoboken, N.J. in common. While they were in the NYC area, The dB’s often played in Hoboken, at times recorded there, and Gene Holder lived there for many years.

Learn more about The Feelies’ music at the band’s web site, their Facebook pages, or AllMusic

Tuesday, October 20

Julian Cope - NYC 1987

The Ritz
New York, NY
January 5, 1987 
soundboard recording (quality VG+; audio rip from 
                                                         boot DVD)
01 Trampoline
02 Pulsar
Enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a mystery. 
03 Eve’s Volcano
04 Strasbourg
05 St. Julian
06 Sunspots
07 Non-Alignment Pact
08 Bouncing Babies
09 The Greatness & Perfection
     of Love 
10 Bandy's First Jump
11 Shot Down
12 Spacehopper
13 Zabriskie Point
14 World Shut Your Mouth
15 Levitation

ROB SEZ: Wasn't planning for St. Julian to debut here with a solo show, but this is the share that fell in my lap this week. Expect some Teardrop Explodes posts down the road...  
ALL PRAISES to Don at the old ASH blog for this one.
ASH Tuesday post #17.

Tuesday, October 13

Lovetones - Sydney 2008 + bonus

The Metro
Sydney, Australia
Aug. 29, 2008

soundboard (sound quality VG++)

ROB SEZ: The Lovetones are an exceptional rock-pop outfit with psychedelic overtones from Australia that haven't received nearly enough acclaim beyond their native shores. Are they great? Oh yes, no doubt about it.

RIDICULOUS THANKS to Mick and Don for compiling and sharing these at the old ASH blog.

This is ASH Tuesday post #16.

Learn more about the music of The Lovetones at Wikipedia, the band's FB page, and/or AllMusic.


Tuesday, October 6

Strawbs - Seventies Demos + Live '71

Dave Cousins
Strawbs Demos

soundboard recordings (sound quality VG+)

ROB SEZ: A bit of a curve ball for my regular blog readers. I confess to being not much more than lukewarm about the Strawbs as a rule. But this is early, mostly acoustic, rather charming Strawbs music. And in his early days, Dave Cousins did have a way with a folky melody. My thanks to the usual suspects: Don at the old ASH blog for the first set, and some anonymous soul for the live show. You know who you are, so consider yourself thanked!

The Strawbs
Paris Theatre
London, UK
August 5, 1971

FM recording (sound quality VG to VG+)

This is ASH Tuesday post #15.

Friday, October 2

Dumptruck - Chicago 1987

Cabaret Metro
Chicago, IL
Nov. 20, 1987

audience recording (sound quality: VG+)

REPERCUSSION: Don Dixon produced Dumptruck's second album at Mitch Easter's Drive-In Studio in Winston-Salem, N.C.

Many of the songs included in this show come from the band's Positively Dumptruck and For the Country albums.

00 announcements
01 Back Where I Belong 
02 Carefree
03 Leaving Here
04 Friends
05 Things Go Wrong
06 From Where I Stand
07 Barking Up the Wrong Tree
08 Island
09 Walk Into Mirrors
10 Going Nowhere
11 Fifty Miles
12 Watch Her Fall
13 encore break
14 Can You Please Crawl
     Out Your Window? (Dylan cover) 
15 Streets of Paradise
     (Richard Thompson cover)
16 Sex Drive (Embarrassment cover)

TT: 72:36

HEAP O' THANKS to popkulcher for taping and to TheCommish for re-sharing
    Read more about the music of Dumptruck