Friday, February 28

Teenage Fanclub & The Posies - Amsterdam 1993 & bonus

The Paradiso
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Oct. 30, 1993

(plus bonus live trax)

live recordings from the Dutch radio station VPRO’s vaults (“Night Train” show broadcast Feb. 8, 2003)

FM cable broadcast recording (sound quality Ex-)

The Posies: never left the garage (but it's a really nice garage...)
SUPER THANKS to Magnix for recording, digitizing & sharing

ROB SEZ: How cool is it that this live set by two Big Star fanboy bands starts & ends with the classic “September Gurls”? How cool is it that they toured together in 1993? Posies leaders Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow have appeared here already as members of the latter-day Big Star lineup, but this is the first post to feature their own band (more to come later…) 

01 September Gurls (acoustic)
02 Everything Flows (acoustic)
03 Star Sign
04 Take the Skinheads Bowling (Camper Van Beethoven cover)
05 Norman 3
06 God Knows It's True
07 Older Guys
08 Escher
09 Pet Rock
10 The Concept

11 Dream All Day
12 Love Letter Boxes
13 I Am the Cosmos
     (Chris Bell cover)
14 When Mute Tongues Can Speak
15 Fall Apart With Me (acoustic)

16 September Gurls (Big Star cover; end cut)

TT: 54:18 mins.

Track Notes
1 & 2 = session for VPRO "Villa 65", December 18, 1991
3 = live session for VPRO "Villa 65", March 11, 1992
4 – 14, 16 = Paradiso, Amsterdam, Oct. 30, 1993
15 = Crossing Border Festival, Amsterdam, November 3, 2000

(TFC’s Norman Blake did not perform at the 1993 Paradiso show due to illness.)
ALL of the above taken from the 85th Dutch VPRO "Night Train" 747 AM radio broadcast, February 8, 2003. Taped and transferred by Magnix.


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Friday, February 21

Roscoe's Gang - Philadelphia 1995 + Yayhoos bonus show

2 separate shows; 2 separate downloads 
Roscoe's Gang
Khyber Pass Pub
Philadelphia, PA
August 5, 1995

audience recording (sound quality VG; transfer from master tape)

by request
ROB SEZ: Eric “Roscoe” Ambel is a friend of The dB’s, and a multi-talented singer, songwriter, band leader & producer. He’s best known as a leader of The Del Lords (recently re-formed) and early member of The Bottle Rockets. He also led the lesser-known Roscoe’s Gang and was a member of the would-be Americana supergroup The Yayhoos. Our own Will Rigby plays drums for the Roscoe’s Gang set. Enjoy!

YOU BETCHA THANKS to The King of Rock for taping and realomind for sharing

Sample: "Song for the Walls (Philly 1995)"

01. Power Lounger Theme
02. Song For the Walls
03. Miles From the Machine
04. Girl That I Ain't Got
05. Way Outside
06. Three Feet Under
07. Judas Kiss
08. Rain Won’t Stop
09. Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
10. Total Destruction to Your Mind

Roscoe’s Gang:
Eric "Roscoe" Ambel - vocals, guitar
Andy York - bass, vocals
Will Rigby – drums

Another Roscoe’s Gang live set is HERE. 
Learn more about Eric Ambel’s music HERE (Eric’s Bandcamp page is HERE)

The Yayhoos
Roskilde Festival, Denmark
June 27, 1996
FM broadcast

FM capture (sound quality VG++)

It's not 'Yahoos'; they're YAYhoos. There's a difference, ya know...
EXTRA BIG THANKS to the taper, original sharer and to lolita for the re-up

SAMPLE: "Julie & Lucky (Roskilde 1996)"

01.  Li’l Bit
02.  Dixie Beauxderant
03.  Song For the Walls
04.  Cumberland River
05.  I Love You Period
06.  Julie and Lucky
07.  Beer Drinkin' Woman
08.  Younger Face
09.  Judas Kiss
10.  Woke Up Jake
11.  Beer Run
12.  Battleship Chains
13.  Keep Your Hands to Yourself
14.  Way Outside
15.  Hush

The Yayhoos:
Dan Baird - guitar, vocals
Eric "Roscoe" Ambel - guitar, vocals
Terry Anderson - drums, guitar & vocals
Keith Christopher - bass, vocals

Learn more about The Yayhoos HERE

Friday, February 14

Marti Jones & Don Dixon - San Francisco 1991

San Francisco, CA
Feb. 26, 1991

soundboard recording (quality Ex--; low-generation tape source; there is, at times, some vocal distortion, and the percussion is occasionally louder than the vocals; otherwise a delightful recording)

Marti Jones & Don Dixon:
A cute couple, yes; but also great music makers 
photo by fizzgigVA via Flickr
ALL PRAISE to the taper and especially to lilpanda for sharing

REPERCUSSION: Connections between The dB's, Mitch Easter and Don Dixon? Where to start?? Don was one of the N.C. musicians / producers who paved the way for younger guys like Chris, Peter & Mitch. Don & Mitch co-produced R.E.M.'s first two albums. When Don produced Marti Jones' first albums, he recruited Mitch to play guitar and persuaded Marti to record The dB's / Peter Holsapple classic "Lonely Is as Lonely Does." Dixon and Jones married, and are together today, still making music and playing live from time to time.
01 Talk to Me*
02 Heart In a Box*
03 We're Doing Alright
04 banter 1
05 Silent Screen*
06 banter 2
07 The Man Who Would Be King
08 banter 3
09 Different Danger^
10 Borrowed Time*
11 Love Gets Strange
      (Don Dixon / John Hiatt)
12 banter 4
13 Crusher
14 Follow You All Over the World
15 Any Kind of Lie*^
16 I Can Hear the River*
17 Tourist Town*^
18 Sweet Surrender*
19 You Can't Take Love for Granted (Graham Parker cover)
20 Back of the Line*^
21 Praying Mantis* / When a Man Loves a Woman

*written by Don Dixon
^written by Marti Jones

You can delete the "banter" tracks (4, 6, 8 & 12) and still have a seamless show. Names of other song composers can be found in the comment tag for each song file.

Jim Brock - percussion
Don Dixon - guitar, vocals
Marti Jones - vocals, guitar

Learn more about the music of Don Dixon and Marti Jones at Don's web site, Don & Marti's FB page, or AllMusic (Don, Marti).

Don Dixon & Marti Jones cover The dB's!

pro-shot video:
Don Dixon & The Jump Rabbits
hi-def video filmed at Snug Harbor, Charlotte, NC on Oct. 24 2009
shot and edited by Jay Thomas, produced by Elizabeth Malcolm
(best-quality YouTube version is HERE)
WHO'S PLAYING on the SONG & in the VIDEO:
Don Dixon - vocals, bass, gum chewing
Jamie Hoover - guitars, backing vocals
Jim Brock - drums (& all manner of other percussion)

Marti Jones covers The dB's "Neverland"
Live in St. Louis, 1986

Pretty sure this features The Woods & Tim Lee backing Marti
A studio recording of this song by Marti is on her solo LP Unsophisticated Time 
Don also covered The dB's "Bad Reputation"
(by Peter Holsapple) on his album EEE
have a listen:

(The lovely and talented singer-painter Marti Jones is on backing vocals) 

Here's Don telling Will Harris of Popdose why he chose to cover "Bad Reputation":

DD: Well, you know, I’ve always loved Peter’s songs. On EEE, I do a couple of songs by other people. I always tried to record at least one song by a friend of mine on every record. It’s kind of a tradition for me. The covers weren’t always songs by friends, but typically they were. I did a song of Mitch’s, too. And I’d always liked “Bad Reputation.” I felt like it had the right sentiments, as far as I’m concerned, for silly, angsty child-rock, and it was a song that Peter had done with the dB’s on Stands for Decibels. I’d become familiar with it while searching his catalog, looking for things for Marti, because Marti had recorded a couple of songs of his. And, plus, I’ve known Peter since he was in the 8th grade, and I like him. 
(Read the rest of this excellent interview HERE).