Friday, July 27

Let's Active - The Ritz, NYC 1985

     WAV lossless files

ROB SEZ: This & a few other early Let's Active posts look weird because I was trying to figure out a non-HTML work around for the take-down notices automatically generated by certain record company 'bots. My fingers are crossed, but I'm guessing the take-downs won't be a problem going forward.

Friday, July 20

NRBQ - Live 1973 + 1980

December 1973
The Rusty Nail
Sunderland, MA 

soundboard recording (quality: VG++; 
very impressive recording, 4+ decades old!)


01 Talk to Me
02 Call Him Off Rogers
03 That’s Neat That’s Nice
04 Two Sides to Every Story
05 I Want to Know 
06 Dig 
07 There’s No Looking Back
08 Music, Music, Music /
     Rockin' in Rhythm
09 Let Me Tell You ‘Bout My Girl
10 Mr. Pennington
11 Holy Cow
12 Gonna Have to Ball
13 Mona
14 Who Put the Garlic In the Glue?
15 Get Rhythm
16 Sorry Charlie
17 You Got It
18 Get On the Right Track Baby
19 Queen Talk
20 Bye Bye Love
The Surrey 
Rosendale, N.Y.
Feb. 2, 1980
soundboard recording (quality: VG+)
01 Shake, Rattle, Roll 
02 This Old House 
TERRY ADAMS: captain of the NRBQ ship
03 Things We Like to Do 
04 Right String, Wrong Yo-Yo  
05 I know You Like It 
06 Music Goes Round
07 Don't She Look Good 
08 Just to Hold My Hand 
09 It's Not So Hard 
10 Everybody's Smokin' 
11 Bargains 
12 Green Lights 
13 I Wanna Show You 
14 Petticoat Junction 
15 All By Myself 
16 I Want You to Feel Good Too  
17 Rats In My Room
01 Bye Ya 
02 Let the Good times Roll 
03 Who Put the Garlic In the Glue?
04 Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lies 
05 RC Cola & a Moon Pie
06 That's Neat That's Nice
07 Wacky Tobacky 
08 Never Take the Place of You  
09 Ridin' In My Car 
10 Ain't It Alright?
11 Wooly Bully 
12 Flat Foot Flewzy 
13 1972 
14 Cecelia 
15 Good Lovin'
16 Every Day Will Be 
     Like a Holiday 
17 Honey Hush 
18 Accentuate the Positive 
19 song intro
20 All Night Long
21 Good Night
ROB SEZ: In case anyone thinks Repercussion has turned into a "re-post only" blog, let today's post stand as a corrective. At least once a month, I will continue to post new material that hasn't appeared here before. Even if you're not currently a fan of NRBQ, this would be a good one to try if you're curious about this great American band — still in business 50 years after its founding.
REPERCUSSION: NRBQ has direct and indirect ties to The dB's. In his recent book A Spy In the House of Loud, Chris Stamey says NRBQ was "one of our favorite bands" that played with "irresistible verve and superior musicianship." Chris adds, "looking back, I think the dB's 'punk roots' at the time [ie, the late 1970s and early 1980s] were actually NRBQ and Richard Thompson as well as Television." Years later, Chris enlisted NRBQ founder/leader/vocalist/keyboard virtuoso Terry Adams to play on his 1991 solo album Fireworks. And as blog reader Pablo pointed out, both bands were signed to Bearsville Records at the time of the label's demise in the 1980s.
     (artwork for both shows is included)
Learn more about NRBQ' music at Wikipedia, AllMusic and the band's official site & FB page


Friday, July 13

The COMPLETE Philosopher's Club Show 1979

The dB’s
Philosopher's Club
Winston-Salem, NC
December 28, 1979

audience recording (sound quality: VG++; transfer from 1st-gen. tape; 
                                 pretty darn amazing sound for an audie)
1. Black & White
2. (I Thought) You Wanted to Know
3. Condition Red
4. Death Garage
5. Dynamite
6. The Summer Sun
7. She's Not Worried
8. Tossing & Turning
9. You Got It Wrong
10. My Back Pages
11. Tearjerkin'

1. Bad Reputation
2. What's the Matter With Me?
3. Big Brown Eyes
4. World Keeps Goin' Around      
5. What I Dig
6. Espionage
7. The Fight
8. If & When
9. Rendezvous
10. Let's Live for Today
11. Susie Q
12. Tearjerkin'

01. Black & White
02. (I Thought) You Wanted to Know
03. Condition Red
04. I'm In Love
05. The Summer Sun

ROB SEZ: BIG-TIME THANKS to Jonathan Sharpe who taped the show, the original uploader & all praise to EdA for the re-up!



DON’T MISS Fred Mills’ excellent remembrance of this show, written for The dB’s official web site.

The dB’s:
Chris Stamey – guitar & vocals
Peter Holsapple – guitar, organ & vocals
Gene Holder – bass
Will Rigby – drums & backing vocals

Friday, July 6

dB's - NYC & London 1981

The Ritz
New York, NY
June 12, 1981
The Old Grey Whistle Test
London, UK
July 3, 1981
soundboard recordings (quality: VG++)

Will often ends up in the center of these old group shots, looking very cool.
Stephanie Chernikowski photo

The Ritz NYC 1981-06-12
Newly-unearthed photos of dB's live gig: Hope & Anchor, 1981
London gig photos by R. Plews (see more photos & read story HERE)
01 Big Brown Eyes           
02 I Feel Good (Today)
03 We Should Be In Bed  
04 Dynamite
05 Cycles Per Second
06 Death Garage
07 If and When

OGWT London 1981-07-03
08 Cycles Per Second
09 pH Factor
10 Big Brown Eyes

The dB's:
Chris Stamey
Will Rigby
Gene Holder
Peter Holsapple 

ROB SEZ: It wasn’t hard to pick the first music post for the blog. I’m guessing 1981 was a very cool time to be in The dB’s. The debut album was out, receiving rave reviews, and the band played hip places like The Ritz in NYC and at "The Old Grey Whistle Test" in London. The 1981 Ritz set is one of the few soundboard recordings in The dB’s ROIO canon. You can judge for yourself, of course, but I think the guys are firing on all cylinders. The OGWT tracks are fun to listen to, but even more fun to watch. Find ‘em on YouTube.

BIG THANKS to the original tapers & sharers, especially lilpanda for superior versions of the NYC tracks. I first saw these online at the late, lamented NargoTheBort's Deviant Subculture blog.

FLAC (OGWT tracks = MP3)


Tuesday, July 3

A Change Is Gonna Come - SOON


Repercussion blog followers may want to know about a big, permanent 
change in direction at the blog, starting this week.

Since starting dB's Repercussion in 2012, the blog has been a labor of love. This means I have to squeeze it in between work & family commitments. My work load is growing & changing right now, which means something has to give.


1) Posts will be no more than once per week, usually on Fridays. The bottom of the "ASH Tuesday" barrel has been scraped, and there's no more to share. I bid the ASH Tuesday posts a fond farewell, with my sincere thanks to Don, Mick and the rest of the ASH crew. It was great while it lasted.

2) I'm returning to the original focus of the blog: The dB's, Let's Active, their various band members & associates, and artists they chose/choose to collaborate with. From now on, there will be no more posts unrelated to the above in some way, shape or form.

3) Re-posts with lossless links. Half or more of the posts from now on will be re-posts with links to FLAC files. The arrival of faster upload speeds in my town and Dropbox's generous storage allowance mean I can start to share FLAC versions of many dB's, Let's Active (etc.) posts. Some of my source material was lossy, so I won't be able to do this with everything here — but there will be a lot.

I welcome any comments you might have.