Friday, May 31

Mutton Birds - Auckland, NZ 2012 (webstream)

King's Arms Tavern 
Auckland, New Zealand
Feb. 2012
(exact date unknown)

webstream capture (sound quality: Ex-)

01 Envy of Angels
Don & Co. played here in 2012, but the pub closed in 2018
02 Dominion Road
03 Ngaire
04 A Thing Well Made
05 Too Close to the Sun 
06 band intros
07 Queen's English
08 Nature (audience participation)
09 Anchor Me

ROB SEZ: There was ZERO response to the very cool Mutton Birds post I shared recently. What's a dedicated blogger to do? POST MORE of the same ... until there's a comment one way or the other, of course. Here’s a great hometown show from the band's very brief reunion tour in 2012. Radio New Zealand recorded and shared part of the show, for which I am grateful. I'm especially grateful RNZ did such a quality job with the recording & mixing. This sounds amazing for a webstream capture ... if I do say so myself. Please enjoy.

The Mutton Birds:
Don McGlashan – vocals, guitar, euphonium  
Alan Gregg – bass, vocals 
David Long - guitar
Ross Burge - drums 


Friday, May 17

LX Chilton - Chapel Hill, NC 1987 + bonus

Cat's Cradle
Chapel Hill, NC
Nov. 17, 1987
soundboard recording (quality Ex-; from first-generation tape)

OLYMPIC MEDALS to TG for recording and to dB’s Fan for sharing so generously.
To my knowledge, this blog is the only source for this recording.

01 Tee Ni Nee Ni Noo (cuts in)
02 In the Street
03 Rock Hard
04 B-A-B-Y
05 Thing for You
06 Make a Little Love
07 Volaré
08 Thank You, John
09 Disco Lady
10 Lost My Job
11 Bangkok
12 Goldfinger
13 September Gurls
14 Come By Here
15 Little G.T.O.
16 No Sex
17 Take It Off
18 LX reads Dalai Lama news item
19 Dalai Lama

Most of these are covers; you’ll find the names of song composers in the comment tag for each file

Mountain Stage Radio Show
Charleston, WV
Feb. 9, 1992 
FM capture (sound quality VG++; from 2nd-generation tape)

01 Tee Ni Nee Ni Noo
02 Single Again
03 I Will Turn Your Money Green

A NOTE: The song “Guantan Amerika” was played next-to-last, but saw official release on one of the Mountain Stage live compilation CDs, so is not included here.

ANOTHER NOTE:  If you omit the (admittedly pretty funny) track 18 of LX reading the news clipping about the Dalai Lama, all the rest of the tracks will fit onto 1 CD-R.

WAV lossless files


Alex  Chilton Trio:
Alex  Chilton – vocals, guitar
Doug Garrison – drums
Ron Easley – bass, vocals

From Memphis to New Orleans
Songs from Robin Hood Lane


There's plenty more where this came from. Just use the Artists/Groups navigation column on the right...

Friday, May 10

Mutton Birds - Manchester, UK 1999 (sbd)

Band On the Wall pub 
Manchester, UK
Feb. 14, 1999
soundboard recording (quality: Ex-; source: CD rip)

ROB SEZ: Here's an "authorized bootleg" that was available exclusively from the band for a few years. AllMusic says it's a 4-star album. It's very hard to come by these days, and I thought 20 years would be a long enough wait before sharing it. I had some minor flooding in my music storage area recently, and salvaged the CD from the mess, which explains the odd stainage visible on the rear of the cardboard sleeve. My ears thought Sam Gibson's original mix had Don McGlashan's voice too low, so I added compression (one pass) to raise the volume of the vocals. Devoted Mutton Birds fans probably have this one already, but here it is for everyone else. (There's also a mystery bonus share hiding in plain sight.) Cheers & enjoy.



Friday, May 3

Holsapple-Stamey - Maxwell's, Hoboken, N.J. 1991

Peter Holsapple & Chris Stamey
Hoboken, N.J. 
1991 (perhaps Nov. 9)
audience recording (quality: VG; a solid recording without excessive crowd noise)

01 intro + Lord of the Manor
02 Geometry
03 Here Without You (Gene Clark cover)
04 Haven't Got the Right
05 Storm Warning (dB's song)
06 I Know You Will
07 Lovers Rock
08 She Was the One
09 The Company of Light (Chris Stamey song)
10 Taken
11 Part of Me
12 The Child In You
13 I Want to Break Your Heart
14 Angels
15 Do You Believe In Magic? 
       (Lovin' Spoonful cover)
16 Darby Hall (dB's song)
17 You Don't Miss Your Water 
       (Wm. Bell cover)
18 Today Could Be the Day (dB's song)
19 From a Window to a Screen 
       (dB's song)
20 Something Came Over Me 
       (Chris Stamey song)

ROB SEZ: A recording that's new to the blog. I think we needed more of that Holsapple-Stamey vibe, so here 'tis. A show from Peter & Chris' duo tour following the release of Mavericks. This recording didn't get posted in the earlier years of the blog because I could never identify the exact date or who to thank. A VERY LARGE THANKS to the taper & sharer(s). Thanks also to Fantom, whose research suggests the show might have happened on Nov. 9, 1991. Please enjoy.

Chris Stamey - vocals & guitar
Peter Holsapple – vocals & guitar
Alan Bezozi – drums, percussion
Ilene Markell - bass
Dave Schramm - guitar