Friday, July 26

Daniel Wylie - Live 2008 & 2009 (FM)

Matisse Room
Valencia, Spain 
July 6, 2008
FM recording (sound quality: VG++)

artwork by Angelo — he posted this show first at his PPC blog
01 I Love America
02 Unwind
03 I Can Fly
04 You Go There
05 Revolution
     (In the Summertime)
06 That Was the Day
07 The Cello Player
08 Consoling the Girl
09 The Pain Inside
10 The Loser
11 The Grapevine
12 Can You Feel the Love?
13 Snow Pony
14 Photograph

      (Ringo Starr cover)
15 The One I Love

      (R.E.M. cover)
16 Define Love

The 13th Note
Glasgow, Scotland
July 14, 2009
audience recording (sound quality: VG-)
01 Revolution In the Summertime 
02 Melanie
03 That Was the Day
04 Unwind
05 The Pain Inside
06 Consoling the Girl
07 Still a Mother's Son (demo)*
    *bonus track - undated demo shared by D. Wylie
ROB SEZ: I featured Daniel's splendid band Cosmic Rough Riders last year at the blog. (If you don't know about CRR, rush over HERE to check them out. If you like a lot of the bands at Repercussion, you'll thank me.) Daniel's solo work is in line with what makes CRR worth a long listen: sunny melodies, intelligent lyrics and a 1970s California sound (think Buffalo Springfield, CSNY, The Byrds) re-fashioned by way of Glasgow. MEGA THANKS to Angelo of Powerpop Criminals, where the 2008 show was first shared, and to geomck for sharing the 2009 live set.
Daniel Wylie: Best of the Solo Years (vinyl-only release) HERE

Friday, July 19

Elliott Smith - Seattle, WA 2000 (sbd)

Boombox Stage
Bumbershoot Festival 
Seattle, WA
September 2, 2000
soundboard recording (audio from professionally-recorded VHS tape; sound quality: VG+; there's occasional distortion at the upper end of Smith's vocals, possibly due to an issue with his mic)

Elliott Smith in rural N.J. as shot by photographer Chris Buck
01 Needle In the Hay
02 Bled White
03 Stupidity Tries
04 Coming Up Roses
05 Waltz #2 (XO)
06 Everything Means 
     Nothing to Me 
07 Clementine
08 Son of Sam
09 L.A.
10 Amity
11 Ballad of Big Nothing
12 Cupid's Trick
13 St. Ides Heaven
14 Junk Bond Trader
15 Division Day
16 Christian Brothers
17 Angeles
18 Fond Farewell
19 Alameda
20 Say Yes

ROB SEZ: Elliott Smith is yet another artist I've wanted to feature here for a while. Whereas most fans seems to appreciate Smith for his breathy, emotionally fragile folk-pop, I prefer to hear him backed by an electric band, playing at full tilt as we have here. In this recording, we get to hear Elliott play to a "hometown" crowd at the Bumbershoot Fest in Seattle (Smith lived in Portland for many years). The album Figure 8 had been released just a few months prior to the festival, and we get to hear half a dozen songs from it. Although this show has circulated for a good while as a DVD, I'm not aware of its availability as an audio-only document with a lossless lineage. When I acquired this very good-quality video via the JEMS team, I thought it would make a great audio bootleg — so I created one for myself. Now, you get to enjoy it too. has LOTS more lossless Elliott Smith recordings, including some FM & soundboard shares HERE.



Friday, July 12

Superchunk - Australia & Sweden 1994 + 1996 (FM)

Live at The Wireless 
JJJ Studios
Sydney, Australia
Oct. 3, 1994
FM recording (sound quality: Ex-; master tape source)
01 Driveway to Driveway*
02 Skip Steps 1 & 3
03 Hyper Enough**
04 Untied
     *some dropouts, first 10 seconds only
    **one of the first known live performances
Gothenburg, Sweden 
Feb. 15, 1996
FM recording (sound quality: VG; not a great audio mix, but a great performance via the master tape source)
01 Eastern Terminal
02 Iron On
03 Water Wings
04 Precision Auto
05 Driveway to Driveway
06 Hyper Enough
07 Throwing Things
08 Silverleaf and Snowy Tears
09 Seed Toss
10 Question Is How Fast (cuts out; tape flip) 
11 Question Is How Fast (cont'd)
12 Animated Airplanes Over Germany 
13 Interview, Pt. 1
14 Interview, Pt. 2
ROB SEZ: Making up for lost time with two Superchunk posts in 8 days. This one dials it back to the band's earlier years, when they were a younger, hungrier & very loud indie band. I prefer their later & more recent recordings (a bit more nuance & a bit less noise) — but every listener seems to have a different opinion. Special thanks to Trekkyt & Popmarter for recording, mastering & sharing the 1996 performance. Not sure who recorded & shared the 1994 live set, but I hereby thank him/her/them also. If you have more than a passing interest in this band, try both parts of the 1996 interview — a brief, fun listen.
Fascinating Reading link:  Laura Ballance rates all of Superchunk's albums.
(1996 set = 24-96 hi-res recording)
Learn more about Superchunk's music 
at the band's official site and/or AllMusic  

Friday, July 5

Superchunk - Stockholm, Sweden 2013

Debaser Hornstull Strand 
Stockholm, Sweden
Dec. 6, 2013

audience recording (sound quality: VG++; a high-quality capture)

SUPERCHUNK in SWEDEN: gotta love the tapers who take & share photos like these 


01 intro
02 Driveway to Driveway
03 Learn to Surf
04 FOH (Front of the House) 
05 Jackie
06 Question Is How Fast
07 Detroit Has a Skyline
08 Skip Steps 1,2,3
09 Void
10 Out of Sun
11 Hawk
12 New Bruiser
13 Iron On
14 Low F
15 Digging for Something
16 Hyper Enough
17 Encore Break
18 100.000 Fireflies
19 Slack M.F.
20 Throwing Things

ROB SEZ: Last week, Deacon Blue; this week: North Carolina indie home team Superchunk. Say what you want about this blog, but one thing you can't dispute: we got range. I've been threatening to feature Superchunk for quite a while, but only recently got hold of this superior audio document. So here ya go, with HUGE THANKS to taper & photographer Trekytt.
Out now: AF (Acoustic Foolish), feat. Peter H
REPERCUSSION: Until recently, I didn't think Superchunk had any direct connection to our usual heroes at the Repercussion blog. Then I found out Peter Holsapple is one of the "extra" musicians on the band's latest, AF (Acoustic Foolish). How cool is that?
(hi-res 24-bit share)