Friday, July 10

VA - Peter, Chris & Wild Honey Orchestra - Play The Kinks 2019

Wild Honey Orchestra
plays The Kinks' Are The Village Green P.S. + more
Alex Theatre
Glendale, CA
Feb. 23, 2019
audience recording (sound quality: VG++; no complaints!)
SAMPLE: Chris Stamey & Debbie Shair - "Phenomenal Cat" (live 2019)

ROB SEZ: The dB's recently-released cover of The Kinks' "I'm On An Island" (more info HERE) rang a bell, deep in the recesses of my aging memory. "Wasn't there some other project involving Peter & Chris related to The Kinks — somehow?" A few days later I remembered: The Wild Honey Orchestra! Chris & Peter were involved in an all-star benefit concert to benefit autism research last year. And it was a doozie: the assembled musicians were a dream team of musicians from the bands & artists we love to feature here: The dB's, R.E.M., Big Star, Wondermints, Jason Falkner, Yo La Tengo, Pugwash, Semisonic, Dream Syndicate, Smithereens, Three O'Clock, etc., etc.
Chris tells the crowd about
The Phenomenal Cat

The idea behind the event was ambitious: play The Kinks' classic Are the Village Green Preservation Society album live, followed by a second set of Kinks' favorites. (Read Blurt magazine's report & enjoy plenty o' photos from the event HERE.) Our guys led the charge: Peter, Chris & Millie McGuire sang the lead-off title track, and each had a turn in the spotlight later in the program. Did they pull it off? I'll let the music do the talking... HUGE THANKS to -M- and Flying M Productions for the beautiful recording, and to ethiessen for the artwork.

Friday, July 3

The dB's Release NEW STUDIO TRACK for Cat's Cradle Benefit

The dB's - "I'm On an Island" (The Kinks)

This newly-released studio recording is
available NOW as part of

Go to Cover Charge's Bandcamp page to stream the track and, more importantly, BUY the release to support this worthy cause. You'll get previously-unreleased tracks like this one immediately and others by Superchunk, Hiss Golden Messenger, Steep Canyon Rangers and Sarah Shook. 20 more unique-to-this-collection tracks will follow in the coming weeks of July.

Comments from Peter, Chris & Will regarding this release:

Peter: "We used to play this song live when I first joined The dB's in autumn of 1978."

Chris: “...and of course, we've all been stranded on our own separate islands for much of this year.”

Will: "The dB's have played at four different Cat's Cradle locations, beginning in 1979. We were going to shows there [Rosemary St.] by the mid-seventies—and still do, we hope. ¡Viva Cradle!"

MANY THANKS to Eagle-Eye Fantom for sharing this hot tip.

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Friday, June 26

Three O'Clock - 1st Reunion Show, Pomona, CA 2013 (aud)

The Glass House 
Pomona, CA
April 6, 2013
audience recording (sound quality: VG; from the master recording; everything sounds really good, but the vocals are low-ish in the mix)

01 stage entrance
02 Simon In the Park
03 With a Cantaloupe
04 When Lightning Starts
05 I Go Wild

06 Lucifer Sam (Pink Floyd cover)
07 Upside Down 
08 As Real As Real
09 Fall to the Ground
10 On My Own
11 Knowing When You Smile
12 Marjorie Tells Me
13 Stupid Einstein
14 In My Own Times
15 Sorry
16 Going Home
17 Jet Fighter
18 Her Head's Revolving
19 pre-encore applause
20 And So We Run
21 Feel a Whole Lot Better
      (The Byrds cover)

22 Mind Gardens
Michael Quercio at Coachella 2013 by Thomas Hawk via Flickr
(more photos from Coachella are in the download)

ROB SEZ: Here's a story: Michael Quercio had been steadfastly resisting requests for a Three O'Clock reunion until Coachella offered them a slot for the 2013 festival — and that did it. In the run-up to Coachella, the band played some additional gigs, including this one — the first in 23 years, since the 1990 show posted here last week. Four days after this, the band played live on Conan O'Brien (see below)ALL PRAISES to Milocampo who recorded and shared this one.
The Three O'Clock plays "With a Cantaloupe Girlfriend" on Conan in 2013




Friday, June 19

Three O'Clock - Live 1985 + 1990

London, UK
Sept. 4, 1985 
audience recording (sound quality: VG-)
SAMPLE: "Stupid Einstein" (live in L.A. 1990)

01 stage entrance, tuning
02 Her Head's Revolving
"Jet Fighter" video shoot so very groovy
03 Each and Every 
     Lonely Heart
04 When Lightning Starts
05 In My Own Time
06 Mrs. Green
07 Underwater
08 talking 
09 I Go Wild
10 Knowing When You Smile 
11 Half the Way There
12 Hand In Hand
13 The Girl With a Guitar
14 Stupid Einstein 
15 Spun Gold 
16 Sorry
17 Jet Fighter
18 Going Home
19 pre-encore applause
20 It's All Too Much
21 No Matter What
22 pre-encore applause
23 With a Cantaloupe Girlfriend
24 Paperback Writer (The Beatles)
Club Lingerie
Los Angeles, CA
March 13, 1990
soundboard recording (quality: Ex-; sourced from master tape)
* the band's final show before announcing their split; with Jason Falkner on guitar & backing vocals *
The Three O'Clock at Paisley Park: beginning of the end
01 With a Cantaloupe Girlfriend+
02 When Lightning Starts*
03 I Go Wild+
04 Stupid Einstein*
05 In My Own Time*
06 Sorry+
07 Jet Fighter
08 Mind Gardens^
09 Desdemona
      (John’s Children / Marc Bolan cover)

Note: symbols indicate the album on which each song originally appeared —
+Baroque Hoedown
*16 Tambourines
^Salvation Army (pre-Three O’Clock band & album of same name)
“Jet Fighter” was a stand alone single

ROB SEZ: You can't avoid The Three O'Clock if, like me, you enjoy a variety of alternative music from the 1980s. This is especially true if you appreciate the so-called "Paisley Underground" bands from that era. Liking The Three O'Clock, however, is a different matter. Frontman Michael Quercio's singing voice is one that creates strongly divided opinions. I heard about the group decades ago, sampled their music, and concluded "Um ... I don't think so." Recently re-visiting the band's music convinced me I should give the guys another chance. I'm glad I did. HUGE THANKS to the tapers, Stachelbar for sharing the 1985 recording, and to Milocampo for sharing the 1990 show. Recommended reading: Mick Dillingham's excellent "The Story of the Three O'Clock."
The Three O'Clock:
Michael Quercio - lead vocals, bass
Louis Gutierrez - guitar, vocals (1985 performance)
Mike Mariano - keyboards, vocals
Danny Benair - drums, vocals
Jason Falkner - guitar, vocals (1990 performance)


Friday, June 12

Let's Active - Rutger's Univ., N.J. 1986 (aud)

The Rose Room
Rutger's University
New Brunswick, NJ
March 4, 1986
audience recording (sound quality: VG; transfer from first-generation tape)
He had a hunch that, eventually, I would use
the watermelon photo. Sorry about that, Mitch…
Creem magazine photo
ROB SEZ:  I got an unexpected surprise when I was digitizing dBF’s tape and heard Mitch welcome Gene Holder as part of the show’s live ensemble. I’m guessing the band at this point didn’t have a permanent bassist. Since Gene was living in Hoboken, Mitch called up his old friend to play the gig. Nice little coincidence. Mitch & Co. put the emphasis on tunes from the about-to-be-released Big Plans for Everybody (my favorite Let's Active album). Gotta love those encores, with 3 killer covers in a row! THANK YOU KINDLY to the taper and the usual HUGE THANKS to dB’s Fan for the share.

01 Waters Part
02 Ornamental
The band, circa 1986
03 Writing the Book of Last Pages  
04 Leader of Men
05 Talking to Myself
06 Still Dark Out
07 Crows On a Phone Line
08 In Between
09 Every Word Means No
10 Reflecting Pool
11 In Little Ways
12 Won't Go Wrong
13 Last Chance Town
14 Prey
15 Hush (Deep Purple cover)
16 Back of a Car (Big Star cover)
17 He's a Whore (Cheap Trick cover)

TT: 65:37 mins.


Let's Active:
Mitch Easter – guitars & vocals
Angie Carlson – keyboard & vocals
Eric Marshall – drums
Gene Holder – bass

Friday, June 5

The dB's - St. Louis, MO 1985 (FM)

Mississippi Nights
St. Louis, MO
Feb. 26, 1985

FM recording (sound quality: VG+; only potential distraction is some recurring vocal distortion)
The dB's made a strategic decision in the 1980s 
to save money on haircuts & buy leather

01 Spitting In the Wind
Bottom one is for a dB’s show at Miss. Nights in '88
02 Rendezvous
03 Big Brown Eyes
04 Not Cool
05 I Lie
06 See No Evil
     (Television cover)
07 pH Factor
08 She Got Soul
09 Amplifier
10 I Am the Cosmos
     (Chris Bell cover)
11 band intros + Neverland
12 Love Is for Lovers
13 She'll Be Coming 'Round 
     the Mountain
14 Black and White
15 A Spy In the House of Love
16 Suspicious Minds
17 Money (That's What I Want)

ROB SEZ: If you snag this one and give a listen, you'll not only hear an energetic club show with good sound quality, you'll also enjoy some rare gems — most notably the cover of "I Am the Cosmos", Big  Star founder Chris Bell's only solo single. HUGE THANKS to the taper and Glenn S for sharing.

WAV lossless files 


The dB’s:
Gene Holder – lead guitar
Will Rigby - drums, vocals
Peter Holsapple - vocals, guitar
Jeff Beninato - bass, vocals

Above, one of
Peter's favorite
touring band
line-ups, with
Gene on lead guitar
and Jeff on bass
and backing vocals

Friday, May 29

The Stems - Live Across 33 Years (1986 + 2019)

unknown venue & city  
Dec. 1986
soundboard recording (quality: VG; ripped from vinyl bootleg "Can't Turn the Clock Back"; exact date unknown)

R.I.P. Richard Lane (guitarist & keyboard player)

01 Sad Girl
02 Stomping All Over the World
03 Running Around
04 Man with the Golden Heart
05 She's a Monster
06 Zero Hour
07 Psychotic Reaction
08 She's Fine
09 Does It Turn You On
10 You Can't Turn the Clock Back 
11 All You Want Me For
12 No Heart
13 Can't Resist
14 Make You Mine
15 Tears Me In Two
Croxton Bandroom
Melbourne, Australia
Nov. 4, 2019
audience recording (sound quality: VG+)

The Stems - Thirty-some Years On
01 She Sees Everything
02 Just Ain't Enough
03 Move Me
04 For Always
05 Jumping to Conclusions
06 Feel a Whole Lot Better 
     (The Byrds cover)
07 Mr. Misery
08 Get to Know Me
09 Undying Love
10 Surround Me
11 At First Sight
12 Make You Mine

Los Conciertos
    de Radio3
(venue & date unknown)
late 2019 (broadcast Dec. 18, 2019)
audio rip from video (soundboard recording - quality: Ex-)

01 She Sees Everything 
02 Just Ain't Enough
03 For Always
04 Undying Love
05 Surround Me
06 At First Sight
07 Make you Mine
ROB SEZ: The Stems!! If you have a hankering for garage rock with a pop sensibility, there's no finer group today than Australia's The Stems. Dom Mariani and co. got their act together in the 1980s, then broke up after recording only one proper album. Luckily, time healed some wounds, and The Stems reformed for an album and tour 20 years later. When Mariani is not fronting one of several other bands, he will cycle back to The Stems, which he did again in 2019. HUGE THANKS to pete2020 for sharing the 1986 recording, Angelo for the Radio3 set, and crankingamps for recording & sharing the Melbourne set. There's a bonus goodie baked into this one. You'll find it after you open the download folder. Please enjoy.



Friday, May 22

The dB's - New York, N.Y. April 1982 (sbd)

The dB's
(venue unknown; possibly The Ritz)
New York, N.Y.
April 1982 (exact date unknown)
probably Chris Stamey’s last live show with The dB’s, mk. 1 
soundboard (sound quality VG++; sounds like it’s from a 1st-generation tape; the rhythm guitar is/was kinda loud compared to other instruments, so I reduced its volume; on a few songs, there's some distortion in the vocals)
You can hypnotize yourself if you stare
into their eyes for at least 3 minutes…
photo illustration by Magnet magazine
01 (I Thought) You Wanted to Know
The dB's, with Chris on his way out
Winston-Salem Journal photo
02 Living a Lie
03 Happenstance
04 Storm Warning
05 Dynamite
06 Tomorrow Never Knows 
07 Amplifier
08 pH Factor
09 I Feel Good (Today)
10 Excitement
11 Walking the Ceiling
     (It's Good to Be Alive)
12 Bad Reputation
13 Neverland

ROB SEZ: First, let me thank the taper and especially Scott R for sharing this rare recording with me. Obviously, this is not the usual length for a dB’s headlining set. It's just 13 songs because the guys were playing on a multi-act bill. At the end of the last song, Peter says, “Pylon’s up next.” It’s possible this was a show on April 22 at The Ritz for which The Teardrop Explodes was scheduled to headline, but never performed due to an intra-band blowup backstage. The dB's set features what may be the briefest version of “Tomorrow Never Knows” the band ever played onstage. Performance-wise, there's a chaotic energy that gives the recording an edginess I find appealing. Is this because Chris had already told the band he was leaving to focus on his own music? We may never know. I'm pretty sure this is the last known live performance before Chris departed The dB's. The whole thing is very enjoyable, but the last half of the show really cooks. TURN IT UP!
The dB’s:
Chris Stamey – guitar, vocals
Peter Holsapple – guitar, keyboard, vocals
Will Rigby – drums & vocals
Gene Holder – bass

Friday, May 15

Lloyd Cole & The Commotions - Reunion, London 2004 (sbd)

Hammersmith Apollo 
London, UK
Oct. 15, 2004
Instant Live limited ed. release
soundboard recording (sound quality: Ex; an excellent, flawless recording)

SAMPLE: "Four Flights Up" (live 2004)

01 Rattlesnakes
02 Why I Love Country Music 
03 Speedboat
04 Charlotte Street
05 From the Hip
06 Cut Me Down
07 Brand New Friend
08 Sweetness
09 2CV
10 My Bag
11 Sean Penn Blues
12 Mainstream
13 Perfect Blue
14 Patience
15 LC banter
16 Lost Weekend
17 Perfect Skin
18 Mr Malcontent
19 Jennifer She Said
20 Four Flights Up
21 Heartbroken
22 Forest Fire
live photos courtesy of M.M.Minderhoud 
ROB SEZ: This one's pretty special and it's exclusive to this blog. Did you ever bid on one of those 1-penny eBay auctions? I have, but never won the "a penny plus shipping" deal — until a coupla weeks ago. That's when I bid on this rare, officially sanctioned, Lloyd Cole & The Commotions limited-edition reunion recording. I still can't believe I was the only fan in the world paying attention & bidding. A few days later, this lovely artifact arrived on my doorstep. And of course I'm sharing it with you. LC and the guys reunited to perform a handful of live shows in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Rattlesnakes, an album fully represented here, minus 1 song. You can tell the band spent 2+ weeks rehearsing for a 1-week tour: the performance is impressive for 20 years on. I thought the Instant Live artwork was boring: the CD equivalent of a brown paper wrapper. So I added the pertinent info and a photo from one of the 2004 UK shows to create custom artwork. If you like Lloyd Cole and haven't heard this, it's a must have. One more thing: I thought the straight-from-the-soundboard recording sounded kinda flat. One pass of modest compression did the trick, and now it sounds much more lively. PLEASE ENJOY.