Friday, October 22

The Clean - Live in 2010 + 2011 (webstream recordings)

Primavera Sound Festival 

Parc del Forum

Barcelona, Spain

May 29, 2010

WFMU webstream capture (sound quality: VG++)

00 DJ intro

01 Fish
New Zealand's The Clean, in-store appearance in 2015
02 I Wait Around

03 Drawing to a Hole

04 Wipe Me, I’m Lucky

05 David tunes, Hamish talks 

06 Anything Could Happen

07 (unknown song)

08 Whatever I Do It’s Right

09 Outside the Cage

10 In the Dreamlife U Need 

     a Rubber Soul

11 Oddity

12 Point That Thing 

     Somewhere Else

13 band interview

The Kings Arms
Auckland, N.Z.

Nov. 24, 2011

Radio NZ webstream capture 

    (sound quality: VG++)

01 At the Bottom

02 Two Fat Ladies

03 Wipe Me, I'm Lucky

04 Flowers

The Clean, Kings Arms, Auckland
(photos by petra jane)
05 In the Dreamlife U Need a Rubber Soul

06 Getting Older 

07 Tally Ho

08 Fish*

09 Point That Thing Somewhere Else*

*bonus tracks: San Francisco Bath House, 

Wellington, N.Z. 2007-03-16 (RNZ webstream)

ROB SEZ: Last week, I featured The Clean's founder & primary songwriter David Kilgour in solo mode. This week, you get The Clean live in 2010 and 2011, courtesy of Radio New Zealand. Please enjoy.



Saturday, October 16


The dB's
I Thought You Wanted to Know: 1978-1981
  • with previously unreleased tracks, some of which this blog helped unearth
  • on vinyl, CD & digital download
  • 1st release on Jefferson Holt's new record label
  • I've heard it, and it's a big upgrade to the old Ride the Wild Tom-Tom collection from Rhino 
  • plus new dB's T-Shirts
 The dB's: I Thought You Wanted to Know: 1978-1981

watch the 1-minute promo video

01 (I Thought) You Wanted to Know (2021 Remix)*
02 Black and White (Don Dixon Version)*
03 Soul Kiss (alt. edit)*
04 Bad Reputation (NY Rocker Sessions) 
You need 1 or 2 of these...
05 If and When (Westbeth Sessions)
06 The Fight (NY Rocker Sessions)
07 Nothing Is Wrong (NY Rocker Sessions)
08 Dynamite (
NY Rocker Sessions)*
09 We Should Be in Bed (Westbeth Sessions)
10 Ash (Westbeth Sessions)
11 You Got It Wrong (NY Rocker Sessions)
12 Everytime Anytime (NY Rocker Sessions)
13 Death Garage (Live)*
14 What About that Cat? (NY Rocker Sessions)
15 Tell Me Two Times (NY Rocker Sessions)
16 What’s the Matter with Me?
        (NY Rocker Sessions)
17 She’s Green I’m Blue (NY Rocker Sessions)
18 Time Has Come Today (Live)*
19 My Sire Wristwatch (Live)*
20 Let’s Live for Today (NY Rocker Sessions)
21 Tomorrow Never Knows (Live)*
22 My Back Pages (Live)*
23 Goin’ to the Club (NY Rocker Sessions w/ New Vocal)*
*indicates previously unreleased tracks, not included on Ride the Wild Tom-Tom

(limited ed. vinyl, CD & T-shirt bundles while they last)

Peter told Slicing Up Eyeballs he hopes this will be the start of a new dB's reissue campaign. (From your lips to God's ears, Peter.)

Friday, October 15

David Kilgour & Co. - Live On the Radio 2004, 2011, 2016

Brian Turner's Show 
WFMU Radio
East Orange, N.J.
Oct. 19, 2004 (broadcast date)

webstream capture (sound quality: VG+ to VG++)

David K. plays at WFMU studios with brother Hamish
on percussion and Willie tyler on guitar in 2004
00 Brian Turner intro
01 Gold In Sound
02 A Headfull of Rolling Stones 
03 Running 'Round
04 Dogs Barking
05 [unknown instrumental]
06 Living In Space
07 [unknown instrumental]
08 David Kilgour interview 
    with Brian Turner
09 Recollection
10 DJ outro

David Kilgour - guitar, vocals
Hamish Kilgour - percussion, backing vocals
William "Willie" Tyler - second guitar

David Kilgour 
NZ Live Session
Radio New Zealand
May 2011

webstream capture (sound quality: Ex-)

01 A Break In the Weather
02 Diamond Mine
03 [unidentified song]
04 David Kilgour interview (multiple segments)

D. Kilgour (guitar, vocals) & Tony DeRaad (guitar)

David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights 
The Others Way Festival
Auckland, N.Z.
Sept. 2, 2016

webstream capture (sound quality: Ex-)

01 Maybe
02 Pop Song
03 September 98
04 Too Long from Me
05 All the Rest

ROB SEZ: At the beginning of this series showcasing N.Z. artists, I confessed my profound love of David Kilgour's band The Clean. Here now is a chance to hear David in solo mode, with one or 2 others, and with the Heavy Eights in 2016. Although solo DK is a different musical beast than The Clean, I predict those who appreciate the latter will also enjoy the former. If you can fill in any of the missing song titles, please leave a comment and I'll update the post.

FLAC lossless capture of lossy sources 

Learn more about David Kilgour's music at AllMusic. Sample and buy his music at Bandcamp.

Sunday, October 10

The Verlaines - A Decade of RNZ Live (2009-2019)

NZ Music Festival 
Shed 6
Wellington, New Zealand
March 9, 2016

webstream capture via Radio NZ (sound quality: Ex-)

01 Pyromaniac

02 Crisis After Crisis

03 Burlesque

04 For the Love 

     of Ash Grey 

05 Only Dream Left

06 Joed Out

07 Phil Too?

08 Take Good Care of It

09 Dippy's Last Trip

10 Bird Dog

11 C. D Jimmy Jazz & Me

12 Icarus Missed

13 You Say You

14 Death and the Maiden

15 Slow Sad Love Song

note: setlist is approximated from data on

The Verlaines:

Jane Dodd - bass

Graeme Downs - guitar, vocals 

Robbie Yeats - drums

RNZ Live

unknown location (Dunedin?)

Sept. 2009

webstream via Radio NZ (sound quality: Ex-)

01 Paratai Drive

02 They That Once Were Eager Fellas

03 Joed Out

04 Graeme Downs interview with Emma Smith

The Kings Arms

Auckland, New Zealand

Dec. 14, 2013

webstream via Radio NZ (sound quality: Ex-)

01 The Lady and the Lizard 

02 Don't Send Me Away

03 Lying In State

04 Phil Too?

05 For the Love of Ash Grey

06 The Ballad of Harry Noryb

FLAC (lossless capture of lossy source)




Saturday, October 2

Garageland - B-sides & Other Rarities

'Beesides to Heaven'  
B-Sides & Other Rarities

soundboard recordings (quality: Ex- to VG+)

ROB SEZ: Never heard of Garageland? I hadn't either until about a year ago. By then, they'd been gone for nearly 20 years. Like so many good things from New Zealand, it's taken the rest of the world time to catch up with our Kiwi friends' well-kept secret. Garageland plays a brilliant amalgamation of guitar pop, rock, punk, and fuzz pop. If you like this, there are 3 albums of great music waiting for you to discover. As you'll hear from the live tracks, Garageland could kick up a mighty storm in concert. Does anyone out there have a decent-sounding live recording to share? If so, please get in touch and I'll post it here. I put this comp together from my own CD singles, etc. I kinda sorta named the collection after the song that opens and closes the compilation. None of these appears on any album or readily-available digital release (well, I just realized that one of them does, but the 18 other tracks don't). Track details can be found in the first comment. Under the Radar reports the original Garageland lineup will play reunion shows in NZ next April. My apologies to Garageland for doing this to their rare tracks. I hope they'll allow this post to stay up for a while so fellow music geeks can enjoy...
sample this Garageland album track

Monday, September 27

The Beths - Chicago, IL 2019 (sbd)

Lincoln Hall 
Chicago, IL
March 6, 2019 

soundboard-sourced webcast capture (quality: Ex-)

01 Whatever
02 You Wouldn't Like Me 
03 Not Running
04 Warm Blood
05 Great No One
06 River Run (Lvl 1)
07 Idea/Intent
08 Lying In the Sun
09 Happy Unhappy
10 chit-chat & thank you's
11 Little Death
12 Less Than Thou
13 applause, crowd
14 Future Me Hates Me
15 Uptown Girl

The Beths:
Elizabeth Stokes - vocals, guitar 
Jonathan Pearce - guitar, vocals 
Benjamin Sinclair - bass, vocals 
Ivan Luketina-Johnston - drums, vocals, tambourine
I didn't know anything about New Zealand's The Beths until I started this series and Chuck got in touch. Quite the enthusiast, Chuck persuaded me The Beths are the real deal, and he's totally on the money: winsome pop played with rock energy, fronted by Elizabeth Stokes, a charming singer with a sly sense of humor. (If I'd been paying closer attention, I would've already known Neil & Tim Finn are fans.) The Beths deserve an honored spot on anyone's list of "Worthy NZ Bands Old & New." Indykid captured this webcast beautifully, and I ripped the audio. The source is lossy, but it's high quality — so I'm sharing my lossless capture here also. Sample and purchase The Beths' music at Bandcampincluding the just-released live recording Auckland, New Zealand 2020.


Friday, September 17

Don McGlashan - Radio NZ Live Sessions 2013-2015

Radio NZ Sessions 2013-2015
Auckland, NZ

webstream (sound quality VG+ to Ex-)

SAMPLE: "Lucky Stars" (2015 RNZ live session)

Most excellent photos by David Watson
01 Bad Blood (solo)
02 Korea (solo)
03 Envy of Angels (solo)
04 Marvellous Year (solo)
05 Harbour Bridge (solo)
06 Lucky Stars (solo)
07 Charles Kingsford Smith (solo)  
08 Last Year's Shoes
09 Face In the Paper
10 Bathe In the River
11 Harbour Bridge
12 Toy Factory Fire
13 This Is London
14 When the Trumpets Sound
15 Charles Kingsford Smith
16 Lucky Stars
17 The Waves Would Roll On
18 Tomorrow Night

1-5 = solo session, June 2013
6-7 = solo session, Feb. 2015
8-11 = with band, June 2013 (Wayne Mowat, 'Afternoons' show)
12-13 = DM & Seven Sisters, Music 101 live session, June 2013
14 = with Tom Rodwell, 13th Floor Video Session, April 2015
15-18 = with Chris O'Connor & Tom Rodwell, June 2015

Taite Music Prize Awards
Auckland, NZ
April 15, 2015

webstream (sound quality VG+)

01 Hold On to Your Loneliness
02 Girl, Make Your Own Mind Up 
03 Lucky Stars
04 On My Way to You
05 The Waves Would Roll On
06 When the Trumpets Sound

ROB SEZ: Don was the founder, songwriter, and lead singer of New Zealand's beloved Mutton Birds. Friend of the Finns, Don is every bit as talented as Neil & Tim, but not as well known. He deserves to be an international household name. I buy all of Don's albums without stopping to ask "Is this going to be worth the money?" because I know it will be — and I've never been disappointed. I am stoked to know he's about to drop his latest, Bright November Morning, at the end of October (see below).

Don's forthcoming album: Bright November Morning — first in 6 years, out Feb. 2022.
Listen to the single "Now's the Place" right now.
Sample or preorder this & his others at Bandcamp.

Read more about the music of Don McGlashan 
at his website or FB