Monday, February 15

Kiwi Jr. - Live 2017 + Tasty Extras

Horseshoe Tavern
Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
July 2017
(exact date unknown)

audience recording (sound quality: VG)

opening set in front of headliners

"tasty extra" tracks as noted below

SAMPLE VIDEO TRACK: "Gimme More" (live 2019)
     (audio for this track is included in the download)

01 Won't Do That Again*

02 Murder In the Cathedral

03 Football Money

04 Gimme More

05 Salary Man

06 She Waits*

07 Wicked Witches

08 Leslie

09 It Can’t Be Me*

10 Nothing Really Changes

*NOTE: titles 1, 6 & 9 are guesses, based on song lyrics

- Gimme More (sbd - live in Montreal 2019-09-26)
- Salary Man (sbd - live in Montreal 2019-09-26)

- Tugboat (Galaxie 500 cover)

ROB SEZ: Ready for a talented-as-heck rock/pop band with catchy tunes and a humorous bent? Look no further than Toronto's Kiwi Jr. Check the sample video, and you'll see what the buzz is about. Fans of The dB's and Let's Active are unlikely to be disappointed. HUGE THANKS to Ethan H. for recording & sharing the 2017 live set, to Lost Opus for recording & sharing the 2019 live tracks, and to Kiwi Jr. for sharing the G500 cover.

FLAC (lossless captures of lossy sources)


Learn more about Kiwi Jr. 
at the band's FB pageSub Pop, or AllMusic

Sunday, February 7

Veronica Falls - London 2011

Rough Trade East 
London, UK
Oct. 20, 2011

audience recording (sound quality: VG)

01 The Box

02 Stephen

03 Found Love In a Graveyard 

04 Bad Feeling

05 Buried Alive

06 The Fountain

07 Beachy Head

08 Starry Eyes

09 Come On Over

ROB SEZ: A short, but solid set from the late, great Veronica Falls. The group came & went like a blazing comet that leaves witnesses wondering, "Did we really experience that?" Attentive readers know I'm a huge fan of this band, but if you missed the comet, you can still enjoy the bright trail of stardust it left in its wake. I didn't catch the names of the taper & sharer, but I am indebted to them for this. I thought the original files as received needed some work, so I raised the levels and added one pass of compression and eq to bring out the best in the recording. Please enjoy.

My prior Veronica Falls post, with a double dose of goodies, is HERE




Saturday, February 6

Blue Aeroplanes - Convent, London, UK 2016 (sbd)

The Convent
London, UK
April 29, 2016

soundboard recording (quality: Ex-)

00 intro & band entrance
01 …And Stones

02 Dead Tree! Dead Tree!

03 Elvis Festival

04 Police (38 Divinity)

05 Go Along With Me On This One 

06 Jacket Hangs

07 Oak‐Apple Day

08 Gunning the Works

09 Cardboard Box

10 Skin

11 riffing & tuning

12 My Hurricane

13 Jack Leaves - Back Spring

14 Sulphur

15 Yr Own World

16 Fun

17 band intros

18 Breakin' In My Heart (T. Verlaine)

Blue Aeroplanes: still making great music; still cool


Gerard Langley: the Jack Nicholson
of 1980s & 90s Indie Music? Discuss.

ROB SEZ: Yes, I'm still posting new material when I get the time & inspiration. Like many (I suppose), I'd nearly forgotten about the mighty Blue Aeroplanes when a blog reader commented on this recording. HUGE THANKS to Gramophone Armageddon for sharing and to blureu for pointing me to this well-performed treasure. I threw together the cover image, using a gig poster I found online. (Original source was lossy, so no FLAC set this time around.) Please enjoy.



Friday, January 29

Ocean Blue - Ventura, CA 1993 (pre-FM) + bonus

Ventura Theatre
Ventura, CA
Nov. 3, 1993

Pre-FM (sound quality Ex-; bonus tracks’ sound quality = VG to Ex-)

ROB SEZ: I didn't become a fan of the Ocean Blue until recently. But the great thing about being a music fan in the Internet age is, it's really never too late. Since Ocean Blue have re-formed and recorded new music, the season for my fandom may have arrived. Is the re-formed band actually stronger now than before its initial split in the mid-1990s? Discuss. If you want to hear a recent live set with the band playing the debut & Cerulean albums in their entirety, please leave a comment.

01 Don't Believe Everything You Hear
02 Sublime
03 Bliss Is Unaware
04 Between Something & Nothing
05 Marigold
06 Drifting, Falling
07 Ballerina Out of Control
08 Cerulean
09 There Is a Light That 
     Never Goes Out (The Smiths) 

10 Between Something & Nothing
11 Sublime
Some will remember the "Sublime" video
12 Don't Believe Everything 
     You Hear
13 Cerulean
14 There Is a Light That 
     Never Goes Out 
15 Sublime

1-9 = Ventura, CA 1993-11-03 (pre-FM)
10 & 11 = Live 1994
12 = BBC 1996 live recording
13 = TV performance, Studio 59, circa 1991
14 = Live at the Bayou 1994
15 = Conan O'Brien Show, 1993

MEGA THANKS to muchmusic for the Ventura set with additional thanks to wave1one, cerulean123, Peru TOB, Robaire M and Oed Ronne

The most recent studio album
buy it from the band

FLAC (first 9 tracks only - for Nick)

The Ocean Blue:
Peter Anderson - drums, vocals
Bobby Mittan - bass
Oed Ronne - guitar, keyboard, vocals  
David Schelzel - vocals, guitar

Learn more about the music of the Ocean Blue at the band's web site, FB page, Wikipedia & Trouser Press  


Saturday, January 2

Continental Drifters - Two N.J. Soundboards 1999 + 2001

*featuring Peter Holsapple, of course*

Hoboken, N.J.
Dec. 6, 1999

soundboard recording (sound quality: Ex-) ACOUSTIC SHOW

SAMPLE: "Don't Do What I Did" (feat. Peter Holsapple) - Live 2001

01 house music
02 A Song for You (Gram Parsons)

cover art included in the download (date is in error)

03 Christopher Columbus 
     Transcontinental Highway
04 You're Gonna Need Somebody
05 Wipeout
06 Snow
07 Na Na
08 Meet Me In the Middle
09 Some of Shelly's Blues (Nesmith)
10 To Sir, with Love 
     (Don Black, Mark London)
11 Never Ending Song of Love 
     (Delaney Bramlett)
12 Anything
13 Matty Groves (trad.)
14 I'm a Dreamer (Sandy Denny)
15 Bang Bang (My Baby Shot 
     Me Down) (Sonny Bono)
16 Mixed Messages
17 Falling' Apart at the Dreams
18 'composite sketch'
19 Bus Stop (G. Gouldman)
20 Wichita Lineman (Jimmy Webb)
21 Darlin Darlin
22 Meet On the Ledge
     (Richard Thompson)
23 'Kate worship'
24 Honeybees 
(Kate Jacobs, Charlie 
     Shaw, James MacMillan)
Peter devoted many years of his life to the Drifters
25 Shallow
26 You're from Indiana
27 Don't Do What I Did 
28 Heart, Home
29 Farmer’s Daughter (M. Love, 
     B. Wilson)
30 Umppah!
31 Watermark
32 Tell Me When Its Over (S. Wynn)
33 Tuesday (S. Wynn)
34 Now I Ride Alone (S. Wynn)
35 Carolyn (S. Wynn)
36 Kerosene Man (S. Wynn)
37 I Want to Learn to Waltz with You
38 'tolerate the diva'
39 Way of the World
40 Drifters
41 Tighter, Tighter (Alive 'n' Kickin')

ROB SEZ: Oh, man! It was early Christmas for me when these two shows appeared in mid-December. And they're studies in musical contrasts: the '99 acoustic show at Maxwell's is a sprawling, no-holds-barred, guest-packed, glorious juggernaut; while the '01 electric show is tight & focused. Both of them are marvels of sound quality, from master soundboard tapes. HUGE THANKS to the Anonymous taper, to Ted M. for supplying the tapes, to Joe N. for digitizing & editing, and to photoleon for sharing. Sample the sample, and your ears will tell you what kind of treat you're in for. Please post a comment to thank the band and the ROIO heroes who brought these recordings to you. Read this great interview with Peter and other Drifters reminiscing about the band.

Where it went down in New Brunswick, N.J.

The Court Tavern, 
New Brunswick, N.J.
July 8, 2001
soundboard recording (sound quality: Ex-)

01 stage greeting, tuning
02 Someday
03 Christopher Columbus 
     Transcontinental Highway
04 Live on Love
05 Christopher Columbus 
     Transcontinental Highway (reprise) 
06 Snow
07 Mixed Messages
08 Don't Do What I Did
09 Cousin
10 Meet Me In the Middle
11 'contact high'
12 Long Journey Home
13 Tomorrow's Gonna Be
14 Watermark
15 I Want to See the Bright Lights
     Tonight (R. & L. Thompson)
16 Too Little, Too Late
17 Peaceful Waking
18 Na Na
19 Way of the World
20 Who We Are, Where We Live 
21 encore break
22 Dedicated to the One I Love
     (Lowman Pauling, Ralph Bass)

Continental Drifters:
Peter Holsapple; guitar, accordion, vocals
Vicki Peterson; guitars, vocals
Robert Maché; guitars, mandolin, vocals
Russ Broussard; drums
Mark Walton; bass, acoustic guitar, vocals 
Susan Cowsill; guitars, vocals
Dan McGough; organ, piano



Saturday, December 26

Chris Stamey - 'Secret Communist Meeting' (2005 live concert)

House Concert
East Windsor, N.J.
Feb. 19, 2005

soundboard recording (sound quality: Ex-)

Two dozen songs, played solo by Chris, with excellent sound quality.
HUGE THANKS to lilpanda and Paul for sharing.

ROB SEZ: Years ago, I made a promise to Chris that I would not share any Chris Stamey solo material here, at least not without his permission. That said, I know there are lots of CS fans who would enjoy this solo show supplied by lilpanda and shared by Paul on his excellent Albums That Should Exist blog. Just pointing you to it isn't really sharing it, right?




Friday, December 25

Tommy Keene - Live 1993, 2012 & 2017 (sbd + aud)

The Best Recordings I Haven't Yet Shared  
audience & soundboard sources
Ambler Cabaret
Ambler, PA
March 20, 1993
audience recording (sound quality: VG+) 
01 Alive
02 Astronomy
03 Nothing Can Change You
04 Down Down Down
05 We Started Over Again
06 Hanging On to Yesterday
07 Back to Zero
08 Karl Marx
09 Compromise
10 When Our Vows Break
11 My Mother Looked Like Marilyn Monroe
12 Love Is a Dangerous Thing
13 Places That Are Gone
ROB SEZ: Today, I am still missing Tommy Keene's presence on the planet and still pondering the "what ifs": What if he hadn't died suddenly in his sleep in 2017 at the tender age of 59? What if he'd been able to share his kind, humane self with us for a while longer? What if he'd lived to create some more beautiful songs, albums, and live shows? What if someone from his circle of family & friends could round up the demos, outtakes, and live recordings that almost surely exist? (Omnivore: are you on it?). Enough of my laments on what should be a joyful day for the world. Here's my gift to you, fellow smart pop fans: the best TK live recordings I haven't already shared here. The first two feature Tommy and band, while the last one is TK solo. MEGA THANKS to realomind and whoever taped & shared the 2012 recording. If you have not yet found this NYC Taper soundboard-audience matrix recording from 2010, go grab it now. P.S. - I might post a collection of lossy TK rarities & live sessions here some time next year, so stop by every so often.

Tommy Keene: back when the world was his oyster

Sam Bond's Garage
Eugene, OR
Jan. 27, 2012
soundboard recording (sound quality: VG++)
01 Long Time Missing
02 Deep Six Saturday
03 Behind the Parade
04 Astronomy
05 Nothing Can Change You 
06 His Mother's Son
07 Turning On Blue
08 Back to Zero
09 Compromise
10 Nowhere Drag
11 Places That Are Gone
12 Kill Your Sons
13 His Mother's Son (brief, partial - soundcheck) 

Kung Fu Necktie
Philadelphia, PA
I guess he's wearing the actual Kung Fu Necktie...
April 21, 2017
audience recording (sound quality: VG) 
01 Going Out Again
02 You Can't Wait for Time
03 Go Back Home
04 Back to Zero
05 Nighttime [Big Star cover]
06 Back Again
07 Astronomy
08 Laugh In the Dark
09 Nothing Can Change You
10 Raymond Chandler Evening
     [Robyn Hitchcock cover]
11 High Wire Days
12 Black and White New York
13 Deep Six Saturday
14 Long Time Missing
15 Compromise
16 Nowhere Drag
17 Places That Are Gone
18 Mother's Little Helper [Rolling Stones cover, with Ivan Julian]