Friday, May 17

LX Chilton - Chapel Hill, NC 1987 + bonus

Cat's Cradle
Chapel Hill, NC
Nov. 17, 1987
soundboard recording (quality Ex-; from first-generation tape)

OLYMPIC MEDALS to TG for recording and to dB’s Fan for sharing so generously.
To my knowledge, this blog is the only source for this recording.

01 Tee Ni Nee Ni Noo (cuts in)
02 In the Street
03 Rock Hard
04 B-A-B-Y
05 Thing for You
06 Make a Little Love
07 Volaré
08 Thank You, John
09 Disco Lady
10 Lost My Job
11 Bangkok
12 Goldfinger
13 September Gurls
14 Come By Here
15 Little G.T.O.
16 No Sex
17 Take It Off
18 LX reads Dalai Lama news item
19 Dalai Lama

Most of these are covers; you’ll find the names of song composers in the comment tag for each file

Mountain Stage Radio Show
Charleston, WV
Feb. 9, 1992 
FM capture (sound quality VG++; from 2nd-generation tape)

01 Tee Ni Nee Ni Noo
02 Single Again
03 I Will Turn Your Money Green

A NOTE: The song “Guantan Amerika” was played next-to-last, but saw official release on one of the Mountain Stage live compilation CDs, so is not included here.

ANOTHER NOTE:  If you omit the (admittedly pretty funny) track 18 of LX reading the news clipping about the Dalai Lama, all the rest of the tracks will fit onto 1 CD-R.

WAV lossless files


Alex  Chilton Trio:
Alex  Chilton – vocals, guitar
Doug Garrison – drums
Ron Easley – bass, vocals

From Memphis to New Orleans
Songs from Robin Hood Lane


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Friday, May 10

Mutton Birds - Manchester, UK 1999 (sbd)

Band On the Wall pub 
Manchester, UK
Feb. 14, 1999
soundboard recording (quality: Ex-; source: CD rip)
SAMPLE: "While You Sleep" (live 1999)


ROB SEZ: Here's an "authorized bootleg" that was available exclusively from the band for a few years. AllMusic says it's a 4-star album. It's very hard to come by these days, and I thought 20 years would be a long enough wait before sharing it. I had some minor flooding in my music storage area recently, and salvaged the CD from the mess, which explains the odd stainage visible on the rear of the cardboard sleeve. My ears thought Sam Gibson's original mix had Don McGlashan's voice too low, so I added compression (one pass) to raise the volume of the vocals. Devoted Mutton Birds fans probably have this one already, but here it is for everyone else. (There's also a mystery bonus share hiding in plain sight.) Cheers & enjoy.



Friday, May 3

Holsapple-Stamey - Maxwell's, Hoboken, N.J. 1991

Peter Holsapple & Chris Stamey
Hoboken, N.J. 
1991 (perhaps Nov. 9)
audience recording (quality: VG; a solid recording without excessive crowd noise)

01 intro + Lord of the Manor
02 Geometry
03 Here Without You (Gene Clark cover)
04 Haven't Got the Right
05 Storm Warning (dB's song)
06 I Know You Will
07 Lovers Rock
08 She Was the One
09 The Company of Light (Chris Stamey song)
10 Taken
11 Part of Me
12 The Child In You
13 I Want to Break Your Heart
14 Angels
15 Do You Believe In Magic? 
       (Lovin' Spoonful cover)
16 Darby Hall (dB's song)
17 You Don't Miss Your Water 
       (Wm. Bell cover)
18 Today Could Be the Day (dB's song)
19 From a Window to a Screen 
       (dB's song)
20 Something Came Over Me 
       (Chris Stamey song)

ROB SEZ: A show that's new to the blog. I think we needed more of that Holsapple-Stamey vibe at the blog, so here 'tis. A show from Peter & Chris' duo tour following the release of Mavericks. This recording didn't get posted in the earlier years of the blog because I could never identify the exact date or who to thank. A VERY LARGE THANKS to the taper & sharer(s). Thanks also to Fantom, whose research suggests the show might have happened on Nov. 9, 1991. Please enjoy.

Chris Stamey - vocals & guitar
Peter Holsapple – vocals & guitar
Alan Bezozi – drums, percussion
Ilene Markell - bass
Dave Schramm - guitar

Friday, April 19

Cotton Mather - In the USSR + Back In the USA (Live 2017 + 2019)

St. Petersburg, Russia  
July 2, 2017
(opening for The Aquarium)

audience recording (sound quality VG; taper was near the stage and, judging by the results, must have used high-quality equipment)

SAMPLE: "Never Be It" (live in St. Petersburg 2017)

Cotton Mather opened for Russia's legendary Aquarium
01 Wheels
02 Robert speaks
03 High Society
04 It's Better Not to 
     Be the King
05 Life of a Liar
06 Never Be It
07 Spin My Wheels
08 My Before and After
09 The Cotton Mather Pledge
10 Fighting Through
11 Candy Lilac
12 Close to the Sun
13 Girl With a Blue Guitar
14 The Book of 
     Too Late Changes
15 Life of a Liar
        (live on Nevsky Ave. July 4th)
Cotton Mather, on the streets of St. Petersburg,
Russia, playing on borrowed equipment
Austin, TX
April 10, 2019
'Texas Radio Live' broadcast

preFM source (sound quality: VG++; this was a webstream capture, so the FLAC version offered below is a lossless recording of a lossy source)
01 High Society
02 Better Than a Hit
03 California
04 Mighty Girl
Gotta love Robert's willingness to attack his guitar
05 Girl with a Blue Guitar 
06 Homefront Cameo
07 Candy Lilac
08 Close to the Sun
09 band intros
10 It's Better Not to 
     Be the King
11 Never Be It
12 RH speaks, song intro
13 Vegetable Row
14 Sun Radio outro
15 Sun Radio interview

ROB SEZ: I'm taking a break from re-posts this week to bring you the ab fab Cotton Mather. In case you're not familiar, Robert Harrison's band plays his rock-pop confections, influenced by the artists & sounds we love: Beatles, Kinks, Who, Squeeze, Elvis Costello — but certainly not the "slavish imitation" variety no ones needs to hear. Harrison's songs are inventive, tuneful, lyrically thoughtful, and engagingly performed. Between these two performances, I prefer the first — even though the second has better sound quality. Must've been something about Cotton Mather opening for Russia's legendary The Aquarium in front of thousands that brought out an extra spark. The very recent hometown show in Austin inspired a solid, but at times workman-like performance. MEGA THANKS to Andre Minaev for the St. Petersburg recording and to Sun Radio for broadcasting the Austin show, which I streamed and recorded in real time. The blog will take an Easter break next Friday and be back the following. 
Happy Holidays / Happy Spring / happy vacation time to all
Young Life & Other Mysteries, Cotton Mather's latest collection, can only be had via the band's Patreon monthly subscription service. But it's well worth the modest amount of money to obtain exclusive songs, videos and posts by Robert Harrison (the above is an actual CD in a cardboard sleeve) There might also still be a few copies of the band's early, rare Crafty Flower Arranger mini album left, also available only through Patreon. 
FLAC (Austin show in lossless; St. Pete show = MP3@320)

Friday, April 12

The dB's - Chapel Hill, N.C. 1985 (FM)

Cat's Cradle
Chapel Hill, N.C.
March 26, 1985

FM recording (sound quality VG+; transfer from master recording, with some brief cuts due to transmission problems as noted below)

Recording and artwork by the same talented soul
01  Rendezvous
02  Not Cool
03  Molly Says
04  Big Brown Eyes
05  Amplifier
06  I Lie
07  pH Factor
08  Big Black Truck
09  Nothing Is Wrong
10  White Train
11  She Got Soul
12  Neverland
13  Spitting In the Wind
14  Love Is For Lovers
15  Black & White*
16  See No Evil*
17  Spy In the House of Love
18  Suspicious Minds
19  Louie, Louie*

*Three songs featuring the guitar talents of Mr. Mitch Easter — the “Fifth dB”. Chuck Dale Smith (from Mitch's old high school band, Sacred Irony) also contributes on "Louie Louie."

TT: 73 mins.
MEGA THANKS TO a certain someone for recording and sharing

WAV lossless files

In his original share, the taper said: “This show was broadcast live over the UNC student radio station WXYC. I debated on going to the show and staying home and taping, the staying home and taping won out. There were sound problems with the live feed from the club so the first few songs of the set are not included. Not sure exactly how many songs are missing but as I recall it couldn't be more than one or two. There are a few cut-outs in the first 3 songs or so, but they are very brief and don't detract from the show. Mitch Easter makes a guest appearance on three songs. When making the cover years ago I failed to note that Mitch Easter also played on the finale 'Louie, Louie'.”

The dB’s:
Peter Holsapple — guitar, vocals, keyboards
Will Rigby – drums, backing vocals
Gene Holder — lead guitar
Rick Wagner — bass

Friday, April 5

Alex Chilton - Two 1977 NYC shows

EARLY, classic Alex Chilton live shows

Fab photos of LX in NYC by Stephanie Chernikowski
Alex Chilton
Max's Kansas City
New York, N.Y.
March 1977
audience recording (sound quality: GD+; not bad for a tape source of this vintage)
Note: first set only; second was either lost or not recorded

ROB SEZ: This is among the first LX solo shows (and earliest-known recordings thereof).  
Dig the punked-up version of "The Letter" included in this set.

BIG OL' THANKS to the taper and to 38f for sharing.

1. All the Time
2. My Rival
3. Can't Seem to Make You Mine
4. Way Out West
5. September Gurls
6. Shakin' the World
7. Night Time
8. The Letter
9. Windows Hotel
10. Back of a Car
Alex Chilton
New York, N.Y.
Sept. 14, 1977

audience recording (sound quality: GNARLY)
"Gnarly" = more or less "Good," but that's it. "Listenable" (if you add air quotes), but sounding pretty much like a 40 year-old, multi-generation tape source with distortion and other issues much of the time. MY ADVICE: keep your expectations low, and you might actually enjoy the performance...
MUCHAS GRACIAS to The Big A for taping and to Lone Taper for sharing

11. Take Me Home and Make Me Like It 
12. O My Soul
13. Bangkok
14. Contact High (1st public perf.)
15. My Rival 
16. Night Time
17. Back of a Car
18. All the Time
19. A Little Fishy
20. September Gurls
21. Holocaust 
22. The Summer Sun (Chris Stamey cover)
23. The Letter
24. Wouldn’t It Be Nice?
25. Do You Wanna Dance?

Alex and "The Cosssacks," including Chris Stamey
TT: 1:16:24

Alex Chilton - vocals, guitar
Chris Stamey - bass
Lloyd Fonoroff - drums
Fran Kowalski - keys (Sept. show)

    2 other early LX shows are HERE.
Info about the LX-dB's connection is HERE.

Friday, March 29

R. E. M. - NYC 1982 - rare show!

Peppermint Lounge
New York, NY
November 25, 1982
audience recording (sound quality VG to VG+; all-around excellent transfer from a probable first-generation tape source in 2-channel mono; almost no distracting audience chatter, but there are three brief cuts here & there for tape flip, etc.)

EFFUSIVE THANKS to George, Rich, and kingrue. This is Stonecutter Collection, Vol. 55. (See George's comment below; thanks also to EdA for encouraging me to post it.)

REPERCUSSION: Peter Holsapple (solo, acoustic) was an opening act on this leg of R.E.M.'s 1982 tour. He guests here on two encores. Explore the other connections between The dB's, Mitch Easter and R.E.M. here. (And — I swear — I think I hear another member of The dB's in the audience, yelling "How 'bout them Dogs?!?" at one point during the show...)

Couldn't post this one without making some cover art
01 stage entrance, tuning
02 Gardening at Night
03 9-9
04 Moral Kiosk
05 Pilgrimage
06 Shaking Through
07 Seven Chinese Bros 
08 Wolves, Lower
09 Romance
10 Sitting Still
11 Catapult
12 1,000,000
13 West of the Fields
14 Radio Free Europe 
15 White Tornado 
In the early 1980s, there was no finer band.
16 Last Date
     (Floyd Cramer cover)
17 We Walk
18 Judy*
19 Neverland*
20 Carnival of Sorts
     (Box Cars) 

TT = 66:22 mins.

*Peter Holsapple, guest vocals
   on #18 & 19