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Daniel Romano's Outfit - Roskilde 2022 (VG aud)

Daniel Romano's Outfit
Roskilde Festival, Denmark
June 29, 2022
audience recording (sound quality: VG++ I would've given this a slightly higher rating, but the vocals are a tad distant in the first several songs. Otherwise, this would've earned a rating of Ex-)

THIS is what the fuss is all about:
Daniel Romano's Outfit live in 2022
01 stage entrance
Daniel Romano's Outfit: in Minneapolis, 2022
below: Daniel at the mic in Berlin, 2022
02 Anyone's Arms
03 Toulouse
04 Tragic Head
05 Animals Above Our Town
06 The Motions
07 Hunger Is a Dream 
     You Die In 
08 Nocturne Child
09 Strange Faces + Loving Cup
10 Lone Ranger*
11 Queen of Spades*
12 Where May I Take My Rest + A Flower That Wouldn't 
     Bloom (Ancient Shapes song)
13 Walking Around 
     Holding Hands
14 Roya
15 Blue Heron
16 When I Learned Your Name 
17 Generation (F**ked Up cover)

     *Tracks 10 & 11: Julianna Riolino, song composer & lead vocal
ROB SEZ: Is Daniel Romano a musical phenomenon or what?! Canada's multi-modal wunderkind has been recording and issuing albums at a dizzying pace for years, at various times inhabiting musical styles from country to new wave to folk to 1970s AOR to post-punk to blazing rock 'n' roll. (If your punk is not yet "post," be sure to check out Daniel in his Ancient Shapes incarnation.) For his more recent LPs and tours, he's taken inspiration from the mid-1970s Dylan (perched somewhere between Rolling Thunder Revue era Bob and Before the Flood era Bob & The Band). Does he pull it off? I say yes, but humbly suggest you should decide for yourself. Check the video sample, then hit the download button. The sound quality on this recording is great, putting you in the front of the house for a thunderous live show. All thanks & praise to spurrs for another excellent capture. If you like this ROIO, you need to go buy DR's 2020 live release Okay Wow (cover above, right) or Fully Plugged In. If you're curious about DR's latest studio LP, it's called La Luna (cover at right). Some people are calling it a masterpiece...

Friday, March 10

The Sadies - Jersey City, N.J. 2018 (sbd)

WFMU Live Concert
Monty Hall
Jersey City, N.J.
June 29, 2018

soundboard recording from HD video rip (quality: Ex-)
R.I.P. Dallas Good (guitarist / vocalist)

01 The First Five Minutes

02 Cheat
03 So Much Blood

04 Another Year Again

05 Cut Corners

06 Rat Creek

07 Leave Me Alone

08 Tell Her What I Said

09 God Bless the Infidels

10 Uncle Larry's Breakdown 

11 Riverview Fog

12 Through Strange Eyes

13 The Story's Often Told

14 Ten More Songs

15 Anna Leigh

16 Sunset to Dawn

17 The Introduction + Wearin' 

     That Loved On Look (E. Presley)

18 band intros + Pretty Polly (trad.)

19 Another Season Again

20 Story 19

21 Ridge Runner Reel

Watch the entire pro-shot concert HERE
22 Tiger Tiger

23 pre-encore applause, banter

24 Lay Down Your Arms
25 Mother of Earth (Gun Club cover) 

26 instrumental [title unknown]

27 The Trial

28 Strange Birds

29 Sixteen Mile Creek

30 A House Is Not a Motel

     (Arthur Lee & Love cover)

31 Tell Her Lies & Feed Her Candy

     (Charlie Walker cover)

32 pre-encore applause

33 Wasn't Born to Follow (The Byrds cover)

34 Old Moss Back (Jim Oertling cover)


WFMU says: Since their formation in 1994, Toronto's Sadies have developed, even perfected, a style of music that is uniquely their own. Possessing a deep fondness and reverence for the best of country, bluegrass and blues (CBGB!), they are equally informed and influenced by everything from 60s garage and psychedelic rock (Pebbles, Nuggets, et al) to surf instrumentals and punk rock. The Sadies have consistently pushed themselves forward into new areas while refining their approach to what they do - creating a constantly evolving catalogue of work and picking up legions of new converts with each successive tour. Their concerts, legendary since their earliest days have only gotten better over the years. Though the three-hour marathons of yore may happen less frequently, The Sadies have always prided themselves on a well-paced live show, starting off strong and gradually building things up to fever pitch then bringing it back home (often with a nice surprise or two along the way), before sending everyone home with a smile on their face. The live experience has it all, blistering instrumentals, country rave-ups, super-human guitar interplay and mind blowing psychedelic expeditions that can end up anywhere.

ROB SEZ: BIG-TIME THANKS to WFMU for arranging the show, recording, and sharing. Check out The Sadies most recent long-player: Colder Streams (AllMusic rating = 4.5 stars out of 5; cover art above). And: what a shame about Dallas Good. He's gone WAY too soon...






Monday, February 27

Dave Gregory (former XTC) – Remoulds I and II

Phase-Corrected Version, Repost

DG covers classic songs from the 1960s & '70s

soundboard recordings (quality: Ex-)

Dave recorded these for himself and friends.
Now you can hear his labors of love.

ROB SEZ: Dave Gregory is best known as the long-time lead guitarist for XTC. Since his departure from that group in 1999, he’s kept himself busy doing production and session work in the UK, and playing occasional gigs. Gregory has been recording music at home since 1973. In 1997 and '98, he put together a collection of covers entitled Remoulds. As you’ll hear, they are his own re-creations of classic 1960s and 70s pop and rock songs, with some original instrumentals included in the second collection. Gregory describes the tracks on Remoulds as "home-baked forgeries," created for his own amusement.

THANK YOU Hans de Vente for sharing, and thank you Failsafe for phase correcting & remastering Remoulds I
Dave plays live, 2013   
Simon Hogg photo

01. Those Were the Days (Cream)
02. 36-24-36
(The Shadows)
03. Scarlet O'Hara
(Jet Harris)
04. The Cruel Sea
(The Dakotas)
05. Pretty Flamingo 
(Manfred Mann)
06. I Feel Free
07. Tin Soldier
(Small Faces)
08. Wait Until Tomorrow
(Jimi Hendrix)
09. Fresh Garbage
10. MacArthur Park
(Jimmy Webb)
11. Diamond Hard Blue Apples 

      of the Moon (The Nice)
12. And How Am I to Know
(Ars Nova)
13. Classical Gas
(Mason Williams)
14. All Along the Watchtower
(Jimi Hendrix)
15. Jigsaw Puzzle Blues 
(Fleetwood Mac)
16. Happy Freuds
(The Nice)
17. Sabre Dance
(Love Sculpture)
18. Our Prayer
(Beach Boys)
19. Because
(The Beatles)
20. Little Bit of Love
21. Frankenstein (Edgar Winter Group)
Dave, 'Dukes of the S' session
22. Love Comes to Everyone (George Harrison)

01. I'm Not Like Everybody Else (The Kinks)
02. Say You Don't Mind
(Denny Laine)
03. Gypsy Eyes
(Jimi Hendrix)
04. I Am the Walrus
(The Beatles)
05. S.W.L.A.B.R.
06. Blue Orpheus
(Todd Rundgren)
07. Pictures of Lily
(The Who)
08. My White Bicycle
09. Our Love Was
(The Who)
10. Little Girl
(Syndicate of Sound)
11. I See You
(The Byrds)
12. Forget All About It
13. Love Story
(Jethro Tull)
14. Rubber Balloons*
15. Mr. Gregory Goes Uptown*
16. Morsall Mood #2*
17. Carry the Torch*
18. Call It Witchcraft*
19. Gloria Monday*

20. I Write to the Trees*
All smiles (bottom right) with XTC
21. Starfish Tango*
22. Third Stone from the Sun  
        (Jimi Hendrix)
*Dave Gregory original instrumental compositions 


SOURCES: Although they’ve never seen an official release, Gregory distributed CD-R copies to acquaintances starting in the late 1990s (some versions have 1 or 2 tracks not included here). I’m indebted to Hans de Vente for sharing his. If you compare these to the listing at Dave’s own web site, you’ll see there are many additional songs in the second set I’m posting — presumably because they are more recent recordings and, perhaps, because Dave just hasn’t gotten around to updating that page…

READ A REVIEW of Dave Gregory’s Remoulds I at Bill Kopp’s Musoscribe. 

Learn more about Dave Gregory
& his music at his web site

Friday, February 24

Midlake - Austin, TX 2010 (VG++ aud)

Austin, TX
June 4, 2010

audience recording (sound quality: VG++; excellent recording made with raised mics)

01 intro
MIDLAKE: mesmerizing the crowd in 2010
02 Winter Dies
03 Children of the Grounds
04 Young Bride
05 Van Occupanther
06 The Horn
07 Rulers, Ruling All Things 
08 Fortune 
09 Jam
10 Roscoe
11 Bandits 
12 Acts of Man
13 Core of Nature
14 band intros
15 Head Home 
16 encore
17 Branches

Midlake's most recent LP:
For the Sake of Bethel Woods
 I'm late to the party w
ith Midlake. But now that I've heard 'em, I can't quit 'em. Imagine if Richard Thompson-era Fairport Convention* and The Band had a baby, and that baby boy (band) was born in Texas. The musical product of such a union would probably sound something like Midlake: melodic folk-rock with a modestly British sensibility, nature-focused song lyrics, and great musicianship. Why the heck didn't I hear about 'em earlier? I had a tough time finding an ROIO to share with you. But once I stumbled upon Lee Hart's superb recording of this home state show in 2010 — in front of an adoring crowd, I didn't have to look any further. If you have any other Midlake recordings of similar quality to share, please get in touch.

*Not Fairport Convention, you say? OK, try Fotheringay or Pentangle.


Friday, February 17

Marshall Crenshaw - Philadelphia, PA 1990 (sbd)

Chestnut Cabaret
Philadelphia, PA
Jan. 30, 1990 
soundboard recording (quality: Ex-; this sounds great!)
01 Valerie (Richard Thompson cover)
02 You Should've Been There
03 Mary Anne
04 Steel Strings (Peter Case cover)
05 band intros
06 Like a Vague Memory
07 Someplace Where Love Can't Find Me 
      (John Hiatt cover)
08 There She Goes Again
09 On the Run
10 Love's Made a Fool of You
      (Bobby Fuller cover)
11 This Is Easy
12 Calling Out for Love (at Crying Time)*
13 Let Her Dance
14 She Hates to Go Home
15 Whenever You're On My Mind
16 Twine Time - instrumental
      (Alvin Cash & The Crawlers cover)
17 (You're My) Favorite Waste of Time
18 Cynical Girl
19 Rockin' Around In NYC
20 Heartbreak Time
      (G. Burtnik lead vocal)
MC's new archival release
21 Someday, Someway
22 I Can See for Miles (The Who cover)
23 Somebody Crying
*track 12: middle cut — fades out, then back in 

Marshall Crenshaw: guitar, vocals
Glen Burtnik: guitar, keyboards
Graham Maby: bass, backing vocals
Kenny Aronoff: drums

ROB SEZ: I can't think of a better way to wrap up this run of Marshall Crenshaw offerings fron the 1980s than with this rocking, fab-sounding live set from the first month of the new decade. I have a sentimental preference for MC's original rhythm section, including brother Robert on drums, but I can't find any fault here: Kenny Aronoff on drums and Graham Maby on bass. I've got plenty of other MC recordings in my archive from the '90s onward, but they'll have to wait. I want to get on with sharing a pair of newly-unearthed dB's shows plus lesser-known artists that you need to hear. Keep an eye out for re-releases of more classic MC recordings, now that he's reclaimed rights to his earlier catalog. His stellar debut was just re-released on Yep Roc in a remastered & expanded edition. HUGE THANKS to julsay for sharing the original lossless files, which had a few issues related to track splitting and too much variability in volume. I didn't mess with the basic sound, just re-split the tracks, added fade-ins and -outs where needed, and adjusted the levels to make it a smoother listening experience. Please enjoy.  

Friday, February 10

Marshall Crenshaw - Ritz NYC 1987 (FM)

The Ritz
New York, N.Y.
Aug. 1, 1987

WNEW-FM broadcast

FM capture (sound quality: VG+; a solid FM capture, one generation removed from the master; it was a little "clattery" sounding for my taste, so I adjusted the EQ a bit)

01 A Hundred Dollars
02 Steel Strings (Peter Case cover)
03 Love's Made a Fool of You
     (Buddy Holly cover)
04 Try
05 This Is Easy
06 band intros > Someday, Someway 
07 Wild Abandon
08 Calling Out for Love at Crying Time
09 Crying, Waiting, Hoping
     (Buddy Holly cover)
10 Rockin' Around In NYC
11 I'll Do Anything
12 On the Run (live debut)
13 Whenever You're On My Mind
14 Tonight (MC5 cover)
15 There She Goes Again
16 Talk to Your Daughter (J.B. Lenoir cover)
17 Cynical Girl
In 1987, MC was touring behind this album,
the Don Dixon produced
Mary Jean & 9 Others
18 Somebody Crying
19 Mary Jean
20 This Street
21 Go Boy Go
22 Mary Anne
23 Annie Had a Baby
24 (You're My) Favorite Waste of Time 

Marshall Crenshaw - guitar, lead vocals
Graham Maby - bass
Robert Crenshaw - drums, backing vocals

ROB SEZ:  By the mid 1980s, Marshall Crenshaw's commercial fortunes began to take a downturn. His 1987 album Mary Jean & 9 Others was the first not to trouble the top 200 U.S. album charts after its predecessor had peaked at #113. MC fans like me could feel Warner Brothers, his label, getting cold feet. In fact, they dropped him after the next album he recorded, 1989's Good Evening. Meanwhile, MC and his brother Robert kept touring, now with the great Graham Maby replacing (the equally great) Chris Donato on bass. As he says on this recording, MC loved playing The Ritz, and you can hear it in this energized performance, with plenty of great cover songs. HUGE THANKS to whomever shared this originally. Another bonus mystery share from 1987 lurks in the shadows...



Friday, February 3

Marshall Crenshaw - Utica, N.Y. 1985 (sbd)

Mohawk Valley Country Club
Utica, N.Y.
March 2, 1985

soundboard recording (quality: Ex-; sounds great!)

MC: musical man of mystery
01  For Her Love (fades in)
02  Our Town
03  Little Sister
04  There She Goes Again
05  (We're Gonna) Shake Up Their Minds 
06  Soldier of Love
07  One More Reason
08  I'm Alive
09  Reet Petite
10  Mary Anne
11  Monday Morning Rock
12  Whenever You're On My Mind
13  Big Hunk of Love
14  Little Wild One*
15  Cynical Girl
16  She Can't Dance
17  Someday Someway (cuts out)
18  Girls
19  Endless Sleep
20  Brown-Eyed Handsome Man
*the brief cut in track 14 was also on the master recording

ROB SEZ: Once I started posting MC shows starting with 1982, I decided to just keep going forward chronologically. Most self-respecting MC fans probably have this already because it circulated pretty widely over the years. I think I first acquired it from the late, great Quality Bootz site. The sound quality on this one can't be beat, and is most likely from a master tape or, at most, 1st-generation copy. The early part of the performance is a bit lackluster compared to the rest of what I've posted, but that's probably because it's one of the band's first shows of 1985, and there are players new to the touring lineup, like the great Graham Maby. Fortunately, the show picks up steam about a third of the way through, so it's worth staying with it — or just skipping straight to track 8. (The bonus mystery share won't be hard to find.)
Chris Stamey mixed this LP
Marshall Crenshaw & The dB's go way back to the earliest days of their music. They shared a record label for about a minute: Alan Betrock's Shake Records, which released 
the first bonafide dB's single in 1980 (after the "Chris Stamey and The dB's" self-released CAR single) and MC's first single in 1980, just before he signed to Warner Brothers. With both MC and The dB's based in the NYC area in the 1980s, they no doubt crossed paths with each other more than a few times. Fast forward to 2016, when Crenshaw uncovered multi-track tapes of a live show he decided to release on vinyl. He asked none other than his "great friend" Chris Stamey to mix the tracks, which became the 2017 vinyl release Thank You, Rock Fans. Here's what MC said about Chris when it was released: "He was one of the mainstays of the scene that we were part of, felt whatever energy we were able to put into a live room back then, understood where we were coming from, etc. I'm glad that this new live album has his fingerprints on it." One more dB's-related connection: Mitch Easter and Don Dixon have both produced music for MC over the years.