Thursday, November 24

The dB's - KCRW Live Session 1987 (new source!)

SNAP with Deirdre O'Donoghue
KCRW, Santa Monica, CA
Dec. 3, 1987

35th Anniversary Lossless Repost

KCRW soundboard master
Straight outta KCRW's vaults: the tapes!
via 2022 webstream capture (quality: Ex-)

01 intro
02 Today Could Be the Day
03 chat
04 Change With the Changing Times 
05 more chat
06 Molly Says
07 some chit-chat
08 Working for Somebody Else
09 talk & band member intros
10 This Is Where I Belong
Peter, singing emphatically, with Eric nearby.
     (Kinks cover)
11 some comments
12 White Train
13 droll anecdotes
14 Amplifier
15 yammering & tuning
16 Home for the Holidays
17 banter
18 O Holy Night (trad.)
19 banter, more
20 Bonneville
21 inane banter
22 Spitting In the Wind 
23 prevarications
24 She Got Soul
25 aimless ruminations
26 New Gun In Town
27 random thoughts & false starts
28 Neverland
29 final chat & DJ sign-off

The dB's:
Peter Holsapple - guitar, vocals
Will Rigby - drums, backing vocals
Jeff Beninato - bass, vocals
Eric Peterson - guitar

ROB SEZ: Thanks to alert blog reader Eugene, I found recently-posted streams of vintage live sessions from the amazing "SNAP" radio show on KCRW in Santa Monica. What made "SNAP" so great? The musicians and their performances, of course. Just as significant was the one-of-a-kind Deirdre O'Donoghue, the host of "SNAP." Deirdre (R.I.P.) not only had an easy-on-the-ears voice, she was also a music enthusiast like none other, which you can hear in this hugely-enjoyable live session. Although I shared this set many years ago, that recording was sourced from a very good FM capture. This one, by contrast, was recently transferred from the station's master tape. It's webstream capture, yes, but the sound quality is amazing for a 35 year-old (!) recording. Since the session took place between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the band plays the dB's classic "Home for the Holidays" and Peter attempts "O Holy Night" — despite not being able to remember all the words! There's a bunch more of these live sessions, featuring many artists featured on this blog, at KCRW's brand new archival SNAP site. Happy holidays, everybody.

FLAC lossless capture of lossy source


Friday, November 4

Weather Station - Copenhagen, DK 2022 (aud)

Copenhagen, Denmark
March 30, 2022

audience recording (sound quality: VG++, from master recording by willer)
-sample "Loss" live in Toronto, 2021-
crowd, band entrance 
02 Loss
03 Separated
04 You & I
05 Way it Is, Way it Could Be 
06 Stars
07 Ignorance (Magpie)
08 Look
09 Tried to Tell You
10 Better Now
11 Wear
12 Heart
13 Robber
14 Atlantic
15 Parking Lot
16 To Talk About 
17 Subdivisions
18 Thirty

ROB SEZ: Remember the long parade of "New Bob Dylans"? Seems like whenever a music journalist bestowed the label on a promising new musician, it turned out to be the kiss of death — or at least a guarantee of career-long obscurity. So when I say The Weather Station's founder and frontwoman Tamara Lindeman sounds to me like the new Joni Mitchell, I sincerely hope I'm not casting bad juju in her direction. I'm not making the comparison merely because Joni & Tamara are both Canadians. I say it because it's been forever since I could draw a sincere comparison between the great JM and another artist with anything close to her talent for songwriting, singing, and bottling magic in the recording studio. Lindeman deserves hundreds of thousands of willing hearts and minds to hear and appreciate her extraordinary musical art, which mixes folk, rock, singer-songwriter, jazz, and pop in roughly equal measure, depending on the album or tour in question. Very big thanks to willer for recording & sharing this one, which is a great-sounding audie. Please enjoy.


Friday, October 28

Superchunk - Not Lonely, Just Live 2022

Rough Trade
Superchunk plays Webster Hall, N.Y. in 2022
photo by Douglass Dresher
New York, N.Y.
June 14, 2022
(acoustic show)

audience recording
(sound quality: VG+) 
01 intro, tuning
02 Wild Loneliness
03 Endless Summer
04 Rainy Streets
05 Seed Toss
06 Driveway to Driveway
07 If You're Not Dark

-sample Superchunk's marvelousness here-
"Endless Summer" KEXP Live,  April 2022
KEXP Studios
Superchunk plays Bumbershoot in 2011
Seattle, WA
April 4, 2022

webstream capture (sound quality: VG++) 
01 Wild Loneliness

02 Refracting

03 Endless Summer

04 Rainy Streets

ROB SEZ: Superchunk may be too busy running Merge Records,  or whatever. If Mac McCaughan and company can't do much to promote Wild Loneliness, the band's *stunning* long-player released a few months ago, then I'm gonna do my little bit to try to get the word out. Wild Loneliness is fabulous, even in comparison to their extensive catalogue of fabulousness. I strongly encourage you to give it a listen. (Is Jon Wurster the best indie music drummer of his era? Discuss.) Meanwhile, I'm indebted to neil d and KEXP for sharing the music.


FLAC Rough Trade set is lossless, KEXP = lossless capture of lossy source



Friday, October 21

Julia Jacklin - Live In Melbourne & Seattle 2019

The Forum 
Melbourne, Australia 
March 14, 2019

webstream (sound quality: Ex-, Triple J Radio webcast)
01 Body
02 Leadlight
03 Motherland
04 Don't Know How to 
     Keep Loving You 
05 When the Family Flies In
06 Don't Let the Kids Win
07 Good Guy
08 You Were Right
09 Pool Party
10 Head Alone
11 Pressure to Party

*sample Julia Jacklin & band's live talent here*
(for me, this is the definitive version of "Head Alone")
KEXP Studios 
Seattle, WA
Aug. 12, 2019

webstream (sound quality: Ex-)
01 Don't Know How to 
     Keep Loving You 
02 Head Alone
03 Turn Me Down
04 Pressure to Party
05 LA Dream (KUTX 2017)
06 Head Alone (AB Session 2019)
07 Comfort (RNZ Live 2019)
08 Pressure to Party (RNZ Live 2019)
09 Eastwick (Sideshow Alley 2017)

ROB SEZ: This was supposed to be a different post, about an up-and-coming group that just released a new album — accompanied by LOTS of indie hype. I really wanted to buy into the hoopla. I bought the new album, listened attentively several times, and ... was singularly unimpressed. By contrast, Australian artist Julia Jacklin has been in heavy rotation at my house for many weeks now. Jacklin's music has everything I found lacking in the unnamed group's recent long player: an identifiable personality, impressive musical chops, loads of charm, and plenty of food for thought in the lyrics. Her 2019 album Crushing (AllMusic rating: 4.5 stars out of 5) and 2022's PRE PLEASURE (AllMusic rating: 4 stars out of 5) have rewarded me richly during their frequent spins. This post offers a hometown show that coincided with the release of Jacklin's second album as well as a 2019 live set for KEXP radio, augmented by other live (mostly acoustic) recordings from 2017 and 2019. Special thanks to Triple J Radio, KEXP, and the others for sharing. Please enjoy.

FLAC lossless captures, lossy sources


Friday, October 7

Green Pajamas - Live 2000-2017 (sbd + aud)

The Showbox

Seattle, WA

Nov. 4, 2000


soundboard recording (quality: Ex-) 


01 The Secret of Her Smile

02 She's Still Bewitching Me

03 Three-Way Conversation

04 Anna Day

05 Emily Grace

06 Downslide

07 Autumn Leaves

ROB SEZ: Seattle's Green Pajamas have been an overly well-kept secret of indie rock & neo-psychedelica fans since the band got started way back in the 1980s. Jeff Kelly and musical partner Joe Ross have led the combo through dozens of band efforts, solo albums, compilations, and side projects. After all these decades, they're still going strong. All the releases I've heard (about 15 albums & comps) are well worth a listen, and some are bona fide masterpieces. Learn more at AllMusic and Bandcamp (and — because they're so prolific — this additional Bandcamp site).

KEXP Studios

Seattle, WA

Dec. 27, 2013

webstream capture

(sound quality: VG++)

01 Lonesome End of the Lake

02 The Queen's Last Tango

03 Why Good Men Go Bad

04 The Red, Red Rose

xx Interview segments w. DJ Sharlese


Variously Live

Seattle, WA

2006, 2010, 2017

webstream captures (sound quality: VG+ to VG++)

01 Fairy Queen

      (live Seattle 2017-03-11) 

02 Three-Way Conversation

      (live Seattle 2017-03-11)

03 Cold Turkey

      (live Seattle 2010-10-09)

04 A Long Way From Home

      (Ray Davies cover, rec. 2006) 

FLAC (2000 set is 100% lossless; the other 2 are lossless captures of lossy sources)



Friday, September 23

The Stroppies - Melbourne, AUS Aug. 2022 (sbd) + Marc Riley Session 2019

Triple R Studios

Melbourne, AUS

Aug. 22, 2022

webstream recording (sound quality: VG++)

01 The Perfect Crime 
02 Smilers Strange Politely
03 Material Condition
04 Gravity Is Stern
05 Cold Season
06 Entropy
07 Cellophane Car
08 Figure Eights
09 All the Lines
10 Up to My Elbows

Marc Riley Show

BBC 6Music

London, UK

July 11, 2019

webstream recording (sound quality: VG+) 

01 All the Lines
02 First Time Favourites
03 Go Ahead
04 Cellophane Car
05 Nothing at All

The Stroppies are not an NZ band in the mold of classic Flying Nun artists. Rather, they're an Australian band in the mold of classic Flying Nun artists. You can tell the Stroppies have been listening to albums by The Clean, The Chills, early R.E.M., and More Songs About Buildings & Food by Talking Heads. They recently recorded this fab live set at hometown Triple R Radio (see photo gallery HERE.) This is a talented band on the way up, and worth an extended listen. "Modfather" Paul Weller agrees, which is why he chose them as the opening act for his recent UK tour. Their latest 4-star album Levity is a good starting point if you're curious. HUGE THANKS to Triple R in Melbourne for recording & posting the 2022 recording and to Fruitier Than Thou for sharing the Marc Riley session (in which you will find just a few glitches in the recording, which is otherwise very good.)

FLAC lossless captures, lossy sources

Friday, September 16

The Windbreakers - 'Boxing Day' Live 1986

R.I.P. Bobby Sutliff re-post
‘Boxing Day’ live release
W.C. Don’s, Jackson, MS
Dec. 26 (Boxing Day), 1986
soundboard recording (quality VG+; vocals are kinda low in the mix at times, but it's really not a big hairy deal)

01 Changeless
full artwork included in download
02 New Red Shoes
03 I'll Be Back
04 I Never Thought
05 Glory
06 Stupid Idea
07 What Goes On
08 Bad Sermonette
09 Hey! Little Child
10 You Never Give Up
11 Blue and Gray*
12 Rock 'n' Roll Star
13 Again (bonus track)*

*Iowa City, IA 1988

VERY SAD to hear of Bobby's recent death after battling kidney cancer. Tim Lee, Bobby's musical counterpart in The Windbreakers, posted a previously-unreleased 1989 live show on Bandcamp as part of the effort to raise much-needed funds for Bobby's widow, Wendy. In the same place, you can snag the fabulous 18-track various artists tribute collection SKRANG: Sounds Like Bobby Sutliff. If you prefer to make your donation a 1-way affair, you can also contribute to the Go Fund Me that was recently created to help Wendy pay current medical bills.

FOR REAL THANKS to Tim and Bobby for graciously granting permission for this to be posted here, many moons ago. Please show these guys some love: leave a comment here.

REPERCUSSION: Mitch Easter produced several Windbreakers’ albums and played on many Windbreakers’ tracks.

Mitch, hangin' with Tim
Mitch, playin' with Bobby at the Drive-In
ROB SEZ: Normally, no official release ever gets posted here. However, the original Boxing Day live set saw a very limited CD-R only release on the now-defunct Paisley Pop Label. This many years later, I thought Tim and Bobby might consider giving this one away to the fans. I was delighted when they agreed; now everyone can enjoy this live, covers-heavy souvenir of a great combo.

The Windbreakers, a "few" years ago...
WAV (lossless files)

Bobby Sutliff: guitars & vocal
Tim Lee: guitars & vocal
Barry Brown: bass

Bob Aitchison: drums

*rhythm section for 1988 tracks:
Matt Kimbrell: bass
Leif Bondarenko: drums

Bobby Sutliff (right) returns to the stage with the TimLee3, Jan. 2013
A benefit show to defray medical costs after Bobby's serious car accident
photo by John Boydston
Learn more about the music of The Windbreakers at AllMusic or Trouser Press

Friday, September 9

Bedhead - Live in 1996 (sbd) + The New Year - Live in 2008 (aud)

Cat's Cradle
Carrboro, N.C. 
Jan. 20, 1996

(opening for Luna)

soundboard recording (quality: Ex-) 

01 Powder
Bedhead: pondering oblivion, again
02 Burned Out
03 Smoke
04 The Unpredictable Landlord
05 Left Behind
06 The Dark Ages
07 Golden Brown
     (Stranglers cover)
08 Bedside Table
09 The Rest of the Day

Matt Kadane - guitar, vocals
Bubba Kadane - guitar, vocals
Tench Coxe - guitar
Kris Wheat - bass
Trini Martinez - drums
-sample Bedhead's seductive sound here-

ROB SEZ: Since music discovery is a major goal of the blog, it's time for another helping of bands you probably haven't heard of, but might want to know about. Brothers Matt and Bubba Kadane first founded Bedhead in the 1990s, then The New Year in the 2000s, then Overseas — the latter with David Bazan of Pedro the Lion. Bedhead got tagged as a pioneer of the "slowcore" sound, but in my mind, that's just another instance of lazy music journalism. Bedhead has a slower pace and a guitar-centric style that lends itself to the slowcore label, but the group easily transcends it with inventive song structures, great arrangements, and thoughtful lyrics. AllMusic says The New Year is "more accessible" than Bedhead, but all I hear is yet more absorbing music that rewards repeated listenings. Highly recommended. Check out Numero Group's reissue of all of Bedhead's studio recordings, plus a live album from 1998 (all available in lossless digital for a bargain price.). BIG THANKS to romme and especially to mrpember for going the extra mile to share these recordings with me.   

The New Year
Kadane brothers & co.: The New Year
(below: Matt K. onstage in 2008)
Vienna, Austria
Nov. 18, 2008

audience recording (sound quality: VG+,  from master tape source)

01 The Company I Can Get 
02 Reconstruction
03 Chinese Handcuffs
04 The Door Opens
05 Wages of Sleep
06 The End's Not Near
07 X Off Days
08 Gasoline
09 MMV
10 Plan B
11 The Block That Doesn't Exist
12 Disease
13 Newness Ends
14 Stranger to Kindness

The New Year:
Matt Kadane - guitar, vocals
Bubba Kadane - guitar, vocals 
Peter Schmidt - rhythm guitar
Mike Donofrio - bass
Chris Brokaw - drums