Friday, December 29

The Maggies - Anniversary Show 1994

Grass Routes
Keene, N.H.
Feb. 12, 1994 

audience recording (sound quality: GD+ to VG-; the mix is a bit muddy and the vocals, at times, are overly buried — but it's still an enjoyable listen for fans)
01 Blow
02 Do Nothing
03 Beautiful Joe
04 The Girl Who Lives 
     On Heaven Hill 
05 Evidence
06 Nightmare I Love
07 Solid Yellow Zero
08 Weatherland
09 Show & Tell
10 'Bunny Sings the Hits'
11 Cottonmouth
12 Heaven Alone
13 Ten Long Years
14 Cool Relationship
15 Dog
ROB SEZ: Philip B. Price (above photo, at left) is a highly talented musician from New England who fronted or played in various bands over the years before settling on Winterpills — a favorite at my house. This show (shared by drummer Rich Dart) marked the 1-year anniversary of the power pop / Brit Invasion-inspired Maggies. Fittingly, there's a celebratory spirit in the performance. All of Philip Price's many solo recordings were released earlier this month. Check out this archival project via Bandcamp or PledgeMusic. Read a great interview with Philip Price by Mick at his Art Into Dust site.

Learn more about The Maggies' music at Philip B. Price's web site; read an excellent interview with Philip by Mick. Buy Maggies music (and snag some freebies) at Bandcamp.


  1. The Maggies - Miscellaneous Rare Studio Tracks

    The Maggies - Dog
    -the original recording by the Maggies from their 1993 maxi-single, "Tulip"

    The Maggies - Do Nothing
    -has live audience sounds at beginning & end

    The Maggies - Ten Long Years + Misinterpreted
    -from the 1993 album "Misinterpreted"

    The Maggies - A Window
    -appears on the original 1998 version of Homesick on Chicken Man, but dropped from the Bandcamp digital release.


    And here's a great interview with Philip Price by Mick:

  2. dartman71 is not the person who filmed it. He's the person playing the drums! None other than Rich Dart, current drummer for the Monkees amongst other things. He was the original drummer in the band.

  3. Thanks for letting me know. I just updated the post...


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