Friday, August 28

Alex Chilton - Acme Under, NYC 1998

Acme Underground
New York, NY
May 1, 1998

audience recording (sound quality VG+; transfer from DAT master; just the right amount of crowd noise so you get the ambiance)
Children by the millions scream for him. Shouldn't you?
ROB SEZ: Alex is ON here, enjoying himself, and sounding jazzed to be playing in his old stomping grounds. If you own just one LX solo boot, this is the one to have. ENJOY!
MEGA THANKS to NYLifer for taping and sharing, and to Craig62 for re-sharing.

Disc 1 (first set)
01 audience chatter
02 Maybelline
03 (false start)
04 I Don't Know Why I Love You, But I Do
05 (chat)
06 Alligator Man
07 B-A-B-Y
08 Margie
09 Got a Lot of Living to Do
10 Il Rebelle
11 Little GTO
12 Purple Haze
13 (false start)
14 When My Baby's Beside Me
15 I Will Turn Your Money Green
16 (chat)
17 (false start)
18 Witchcraft
19 What's Your Sign Girl
20 Take It Off
21 Thank You John
22 Bangkok

Disc 2 (second set)
01 Lipstick Traces
02 Don't Believe That You 
     Love Me No More (Hush Your Mouth)
03 Don't Stop
04 Hide and Seek
05 Sick and Tired
06 I've Never Found 
     a Girl
07 (chat)
08 In the Street
09 (chat)
10 Thing For You
11 (chat)
12 Soul Deep
13 My Baby Just 
     Cares For Me
14 The Oogum 
     Boogum Song
15 (audience)
16 There Will Never 
     Be Another You 
17 Single Again
18 Lies 
19 (chat)
20 Devil Girl
21 New Girl In School
22 (chat)
23 You've Got a Booger 
     Bear Under There
24 I Wish You Would
25 (band intro)
26 Goodnight My Love
27 (crowd)
28 The Hucklebuck
29 (crowd)

Alex Chilton - vocals, guitar
Ron Easley - bass
Richard Dworkin - drums

Plenty more where this came from; use the Artists/Groups links at right.

Tuesday, August 25

Grapes of Wrath - Toronto 2012

Mod Club
Toronto, Canada
October 30, 2012

sounds like an FM capture or webstream to me; VG+ sound quality

ROB SEZ: Here are Canada's the Grapes of Wrath, with special guests. I didn't know anything about GOW until ASH turned me onto them. Say you've never heard of 'em, either? Live a little and hit that download button.

As is usually the case with my Tuesday shares, I'm indebted to Mick and Don at the old ASH blog for making this one available. This is ASH Tuesday post #9.

Read more about the music of Grapes of Wrath at AllMusic, Wikipedia and/or the band's official site 


Friday, August 21

Let's Active - Atlanta, GA 1989

The Cotton Club
Atlanta, GA
Dec. 28, 1989

audience recording (sound quality VG--; gets an extra ‘minus’ in the sound quality grading because it comes across like a multi-generation copy of a mediocre-sounding master tape with more than usual audience chatter — HOWEVER, I recommend listening to the sample because the performance & several rarely-heard tunes make this one worth a try)

Let's Active was touring behind their
final studio album in 1989

01 Spanish Castle Magic (Jimi Hendrix cover)
02 Night Train
03 Fell
04 Get Free*
05 Horizon
06 All Roads Lead to Hell
07 Prey
08 Mr. Fool
09 Reflecting Pool
10 Every Word Means No
11 Rain (Beatles cover)
12 I Feel Funny
13 Too Bad
14 Every Dog Has His Day
15 I Gotcha' (Joe Tex cover)
16 I Can't Reach You (Who cover)
17 Ten Layers Down
18 In Little Ways

*later recorded for first Shalini album, We Want Jelly Donuts


A thoughtful Mitch Easter, circa 1988
Mitch Easter - guitars & vocals
Angie Carlson - keyboards, vocals, 
                        additional guitars
Jon Heames - bass

Eric Marshall - drums

Tuesday, August 18

Raspberries - 1973 + 2005

Palace Theatre
New York, NY
Nov. 7, 1973

Taped for a "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert" TV broadcast, but only 5 of the 9 songs were aired. Here's the whole thing for your listening pleasure. 

Credibility out the window: if this blog had any remaining cred, it'll be 
shot after this. Oh well. I say the Raspberries were an undeniably fun listen. 

1 Tonight 
NO WORDS can do justice to this photo.
2 Making It Easy 
3 Roll Over Beethoven 
4 Last Dance 
5 I Wanna Be With You 
6 I Can Remember 
7 Be My Baby 
8 Drivin' Around 
9 Go All the Way

Taste of Summer
Waukesha, WI
June 26, 2005

audience recording
BIG THANKS to jot for taping and to Wolfsbane for sharing
The Raspberries reunited for shows in 2005 & after
1 intro
2 I Wanna Be With You
3 Last Dance
4 Let's Pretend
5 It's Cold Outside
6 Party's Over
7 Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)
8 I'm a Rocker
9 Should I Wait?
10 Tonight
11 Makin' It Easy
12 Play On
13 Ecstasy
14 band intros
15 I Don't Know What I Want
16 Go All the Way

This set did not come from ASH, but it coulda ... so I'm still calling this
ASH Tuesday post #8.
Jim Bonfanti - drums
Wally Bryson - vocals, lead guitar (+
keyboard for '73 performance)
Eric Carmen - vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboard
Dave Smalley - vocals, bass

Friday, August 14

Sneetches - San Francisco 1991 (FM)

Great American Music Hall
San Fracisco, CA
Sept. 1991

FM recording (sound quality VG++)
The Sneetches were active from the mid 1980s to the mid 1990s.
As some of our friends might say, 'THEY SHOULD'VE BEEN MASSIVE'.
ROB SEZ: Don’t know the music of the Sneetches? Well, if I may be so finger-waggy-pushy, YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOULD! They’re amazing, shoulda been huge, and what the heck was the world thinkin’ not to make these guys stars?!? The tunes, talent, musical energy, and “holy crap, where have these guys been all my life?” reaction — it’s all there. I was gonna make this an ASH Tuesday post, but decided it really deserves a higher profile.

ALL THANKS & PRAISE to MICK, who first created this lovely share and accompanying artwork, and Don at the old ASH blog for sharing it way back when. (Thanks also to M-----l for the corrected setlist.)

01 Love Comes My Way
02 Saving It For Me
03 They Keep Me Running
04 Julianna Why
05 Feast Your Eyes
06 Come Along With Me
07 Unusual Sounds
08 Looking For Something
09 Try to Make It All Work
10 Wish You Would
11 Voice in My Head
12 This Time
13 It's Looking Like Me
14 Heloise
15 Caroline Goodbye  

      (Colin Blunstone cover)
16 I Need Someone
17 The Shame Just 

     Drained (Easybeats cover)
18 Pretty Girl

      (Easybeats cover)

19 Love Comes My Way
20 Heloise
21 Voice In My Head

Tracks 19-21 = Live at CBGB, NYC, July 1990 (New Music Seminar showcase). Sound quality = VG-

Matt Carges
Mike Levy
Alec Palao
Daniel Swan
Learn more about the music of
The Sneetches at Trouser Press or Wikipedia


Tuesday, August 11

Peter Case & Friends - KCRW 1987

‘Snap’ - KCRW-FM
Santa Monica, CA
March 20, 1987 

FM broadcast
HARDCORE TROUBADOUR? Peter Case undoubtedly deserves the title
Here's a great Peter Case KCRW live session. His first wife, Victoria Williams is with him, as are Steven Soles and Fast Freddie.

About 9 months prior to this session, Peter released his first solo album. If you only know him as the front man for the Plimsouls, I encourage you to sample his solo stuff. A blazing talent…

01 I Shook His Hand
02 A Pair of Brown Eyes
03 Working for Your Enemy
04 The Power of Love
05 My Trusted Friend
06 A Walk In the Woods
07 Echo Wars
08 Fixin' to Die Rag
09 More Than I Want to Know 
10 Three Days Straight
11 History of Jazz
12 Icewater
13 Small Town Spree
14 Horse and Crow
15 Steel Strings
16 Satellite Beach
17 Put Down the Gun
18 Matchbox Blues

As ever, big sloppy thanks to Don from the late, great ASH blog for sharing so much great music in its day. Luckily, Don has a new blog called Anything Should Happen Again, a forum to explore and promote great music. Go check it out.


This is ASH Tuesday post #7


Sunday, August 9

Chris Stamey - 2 new archival releases

Chris Stamey singles + Alex Chilton live set

ROB SEZ: There's so much music being released each month that I appreciate it when like-minded bloggers and web sites point me to new releases I might want to investigate. 
Here then are two archival releases that Repercussion readers will probably want to know about:

Alex Chilton - Live at the Ocean Club 1977 

The man (right) and his bass player (Chris Stamey) in 1977
Props to Norton Records and Alex Chilton's widow for sharing this vintage live set from the Ocean Club in NYC (not duplicated by any of the early shows I've posted here, by the way). Chris Stamey plays bass, and the show is fab. (In case anyone's wondering, keyboard player Fran Kowalski does not appear on this release.) 
Blog amigo Tyler Wilcox wrote a brief review you can read HERE.

SETLIST: All Of The Time / September Gurls / Memphis, Tennessee / In The Street / Walk, Don't Run / Back Of A Car / Windows Hotel / Can't Seem To Make You Mine / The Letter / Night Time / My Rival / Wouldn't It Be Nice / Way Out West / O My Soul / She Might Look My Way / Dominating Force

Buy Ocean Club '77 from Norton Records on CD, LP or download it from iTunes.

ORK Records - Complete Singles
(aka "New York, New York")

Chris Stamey was not the only artist included in the vinyl singles box released a few months ago on Record Store Day by Numero. But it is very cool to have the first singles by Chris and other Ork Records artists (like Television, the Feelies and Alex Chilton) reproduced and assembled in one place — 16 in all.

The vinyl box is pricey, but you can buy the same recordings in less costly CD or LP formats. There's also a companion book and bonus single by the Feelies with previously unreleased material. Worth a look...  

Friday, August 7

Lloyd Cole & Commotions - Live 1984-'85

The Paradiso
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
December 6, 1984

FM broadcast (sound quality: Ex-; transfer from master tape)

LC & THE COMMOTIONS: on the set of the 'Rattlesnakes' video shoot

LLOYD COLE has new photos at his revamped web site
01 Perfect Skin
02 Down On Mission Street
03 Charlotte Street
04 Are You Ready to 
     Be Heartbroken?
05 Four Flights Up
06 Rattlesnakes
07 Perfect Blue
08 Speedboat

BIG-TIME THANKS to frankvink for recording & sharing this one. Thanks also to the Live Bootleg Concerts blog, my source for the fine set below. Visit LBC for more quality ROIOs.

Hammersmith Odeon
London, UK
Sept. 1, 1985

FM broadcast (sound quality: VG++) 

Before the wheels came off: Lloyd Cole & Co., in happier times
01 Charlotte Street
02 Down On
     Mission Street
03 Why I Love 
     Country Music 
04 Rattlesnake
05 Minor Character
06 Brand New 
07 Grace
08 Four Flights Up
09 Are You Ready
     to Be Heart-
10 Speedboat
11 2CV
12 Forest Fire
13 Pretty Gone
14 Perfect Skin

errata: title for track 13 needs to be corrected in the file tag

ROB SEZ: With the snazzy new Lloyd Cole & The Commotions boxed set just out, I thought it'd be a good time to dust off some vintage LC & Cs shows. These guys weren't exactly the most consistent live act, but the two sets I'm sharing are exceptional performance-wise, and both sound great.

The boxed set contains all 3 original LPs remastered, plus 2 bonus discs, a DVD, glossy hard-bound book and postcard/poster set. Here's a previously unreleased outtake, "Everyone's Complaining":


Tuesday, August 4

Dave Edmunds - Philadelphia 1986 (sbd)

Chestnut Cabaret
Philadelphia, PA
July 12, 1986

soundboard recording

ROB SEZ: I think a blog like this should have a little Dave Edmunds on offer, don't you?

01 Intro - Crawling from the Wreckage

02 Your True Love

03 I Knew the Bride

04 Girls Talk

05 Dear Dad

06 Nobody

07 Singing the Blues

08 The Wanderer

09 It's My Own Business

10 You Ain't Nothin' But Fine

11 I Hear You Knocking

12 I'm Ready

13 Juju Man

14 It Wasn't Me

15 Back In the USA

16 Let's Talk About Us

Dave Edmunds - guitar & vocals
Geraint Watkins - keybords & vocals
Mickey G - guitar & vocals
John David - bass
Dave Charles - drums

This is ASH Tuesday post #6

Much thanks to Don at the old ASH blog for sharing this one ‘back in the day’!