Friday, April 24

The Schramms – NYC 1990 + 2008

New York, NY
Aug. 24, 1990

soundboard recording (quality Ex-; billed as a “semi-acoustic” show)

The Schramms: sampling a few classics in 1996
opening for Peter Stampfel

REPERCUSSION: Hoboken, N.J. musician Dave Schramm has collaborated with Peter and Chris on many occasions: as a contributor to Chris’ solo albums, to the duo album Mavericks, and the subsequent Stamey-Holsapple tour. Dave and Peter also have Radio Free Song Club in common.

ROB SEZ: Two very different Schramms shows. The first is a mellow, acoustic-flavored show (think acoustic Yo La Tengo) and the other is fully electric. See which one floats your particular boat...

01 Out of the Earth
02 It's Not What She Wants
03 Cycle of Days
04 instrumental
05 The Way Some People Die
06 Number Nineteen
07 The Welfare of Your Enemy
08 instrumental
09 Here Alone
10 The Right Place
11 Walk to Delphi
12 band intro
13 Out of Time (Rolling Stones cover)

LOTS O’ THANKS to Dgkdgk, John234 & Brandon for sharing

Dave Schramm - guitar, vocals
Jon Graboff - mandolin, guitar
Al Greller - bass
Ron Metz - percussion 
Terry Karydes - keyboards 

Bowery Ballroom
New York, NY
Jan. 12, 2008
opening for the Danny & Dusty Review

soundboard recording (quality Ex-; only possible "deficit" is the relative lack of crowd noise, as is the case with some direct-from-the-board recordings)

01 Honestly Now
02 Spent
03 Wild Innocence
04 Good Youth
05 New England
06 Simple Arithmetic
07 Faith Is a 
     Dusty Word
08 The Day When
09 Still Standing Still

THANK YOU KINDLY to Jan for recording, to whoever shared this the first time, and to The Schramms for making it available to the fans.


Learn more about the music of
The Schramms at the band's web site 

Friday, April 17

Mitch Easter - NYC 2007 + N.C. 2009

Bowery Ballroom
New York, NY
January 13, 2007

opening for The dB’s

audience recording (sound quality: VG++; typically great recording by TheBynumite; trouble-free listening experience)
Supremely groovy poster by Matt Pfahlert

SAMPLE: "Time Warping" (NYC 2007)

01 - intro (tech troubleshooting)
02 - Sudden Crown Drop
03 - Every Word Means No
04 - Time Warping
05 - Dusky Lair
06 - Ornamental
07 - Flags for Everything
08 - I Want a New Scene
09 - Fell
10 - Reflecting Pool
11 - Ton of Bricks
12 – One and a Half-Way Street

ALL PRAISE to TheBynumite for recording and to Brandon for sharing (both shows)

Mitch Easter - guitar, vocals
Mitch & Shalini at the 2007 NYC show
Shalini Chatterjee - bass, backing vocals
Eric Marshall - drums, vocals

Cat’s Cradle
Carrboro, N.C.
August 3, 2009

opening for The Cosmopolitans

audience recording (sound quality: VG++; another great recording by TheBynumite)

01 - opening comments, band intros
02 - Break Through
03 - Sights Set On Heaven
04 - You, Me
05 - Glazed
06 - Sudden Crown Drop
07 - Dusky Lair
08 - I Want a New Scene
09 - Bad Machinery
10 - Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'
11 - Ornamental
12 - One and a Half-Way Street

Note: #10 = Crazy Elephant cover

Mitch Easter - guitars, vocals
Shalini Chatterjee - guitar, bkg vocals
Jon Heames - keyboards & chamberlin
Holt Evans - bass, bkg vocals
Rob Ladd – drums

Friday, April 10

Bob Mould - Hollywood, CA 1989

The Whisky a Go Go
Hollywood, CA
May 18, 1989
audience recording (sound quality VG++; this is a VERY impressive audie; taper mounted the mic high up, so crowd noise is not an issue)
performance: woah!
Bob Mould: onstage with Hüsker Dü in 1985
photo by Bob Francos

01 Sunspots - Wishing Well

02 Compositions for the Young and Old
03 Heartbreak a Stranger
04 Dreaming I Am
05 If You're True
06 Poison Years
07 banter
08 Sinners and Their Repentances
09 band intros (etc.)
10 Lonely Afternoon
11 Brasilia Crossed With Trenton
12 See a Little Light
13 Whichever Way the Wind Blows
14 All Those People Know
15 Shoot Out the Lights
16 banter
17 Hardly Getting Over It
18 Celebrated Summer
19 Makes No Sense

SINCERE THANKS to Tapegeek for recording and HITWITSTUFF2 for sharing

Tapegeek did an outstanding job recording this
REPERCUSSION: Chris Stamey played second guitar for a few months on Mould’s 1989 tour. A music critic for the L.A. Times caught Bob's show at The Roxy and referred to the backing band as an “alternative all-star quartet.” He said Chris’ playing in the show “complemented Mould's sprawling, broad swaths of guitar with pinpoint, crystal-clear solos and fills.” In his 2011 autobiography, Mould revealed why Chris’ stint with the tour was so short-lived. After several initial shows, Mould told the band he wanted the onstage volume to be louder. Chris, pointing to each of his ears in turn, replied “Alex Chilton took this ear, and you’re not taking this one.” Catch a glimpse of Chris playing live with Bob in this video from 1989 (segment starts at 2:00 mark).

ROB SEZ: I’ve wanted to post a live show with Chris in Bob’s touring band for some time. I thought I’d found one a while back, but then it got released as part of the Workbook 25th anniversary edition. Honestly, though, I prefer this one — including the sound quality, because it better captures the atmospherics. It's the best-sounding audie I’ve heard in a long time. I didn’t think I was much of a Bob Mould fan until I heard this show; it’s that good. Check the sample and see what you think…
(no MP3 this time due to taper & poster's request; please do not convert to lossy except for your personal use) 
Bob Mould - vocals, lead guitar
Chris Stamey - guitar
Anton Fier - drums
Tony Maimone - bass

 "See a Little Light" is from the album Workbook
Here's Bob playing it in 2014, live on Letterman
 Who says old guys can't rock?!?
Learn more about the music of Bob Mould 
at Wikipedia or Bob's own site

Friday, April 3

Pugwash - Live 2013 and 2014

2 separate shows; 2 separate downloads
'1905 Main St.' Live session
Huntington Beach High School   
Huntington Beach, CA    
October 2014

soundboard recording (sound quality VG++; impressive sound quality, especially considering it was recorded by high school students)  
Looks can be deceiving. The 'laddish' Pugwash make sublime pop music.

GENUINE THANKS to Michael Simmons and his students at Huntington Beach High School for sharing their very impressive piece of work. 

01 Take Me Away
02 Answers On a Postcard
03 Fall Down
04 Be My Friend Awhile
05 Apples
06 Dear Belinda
07 Here
08 There You Are
09 The Morning Sunshine
      (Idle Race / Jeff Lynne cover)
10 Finer Things In Life
11 It's Nice to Be Nice  
A 9-part interview taped during the same session is included in this download. Interviewer is HBHS student Maddie Ducharme. Watch the whole session, with songs and talking interspersed, HERE.

ROB SEZ: Do musicians ever consult anyone else before choosing a band name? I really wish Irish pop genius Thomas Walsh had asked me, because I would have said, "Pugwash? You're thinking about calling your band Pugwash? Just how little music do you really want to sell?" 
I guess the name isn't supposed to matter if you're in it for the music — which, in this case, is some of the finest pop-rock to reach my ears in a very long time. Don't take my word for it: check out the endorsements from the likes of Jason Falkner, Andy Partridge, Dave Gregory, Daniel Radcliffe (yes, him) and some guy named Brian Wilson. If you discover just one new artist this year, make it Pugwash.
Pugwash onstage in 2011, photo by konyskiw via Flickr

Thomas Walsh – vocals, guitar
Tosh Flood – guitar, keyboard, vocals   
Shaun McGee - bass   
Joey Fitzgerald - drums

Botanic House 
Dublin, Ireland
May 3, 2013

audience recording (sound quality VG+; this show took place in a pub, so the atmospherics are cozy; crowd chatter is there, but not too frequent or distracting.)
PUGWASH: proof that guys with beards can make beautiful music

SUPER DELUXE THANKS to Kagee1 for taping, transferring & sharing so generously

01 tuning & intro
02 Be My Friend a While
03 Apples
04 There You Are
05 Take Me Away
06 The Finer Things In Life
07 Something New
08 Dear Belinda
09 Oh Well / Albatross
10 Don't Let Me Down
11 Kings & Queens
12 Your Friend
13 Here
14 Keep Moving On
15 Fall Down
16 It’s Nice to Be Nice
17 Anyone Who Asks
18 Start
19 The Age of Revolution  
20 Answers on a Postcard    

The music of Pugwash
finally achieved North American distribution via Omnivore,
which released this compilation in 2014
Buy the CD or download; enjoy; repeat.
  ...& Haper's got several rarities collections at Popfair

Learn more about the music of Pugwash at Wikipedia