Friday, April 27

Mipso - Live 2017 in VA & WVa

Rooster Walk 9
Martinsville, VA 
May 27, 2017

soundboard-audience matrix
(sound quality: VG+ to VG++)

SAMPLE: "Hurt So Good" (Mtn. Stage live 2017)

01 Do You Want Me?
02 Marianne
03 Hurt So Good
04 Down In the Water
05 Spin Me Round
06 Coming Down the Mountain 
07 Hallelujah
08 Everyone Knows
09 Monterey County
10 Cry Like Somebody
11 Great Atomic Power
12 A Couple Acres Greener
13 Talking In My Sleep
14 Louise
15 Dublin Blues
16 My Burden With Me
17 Nothing Like a Hundred Miles
18 Train Down the Line
19 Bad Penny
20 Water Runs Red

Mountain Stage
Cultural Center Theater
Charleston, WV
May 7, 2017 (broadcast June 13, 2017)

FM capture (sound quality VG++)

01 intro
02 Coming Down the Mountain 
03 Hurt So Good
04 Spin Me Round
05 Monterey County
06 Water Runs Red
07 outro

ROB SEZ: Mipso is a young, talented band from Chapel Hill, N.C. The group blends acoustic, bluegrass, and old time styles to create something fresh. Check the sample to decide if it might be up your alley. Big thanks to DG for taping, matrixing & sharing the Martinsville show, and to tom for taping and sharing the Mountain Stage set.

Edges Run - latest long-player from Mipso

FLAC (Martinsville, VA gig in 24-bit)


Learn more about Mipso's music at 
the band's official siteFB page and Twitter

Tuesday, April 24

Mipso - Durango, CO 2016

Wild Horse Saloon 
Durango, CO
April 17, 2017

soundboard-aud matrix (quality: VG++)

01 intro 
02 Carolina Calling  
03 Salt Spring 
04 Marianne 
05 banter 1 
06 Dublin Blues 
07 banter 2 
08 Louise 
09 banter 3
10 Momma 
11 banter 4
12 Everyone Knows 
13 banter 5
14 Hurts So Good 
15 banter 6
16 Bad Penny 
17 Careless Whisper 
(George Michael/Wham! cover) 

TT: 43:11 mins.

ROB SEZ: I'll have more to say about this great young band from Chapel Hill, N.C. on Friday, when I'll share more live goodies from Mipso. MEGA THANKS to billydee for today's share.



Learn more about Mipso's music at 
the band's official site, FB page and Twitter


Friday, April 13

Waterboys - Cloud of Sound (rarities + live)

'Cloud of Sound'
limited-edition release
rare, previously unreleased & live

soundboard recordings (quality: VG++ to Ex-)

ROB SEZ: No time for a more extensive share today, but I know there are Waterboys / Mike Scott fans out there who'll enjoy this. This was a strictly limited-edition release from 2012, available only at live shows and online — long gone by now. I've included Mike Scott's track-by-track notes in the folder. (Here's hoping the fan-friendly Mr. Scott won't mind my sharing it here for free.)

Tuesday, April 10

Nicole Atkins - Radio Sessions 2017 + 2018

WFUV Live Session
Electric Lady Studios 
New York, N.Y.
Sept. 6, 2017

webstream (sound quality: Ex-; extraordinary sound for a webstream source)

SAMPLE: "Brokedown Luck" (live NYC 2017)

01 A Little Crazy
02 Darkness Falls So Quiet
03 Brokedown Luck
04 Colors
05 A Night of Serious Drinking 
06 Goodnight Rhonda Lee
07 Listen Up
08 thanks + intro last song
09 A Dream Without Pain
10 N.A. interview with 
      WFUV DJ Carmel Holt

WFMU Live Session
Jersey City, N.J.
January 2018 

(broadcast Feb. 2, 2018)

webstream (sound 
quality: VG+) 

01 Darkness Falls So Quiet
02 Goodnight Rhonda Lee
03 A Little Crazy
04 A Night of Serious Drinking
05 A Dream Without Pain
06 N.A. interview with 
      Sheila B of WFMU

ROB SEZ: Last Friday's post didn't do justice to this extraordinary artist. Pardon me for the caps lock, but YOU JUST HAVE TO LISTEN TO THE SAMPLE RIGHT NOW ... if not sooner. Go ahead; I'll wait. [...this is me, waiting...] OK, see what I mean? NICOLE ATKINS DESERVES TO BE A STAR. Her latest album, Goodnight Rhonda Lee is already a classic in my book (AllMusic's rating = 4 & 1/2 stars). I'm challenging all open-minded music fans to go stream it right now. I promise you'll thank me. So what's her sound? Take some Chris Isaac, Roy Orbison, Peggy

Fab photos of Nicole Atkins courtesy of WFUV, NYC
Lee, Nancy Sinatra, Patsy Cline and throw it in a blender. Add judicious quantities of the Muscle Shoals R & B sound, classic country and some rock, pour it over ice, and you have a musical cocktail that tastes amazing and will knock you out in the best possible way. Haven't heard a rant from me like this in a while, have you?!? There's a reason for that: no one's knocked my socks off like Nicole Atkins in a very long time. MEGA THANKS to WFUV & WFMU for sharing the good stuff. Enjoy photos and video from the WFUV live session here.
MP3@320 (interviews = 224kbps)
Learn more about Nicole Atkins' music at her 

Friday, April 6

Nicole Atkins - Freehold, N.J. 2011 + NYC 2014

Concerts In the Studio 
Freehold, NJ
April 2, 2011
audience recording (sound quality: VG+; recorded with mics at the back of the room — away from excessive crowd noise; a lovely recording)

01 intro
02 Heavy Boots
03 Call Me the Witch
04 My Baby Don't Lie 
05 Maybe Tonight
06 banter 1
07 Hotel Plaster
08 Monterrey Honey
09 Cry Cry Cry
10 The Way It Is
11 Awaiting the Flood
12 War Torn
13 banter 2
14 Neptune City
15 banter 3
16 The Tower

Madison Sq. Park
NICOLE ATKINS: can't resist an artist who loves The Who
New York, NY
June 18, 2014

soundboard-audience matrix
(sound quality: Ex-)

01  Who Killed the Moonlight?
02  What Do You Know
03  Cool People
04  Gasoline Bride
05  The Way It Is
06  Maybe Tonight
07  Girl You Look Amazing 
08  We Wait Too Long
09  Vultures
10  Red Ropes
11  The Worst Hangover
12  Party's Over
13  Cool Enough
14  banter
15  Its Only Chemistry
16  thanks, etc.
17  The Tower

Recorded & Produced by NYCTaper (where you'll find additional Nicole Atkins shows in great quality)

ROB SEZ: No time this week for anything lengthy about Nicole Atkins. Suffice it to say she wouldn't be appearing here if I didn't think she was worth considerably more attention than she seems to have garnered over the years. An amazing voice, great songwriting chops, and a charismatic performer. Repercussion "camp followers" might recognize her name from a few collaborations with Cotton Mather, which is how I found out about her. BIG THANKS to Jerry C., who recorded & shared the 2011 show and to NYCTaper, who did their usual amazing job with the 2014 show. You'll find other live recordings by Nicole at NYCTaper.

Nicole's latest LP is Goodnight Rhonda Leego get it!


Tuesday, April 3

Psychedlic Furs - Madrid, SP 1984

Estudios Roma 
Madrid, Spain
June 26, 1984

soundboard recording (quality: VG++; audio rip from DVD)

Recorded at Estudios Roma, Madrid on June 26, 1984.
Broadcast by La Edad de Oro (TVE2), Jan. 1, 1985.
(#2 in the Stolen Files DVD Series)

01 stage entrance
02 Love My Way
03 Pretty In Pink
04 Here Come Cowboys 
05 My Time
06 President Gas
07 Sleep Comes Down
08 The Ghost in You
09 Heaven
10 Only You and I
11 Sister Europe
12 Alice's House
13 Heartbeat
14 Forever Now
15 Imitation of Christ
16 Into You Like a Train
17 India
18 stage exit

ROB SEZ: Like the Furs? Then you'll want this one. A very well-performed show that's been on my hard drive for a while, just waiting for time for me to listen. In a word, this one is needful. MASSIVE THANKS to kingonjiro for sharing. Go visit the amazing site ASAP.