Tuesday, June 30

Pugwash - upcoming album teasers


Pugwash's Intimate album trailer from Omnivore

STREAM THE NEW ALBUM TRACK "Kicking & Screaming"  

The new album, called Play This Intimately (As If Among Friends), is due Sept. 4 via Omnivore Recordings.


TV Eyes - Los Angeles 2003

The Troubador
Los Angeles, CA
May 13, 2003
audience recording (pretty sure this is the only known live set by TV Eyes)

TV Eyes = post-Jellyfish collaboration with Jason Falkner and Roger Manning
01 Over the City
02 She's a Study
03 Fascinating
04 Love to Need
05 What She Said
06 Mission Submission
07 The Party's Over
08 She Gets Around
09 Fade Away
10 Time's Up

(new blog feature: details are HERE)

YET MORE THANKS to the late, great ASH blog. When this was first posted there years ago, Don said: TV Eyes, the trio formed by Jason Falkner, Roger Manning and Brian Reitzell make their live debut in this great show. Very synth-driven, fans of Falkner and Jellyfish will love it, but it stands up on its own feet.

FIND TV Eyes rarities at Haper's Popfair blog.

BUY TV Eyes' debut album (remastered & expanded) at Omnivore


Friday, June 26

Rhiannon Giddens - Milwaukee, WI 2015

Turner Hall Ballroom
Milwaukee, WI
April 26, 2015

audience recording (sound quality: VG+; lively dynamics and minimal crowd noise make for a great listen)

Rhiannon Giddens (Carolina Chocolate Drops, New Basement Tapes) sings live in 2015

YES SIREE THANKS to bersey for taping & sharing, and to goody for re-working

ROB SEZ: The only thing I have in common with the fabulously talented Rhiannon Giddens is Greensboro, N.C. (she was born there and I spent part of my childhood there). If you've heard her in The Carolina Chocolate Drops or The New Basement Tapes, you already know how gifted she is. If not, you're in for a treat.

SAMPLE: "Black Is the Color" (Milwaukee 2015)

01 stage entrance
02 Spanish Mary
03 Don't Let It 
     Trouble Your Mind
      (Dolly Parton cover)
04 She's Got You  
      (Patsy Cline cover)
05 Shake Sugaree
06 Waterboy
07 Last Kind Words
08 O Love Is Teasin'
09 Black Is the Color
10 Ruby, Are You Mad 
     at Your Man?
11 When I Was a Cowboy

12 Buck Creek Girls ^
13 Tommorrow Is My Turn
14 Come, Love, Come
15 Puirt A Beul (mouth music medley)
16 Duncan and Jimmy
17 encore break
18 The Lonesome Road * -->
19 Up Above My Head *
20 Black Annie

TT: 1:30:59 (suggested split for disc burning: between tracks 11 & 12)

artwork (included in download) by ethiessen1

* Bhi Bhiman (opening artist) on backing vocals
^ Hubby, Malcolm, Rowan

#15, Puirt A Beul (mouth music medley):
   -S'iomadh rud tha dhith orm = “it's many a thing I lack”
   -Ciamar a ni mi 'n dannsa direach = “how will I dance the dance right?”

(I'm honoring the request of the sharers to not convert to lossy, unless strictly for personal use)

Rhiannon Giddens - banjo, fiddle, vocals
Hubby Jenkins - acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, drum, vocals
Malcolm Parson - cello, melodica, vocals
Rowan Corbett - acoustic guitar, banjo, bones, cajon
Jason Sypher - bass
Jamie Dick - drums, percussion

    Learn more about the music of Rhiannon Giddens at her own site and/or FB page. You might also enjoy this recent NPR interview with her.

Tuesday, June 23

The Connells - Munich, GR 1995

Munich, Germany
March 20, 1995
WDR Broadcast

(band's first show in Europe)

The first 'ASH Tuesday' post, a new weekly feature of the blog
(more info HERE)

REPERCUSSION: Mitch Easter produced The Connells' acclaimed Boylan Heights album.

01 Try
02 Running Mary
03 Darn You
04 Disappointed
05 Burden
06 New Boy
07 Choose A Side
08 '74-'75
09 Something to Say
10 Motel

MANY THANKS TO DON & THE LATE, GREAT ASH (Anything Should Happen) blog!

Thanks also to Pat R for pointing out the correct date for this share...


The Connells:
Michael Connell - guitar, vocals
Doug MacMillan - guitar, vocals
George Huntley - guitar, vocals
David Connell - bass
Steve Potak - keyboards
Peele Wimberley - drums

Monday, June 22


I am proud & pleased to announce 
a new weekly feature: "ASH Tuesday"
The name is in honor of the late, great ASH 
(Anything Should Happen) music blog.

Most Tuesday mornings, there will be a vintage ROIO that appeared years ago at the old ASH blog. They will be from either Don or Mick, who gave me permission to share them with you here.
(BIG THANKS to Don & Mick!)

The ASH Tuesday posts will be "minimalist", because this blog is a part-time, when-I-can-grab-a-few-hours labor of love. So the Tuesday posts will lack some of the deluxe features of the Friday posts, like sound quality ratings, groovy photos, and sound samples. Usually, you'll see only one photo or piece of artwork. If the artwork has a track listing, I'll just leave it at that. Otherwise, you'll see just the essential info about the recording and a link for the files (usually MP3@320).
First up: an FM broadcast featuring Raleigh, N.C.'s The Connells, "college rock" & jangle-pop darlings of the 1980s.

DON'T FORGET: you can always leave a comment before or after you snag the music (hint...)

Friday, June 19

Scene Is Now - New York City 1997

Westbeth Theatre
New York, N.Y.
Oct. 31, 1997

opening for Yo La Tengo

The Scene Is Now: avant-garde, eccentric jazz-rock-pop
audience recording (sound quality: VG+; a really nice audie; no complaints — unless you really wanted to hear the between-song announcements, which are kinda low volume)
REPERCUSSION: Will Rigby played drums on the band’s 1988 album Tonight We Ride and has sometimes played live gigs with the band, as he does here.

MUCH THANKS to the taper and to Brandon for sharing.

SAMPLE: "Anthracite" (NYC 1997)

The Scene Is Now ... now
01 Port Authority
02 Moonlight Broil
03 Anthracite
04 Pumpkin Bordello
05 Hey Skinny
06 Let's Straighten It Out
07 Apricot Harvest / 
     Shotgun Wedding
08 He'll Never Do Time
09 If Justice Hides
10 Gone For a Long, Long Time

11 Fresno*
*Bonus track: live in Brooklyn, N.Y., early 2011 (sound quality is VG-; thanks to Chain Gang for sharing)

Will Rigby (the shy drummer), far right

The Scene Is Now:
Chris Nelson
Philip Dray
Tony Maimone
Steven Levi
Will Rigby
Mark Howell
Doug Wygal
Sue Garner

BUY some music by TSIN at Bandcamp (most albums are just $7 bucks!)

READ a fab interview with Philip Dray at Perfect Sound Forever

GO TO the band's FB page

Friday, June 12

Marti Jones & Don Dixon - 2 Mtn. Stage shows + 1988

Mountain Stage Live & 1988 set

FM & soundboard recordings (sound quality: VG+ to Ex-)

Marti & Don - Motorco, Durham, N.C. in 2011. stunning photo by ASH CROWE

ABUNDANT THANKS to NPR’s Mountain Stage for hosting such a cool show and making some of their broadcasts available on the web. THANKS ALSO to dB’s Fan for sharing the soundboard recording of Marti & Don at The dB’s 1988 reunion show.

Mountain Stage
Live radio broadcast (FM)
Charleston, WV
June 5, 2011
00 Larry Groce intro
01 Feels Like 1972
02 You Remind Me
03 Walk Outside
04 Trouble Is as Troubles Does
05 Hanging My Laundry
06 outro

DON & MARTI at Mountain Stage: above & below
from 2014, this one 2013 (all 3 by Amos Perrine)
Mountain Stage
Charleston, WV
May 19, 2013
07 intro
08 My Felon Girlfriend
09 Always
10 The Night That Otis Died
11 These Arms of Mine (cover)
12 outro

The dB’s First Reunion Show
Charlotte, NC
May 15, 1988
13 Talk to Me
14 Heart In a Box
15 Back of the Line
16 I Don't Want Him (Anymore) 


Errata: not sure how this happened, but tracks 15 & 16 are untitled. You can fix that after downloading, can't you?

Learn more about the music of Don Dixon and Marti Jones at Don's web site, Don & Marti's FB page, or AllMusic (Don, Marti).


Friday, June 5

Let's Active - Chicago & Detroit 1984

Cabaret Metro
Chicago, IL
Nov. 23, 1984
WXRT-FM broadcast
FM capture (sound quality: VG; source sounds like a multi-generation tape; this is a very listenable show, but does not boast pristine sound quality)

Love, love, LOVE this one of Faye and Mitch -- at MTV Studios, no less...
ROB SEZ: I thought of calling this post "Two Shows In 72 Hours." By whatever name, it's a rare opportunity to hear our heroes in back-to-back concerts. The setlists are different enough to keep it interesting for the listener, and both shows feature strong performances by the band.

SAMPLE: "Prey" (Chicago 1984)

01 In Between
One of the late greats: Faye Hunter
02 Back of a Car
03 Ring True
04 Co-star
05 Crows On a Phone Line
06 Prey
07 Easy Does
08 Flags for Everything
09 Room With a View
10 Lowdown
11 Every Word Means No
12 Greyscale
13 Blue Line
14 Waters Part
DJ intro (I always delete these, but it’s included here for the completists…)

Clutch Cargo
Detroit, MI
Nov. 21, 1984
audience recording (sound quality VG; some audience chatter between songs, but no probs during the music — it’s from JEMS, so it’s the best possible source with the best available sound)

SINCERE THANKS to JEMS for taping and Mike Z for the transfer

SAMPLE: "Room With a View" (Detroit 1984)

01 Prey (cuts in)
Only slightly spooky: original lineup, 1983 tour
02 Easy Does
03 Flags For Everything
04 Room With A View
05 Lowdown
06 Every Word 
     Means No
07 Grey Scale
08 Blue Line
09 Whispered News
10 Waters Part
11 I Won't Let It ‘appen
     Agen (Slade cover)
12 Edge of the World
     (cuts out)


Mitch Easter - guitar, vocals
Faye Hunter - bass, vocals
Jay Peck - drums
Tim Lee - keyboards