Friday, March 27

The dB's - New Orleans, LA 1986

New Orleans, LA
Feb. 9, 1986

audience recording (sound quality range: VG to VG+; a Mardi Gras show with an energetic band and crowd enjoying each other; there’s a little bit of digi noise in a coupla spots and one or two other minor anomalies)

I think Peter enjoyed Mardi Gras (probably same year as this show)

N’AWLINS THANKS to the taper and to TheBynumite for sharing.

NOTE: this is the full show — just a little shorter than usual since the deeBs were sharing the bill with The Fleshtones.

SAMPLE: "Working for Somebody Else" (1986)

Jimmy's & its namesake (it's now The Willow)
01 intro
02 Any Old Thing
03 Love Is for Lovers
04 Living a Lie
05 Sharon
06 Working for Somebody Else
07 Lonely Is as Lonely Does
08 New Gun In Town
09 Never Say When
10 She Got Soul
11 instrumental
12 Not Cool
13 White Train
14 Amplifier (middle cut)
15 Suspicious Minds
16 Neverland
17 A Spy In the House of Love 
More Mardi Gras madness: Jeff B. (rt.) & Bill Davis of Dash Rip Rock


The dB’s:
Peter Holsapple – vocals, guitar
Gene Holder – lead guitar
Will Rigby – drums, vocals
Jeff Beninato - bass, vocals 


Friday, March 20

Ben Watt - Edinburgh, Scotland 2014

Voodoo Rooms
Edinburgh, Scotland
October 27, 2014

audience recording (sound quality: VG to VG+; intimate-sounding recording in a small listening room)

Ben Watt, former guitarist with Everything But the Girl,
now fronts his own trio (photo by T Hagen via Flickr)

01   Hendra
Bernard Butler (left), former Suede guitarist, is part of the Ben Watt Trio
(above, at WFUV-FM in 2014; below, the trio in Seattle in 2015)
01b band intros
02   Young Man's 
02b chat 1
03   Some Things 
       Don't Matter
04   The Gun
05   Nathaniel
05b chat 2
06   Bricks and Wood
07   North Marine 
08   Wardrobe of 
       Old Clothes
09   The Road
09b chat 3
10   Golden Ratio
10b chat 4
11   The Levels
12   Forget
12b chat 5
13   The Heart Is a Mirror
14   I Heard Caruso Sing
14b chat 6
15   Spring
15b chat 7
16   25th December

NOTE: If you prefer a chat-less listening experience, simply delete all tracks marked “b”. Resulting set will sound seamless… 

ALL PRAISE to sappororamen for recording and sharing

photo by Alfred Hermida via Flickr

ROB SEZ: Ben Watt was half the duo Everything But the Girl (a stellar British act blending folk, jazz, pop and, later, electronica). Although Ben was the guitar guy and Tracey Thorn the voice of EBTG, it turns out Ben has a great singing voice and can write a heckuva good tune. His solo work is a welcome discovery.

Ben Watt Trio:
Ben Watt – guitar, vocals
Bernard Butler – guitar
Martin Ditcham - drums

Ben's new solo album is Hendra — absolutely worth a long listen
Learn more about the music of Ben Watt 
at Wikipedia and/or his own site

Friday, March 13

Jellyfish - 1991 double shot

2 separate shows; 2 separate downloads
Music Hall
Frankfurt, Germany
pro-shot televised concert
April 30, 1991

soundboard (sound quality VG+; most likely a VHS audio rip, but the sound is exceptionally good for that kind of source)

I think someone's been collecting stuff...

JELLYFISH: all about the bubbles & the flowers
SAMPLE: "Baby's Coming Back" (1991)

01 Hold Your Head Up
02 Hello Hello
03 Calling Sarah
04 The King Is Half Undressed
05 I Wanna Stay Home
06 Mr. Late
07 Bye Bye Bye
08 She Still Loves Him
09 Will You Marry Me
10 Now She Knows She's Wrong
11 Baby's Coming Back
12 Jet
13 No Matter What
14 All I Want Is Everything
15 The Man I Used to Be
16 Let ‘Em In — That Is Why
17 Go Your Own Way

ROB SEZ: 1991 must have been a good year to be Jellyfish. They’d recently signed a record deal, and their debut album Bellybutton was getting rave reviews. Before commercial challenges and intra-band problems set in, the future looked bright for Jellyfish. As for musical chops, the band's original lineup was probably the peak — including the blazingly talented Jason Falkner on guitar & backing vocals. You can hear the musical results in these two shows.

A promo Jellyfish COLORING BOOK? Um, yup.

Roger Manning – keyboard, vocals
Andy Sturmer – lead vocals, drums
Jason Falkner – guitar, vocals
Chris Manning - bass 

Hard Rock Café
San Francisco, CA
KFOG-FM broadcast
1991 (month/date unknown)

FM capture (sound quality VG; probably a multi-generation copy of original source tape, but overall sound is quite decent)

In the end, perhaps space was the final frontier for Jellyfish...
Jay Strange created this groovy graphic
SAMPLE: "I Wanna Stay Home" (1991)
Jellyfish were REALLY big in Japan.
01 Hello Hello
02 Calling Sarah
03 The King Is Half Undressed
04 I Wanna Stay Home
05 Mr. Late
06 Bye Bye Bye
07 She Still Loves Him
08 Will You Marry Me
09 Now She Knows She's Wrong
10 Baby's Coming Back (end cut, faded)
11 No Matter What*
12 All I Want Is Everything
13 The Man I Used to Be
14 That Is Why
15 Go Your Own Way
16 brief pre-show interview – KFOG      

*Following the original running order, Track 11 should be "Jet," but is omitted here due to official release on the Not Lame Fanclub box set.

Jellyfish's two influential albums were just reissued
Find out more (&/or commit purchase) at Omnivore
Another Jellyfish ROIO at this blog can be found HERE.