Sunday, December 10

Merry Holidays & Happy Xmas Y'all!

Happy Merry, Very to You

Here are some holiday music posts 
from prior years:

(Colin has an upgraded, partially lossless version at his blog)

See you in 2018...


  1. Happy Holidays to you.
    Love your blog. I wonder if you have anything from Bill Fox? Any chance of posting some stuff from him? Thanks!

    1. I've only heard of The Mice and don't know beans about Bill Fox. However, I will check him/them out and -- who knows? -- might possibly post something in the future. Stay tuned in the New Year...

    2. Thanks for the new REM-Fanclub Singles link, Rob.
      BUT: I don't believe the lineage, that is been given us there! Despite Flac, files are lossy! Look the same as yours,and "Take Seven" has exactly the same plop that can be found in your upload, Rob! And please don't make me do a comment on his remaster...
      By the way, are you interested in a slightly longer than the official version of the Hindu Love Gods' "Rasperry Beret"?
      Best wishes and thanks for all your uploads!
      Rank Stranger

    3. Okey-dokey, RS.

      I guess you don't have to download or keep it if you're that much of a purist for lossless audio ... which, if true, means you're not going to be happy around here, because nearly everything I post is lossy.

  2. Rank Stranger,
    The lineage given is the one that I know.
    These came on CD's & I ripped them as WAV's.
    If they are lossy source then I apologise,
    I do not set out to say something is not what it is.
    If you can tell the mp3 rate [320/256/224 etc} I will pull the flac's and redo the files as mp3.
    I think the files sound amazing!
    Wicked Game sounds beautiful on my set up.
    If you don't like them, delete them!
    Cost you nothing so nothing lost.
    All the best.

  3. Hi again!
    Well maybe because I'm not a native speaker you did not understand the way i hoped? I like lossless files, but I got lots of stuff as mp3 files too, and some from here, Rob.
    I'm not a purist, but if I am promised lossless stuff, I feel like making a comment if it just isn't lossless.
    Further comparison: the track "Michael Stipe Reads Martin Luther King" has the same crackle at the end on both uploads!?
    Colin I'm afraid you have been cheated; I think somebody burned Rob's upload to cdr and sold them to you.
    Rank Stranger

  4. You maybe right.
    Whatever they are sourced from I have cleaned them up best I can.
    In that way at least they are an improvement.
    There is virtually no vinyl noise or clicks present.
    Some tracks took a long time to clean & most of the unwanted noise is gone, but some remains, I have other things in my life so restored them to the best I could from the time I had.
    They are the best I have found so far.
    I guess this needs a official release one day to get the best sound for us all to listen to.
    Like I said I did not set out to mislead you or anyone.
    The information I was given I went with & have done the best possible.
    If I get a chance over the festive period I will go to my WAV's and put them in 320 mp3 format & share them that way.
    Thanks for bringing the issue to my attention.
    If you find anything else from my blog that is misrepresented please get in touch.
    I am a fan trying to get the music out there to other fans.
    If you can help me out please do.
    Have a good Christmas & all the best 2017.

  5. Hi Rob.
    I have removed the files from my blog.
    Will get them reposted in the correct format a.s.a.p.
    Hopefully today.
    Will let you know when they are reposted.
    Sorry for the hassle.

  6. New link to the revised file is here:
    Best wishes,

  7. Managed to grab some time last night & have a good look again at both my sources (Robs on here & the one from Ebay).
    On Robs there a few skips, but none on the Ebay one.
    I don't think the Ebay one came from Rob's set.
    They are different sources.
    Still think the Ebay sourced ones are better quality.
    Hope that has shone more light on this issue.
    Best wishes.

    1. Thanks for checking, Colin. My posts are almost always in lossy, so I never get too worked up about lineage and the "purity" of sources. Here's my criteria: 1) Do I like the music? 2) Does it sound good to my ears? I leave the rest of the worries up to the audiophiles...

  8. I couldn't agree more Rob, if it sounds good to your ears that is all that matters!
    Hope you had a good break over Christmas.
    All the best,

  9. Hi Rob,
    Many thanks for all your shares this past year.
    Have an updated & improved R.E.M. set over on the blog now,
    about 50/50 lossless & lossy if you are interested.

    Have a great Christmas & all the best for 2018.

    1. Cheers, Colin. Downloading now -- Merry Christmas, indeed!


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