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H-Bombs - Raleigh, NC 1978

Free Advice
Raleigh, NC
April 21, 1978

audience recording (sound quality VG; well-recorded club show with a few anomalies, as expected from a source tape of this vintage). Most likely the first of two sets, the second of which is missing. Last-ever show by H-Bombs!
“Now that we’re dead, 
we suggest you listen to Elvis."

Page from one of those 
wacky self-made H-Bombs 'zines

Repercussion: H-Bombs were the post-Sneakers and pre-dB’s, pre-Let’s Active group that Peter and Mitch Easter were both in. Further info can be found at this earlier H-Bombs post.

SAMPLE: "Looking 'Round Corners (Free Advice 1978)"

01 Sixty-five Comet
02 Stuck On You^
03 Looking 'Round Corners
04 No Wonder^
05 Take Me Back In Your Arms Again
06 Mind Your Manners
07 Big Black Truck
08 Kicks (Paul Revere & The Raiders cover)
09 Cruel World*
10 Good-Bye*
11 Komm Gibb Mir Deine Hand (Beatles cover, in German)
12 You Can't Catch Me (Chuck Berry cover)                  

^Sneakers covers

*titles of these are guesses; corrections welcome from you nutty H-Bombs fans!

Mr. Will Rigby wrote a florid review of a 
non-existent H-Bombs album for UNC-Chapel Hill’s Daily Tar Heel. 
(Confused? I think that was the point…)

Peter Holsapple: guitar, vocals
Mitch Easter: guitar, vocals
Robert Keely: bass, vocals
Chris Chamis: drums
Learn more about H-Bombs  from Fred Mills’ excellent essay at   
N.C. Music History Dot Com 

The Zantees - Songshop session, NYC 1980

Songshop recording studio
New York, NY
May 18, 1980

soundboard (studio recording, sound quality Ex-; transfer from first-generation tape)

preliminary recording session for debut album, Out for Kicks (two of these are the basic tracks that became album cuts after additional recording and mixing; the others apparently are unreleased — although the group released a groovy promo video for “Brand New Cadillac” using a different backing track.)  

Repercussion: Peter Holsapple produced The Zantees’ first single, “Rockin’ In the House” (b/w “Mornin’ Light”), recorded Feb. 1980. Peter also played piano on the subsequent debut album (he was credited as “special guest”). The dB’s live debut as a four-piece with Peter was on a quadruple bill at Irving Plaza, NYC in Oct. 27, 1978 with The Zantees, The Fleshtones and The Cyclones (must've been 'Definite Article Night' at the club…).

SAMPLE: "Gotta Dance" (Songshop 1980)

01 My Baby
02 Let It Rock (Chuck Berry cover)
03 Brand New Cadillac (Vince Taylor cover)
04* Please Give Me Something (Bill Allen tune)
05 Gotta Dance
06* Cruisin' (Gene Vincent cover)
07 instrumental  
         *tracks 4 & 6 are basic tracks that appeared in finished form on the album Out for Kicks   
The Zantees play Max's Kansas City in NYC. Photo by em1977 via Flickr.

Learn more about the music of  The Zantees at Trouser Press   

Friday, June 21

Marshall Crenshaw - Roslyn, NY 1982 + bonus

My Father’s Place
Roslyn (Long Island), NY
June 29, 1982
A young Marshall Crenshaw and band, early 1980s
WLIR-FM, complete broadcast
FM capture (sound quality VG++; full, satisfying sound)

Repercussion: Mitch Easter produced a track on Crenshaw's third album, Downtown, and played guitar on the Don Dixon-produced follow-up, Mary Jean & 9 Others. Marshall joined Mitch, Chris and many others for the "all-star" Big Star Third live performance in NYC on June 30, 2013. THANK YA VERY MUCH to beatbop and lolita for making this show available.

01 - Soldier of Love
02 - Not For Me
03 - There She Goes Again
04 - Brand New Lover
05 - I'll Do Anything
06 - Mary Anne
07 - Rockin' Around In NYC
08 - Something's Gonna Happen
09 - Move It
10 - Someday, Someway
11 - Got a Lotta Livin' to Do (Elvis cover)
12 - She Can't Dance
13 - Cynical Girl
14 - Girls
15 - The Usual Thing

16 – Whenever You’re On My Mind^
17 – Try*
18 – One Day With You*
19 – Monday Morning Rock*

^Ripley Music Hall, Philadelphia, PA 1983-02-02 FM
*The Agora, Hartford, CT 1983-07-18 FM

TT: 62:46 mins.
full artwork included in DL

Marshall Crenshaw - guitar, vocals
Robert Crenshaw - drums
Chris Donato – bass
John Crenshaw - chimes (on #13, "Cynical Girl")

MORE MARSHALL CRENSHAW LIVE SHOWS can be found at  BB Chronicles and So Many Roads.

Learn more about the music of Marshall Crenshaw at his official site and/or AllMusic

Friday, June 14

Halloween Show, Irving Plaza, NYC 1978

The dB’s
Club 57, Irving Plaza
New York, NY
Oct. 27, 1978
Peter Holsapple’s first live performance with The dB’s

The dB’s performed as part of a four-act
“Halloween at Club 57” show, headlined by The Fleshtones.

audience recording (sound quality GD+; much more listenable than it would’ve been otherwise, thanks to Zippy’s efforts!) 

Were they trying to scare everyone away?!?
MEGA THANKS to dB's Fan for making this historic show available.  

Highlight: The earliest-known dB’s live show to be recorded anywhere, anytime. Fair warning: The sound quality on this one is not up to the blog's usual standards. Its historic interest merits this post, but not everyone will want to bother. That being said, Zippy did a great job making it listenable — and, starting with track 2, the sound quality improves significantly.   
NOT NEARLY AS BAD AS THAT: A few years ago, Peter described this very gig to Magnet magazine: "Our first show together as a four-piece was in Irving Plaza with the Fleshtones and the Zantees. Frankly, we just sucked. We were so bad, we woodshedded for a couple of months after that." Give it another listen, Peter!      

SAMPLE: "The World Keeps Goin Round (NYC 1978)"

01 She's Green, I'm Blue
02 Bad Reputation
03 Tell Me Twice
04 Everytime Anytime
05 Nothing Is Wrong
06 What I Dig
07 The World Keeps Goin' Round
08 What's the Matter With Me?
09 What About That Cat
10 Let's Live for Today
11 Tossin' and Turnin'
12 encore break
13 The Summer Sun


The dB’s
Peter Holsapple – guitar, vocals & keyboards
Will Rigby – drums & vocals
Gene Holder – bass
Chris Stamey – guitar & vocals

Friday, June 7

NRBQ - Chicago 1991 + bonus

Petrillo Music Shell
Chicago, IL
July 4, 1991
WXRT-FM broadcast

FM recording (sound quality Ex-; Goody pitch-corrected edition)
Must be some awesome manager to have his own official promo photo...

01 Wild Weekend
02 Hey, Little Brother
03 Ain't It All Right        
04 Riding in My Car        
05 I Just Want to Have You Back Again
05 What Difference Does It Make?
06 Lucille
07 Crazy Like a Fox
08 Me & the Boys
09 Over Your Head        
10 Terry's Lame Elephant Jokes        
11 Everybody's Smokin'
12 Twelve-Bar Blues

BONUS Rock-a-Billy Day compilation
Oct. 17, 1986
KPFA-FM, Berkeley, CA
(tracks from 1986 live shows supplied by NRBQ)

13 Terry Adams station id
14 Call Me
15 C’mon Everybody
16 Rocket Number 9
17 Leavin’ It All Up to You

      note: lacks many tracks from the full Rock-a-Billy Day set, but I’m posting all I have.

Alt. Link  MF 
Who's zoomin' who? Those zany NRBQ guys...
photos by Merritt Brown (aka Crick3) via Flickr

Terry Adams
Al Anderson
Tom Ardolino
Joey Spampinato

Learn more about the music of NRBQ at the band's web site and/or AllMusic  

Wednesday, June 5

New Page! - Live Gigology listings for The dB's


Have a look:
  • Live appearance dates
  • Some setlists, concert info (click any date with a link)
  • Photos — some new to the blog
  • First one on Rob's Pages list, at right

I will update the Gigology page as more info becomes available and as I have time to add more images of things like tickets, etc.

Any additional info, date/venue/city/town corrections will be welcomed; just get in touch using the contact info at the very bottom of any page or post...