Friday, August 26

Quilt - Live in D.C. + Philly 2014-2016 (sbd)

Millennium Stage
Kennedy Center
Washington, D.C. 
April 8, 2015

soundboard recording (quality VG+; audio ripped from video stream)

00 intro, stage entrance
01 Secondary Swan
02 Roller
03 Mary Mountain
04 The World Is Flat
05 Arctic Shark
06 O'Connor's Barn
07 Passersby
08 Searching For
09 Penbobska Oakwalk
10 Tie Up the Tides
11 Cowboys In the Void 
12 Eye of the Pearl
13 Milo

WXPN-FM Free at Noon
Philadelphia, PA
July 29, 2016

soundboard recording (quality VG+ to VG++; webstream source)

01 Passersby
02 Hissing My Plea
03 Mary Mountain
04 The World Is Flat 
05 Eliot St.
06 Roller
07 Something There 
08 Arctic Shark
09 Eliot St.
10 Roller
11 Padova
12 Arctic Shark
13 Saturday Bride
14 Mary Mountain

9-11 = World Cafe live session, Philadelphia, PA May 2016
12-14 = World Cafe live session, Philadelphia, PA 2014 (month & day unknown)

QUILT: a band that really hangs together
ROB SEZ: Here's another young, new, talented band worth hearing. More kudos to Don & Mick for peaking my interest in the psych-pop-folk-rock band Quilt. They seem a bit intimidated by playing the storied Kennedy Center in D.C. in 2015. But by the time they played the WXPN show in Philly recently, they sound way more confident. BIG THANKS to WXPN & World Cafe as well as Nacho Caiafa for sharing.

Anna Rochinski - lead vocals, keyboard, 
                           rhythm guitar  
John Andrews - drums, vocals
Shane Butler - guitar, vocals
Keven Lareau - bass

MP3@320 (WXPN & World Cafe sets are @256)

Learn more about the music of Quilt at the band's official site and FB page


Wednesday, August 24

Chris Stamey - Live in Aug. & Sept.

Chris Stamey will be performing in North Carolina and elsewhere in the coming weeks, both as an opening act for the legendary Television and with the (not quite as legendary) Chapel Hill combo Sneakers.

Chris will open for Television on Sept. 6 & Sept. 10 (more info HEREHERE)

Sneakers' previous reunion shows were in 2007 & '08. Now, another show with Chris, Mitch Easter, Will Rigby and Robert Keely is scheduled for the Hopscotch Music Fest in Raleigh, N.C. on Sept. 8, when they will open for Television at Memorial Auditorium.

SNEAKERS — as they were in Durham, N.C., one or two years ago...
In related news, Chris will take part in the Be Loud Sophie Foundation benefit show Aug. 27 at Cat's Cradle in Carrboro, N.C. The Be Loud Sophie site says Chris will premiere "new songs from Occasional Shivers, a 'musical entertainment' in the works." A (presumably) related show will take place at UNC-Chapel Hill on Sept. 23, during which Chris and numerous other musicians will reimagine "the language of the Great American Songbook, as jazz meets pop against a backdrop of 1960s Manhattan."
More info about the latter is HERE.

Thanks to eagle-eye Fantom for alerting me to this page on Yep Roc's site. 

Tuesday, August 16

Teenage Fanclub - Malmo 2005 + Phoenix Fest 1997 (FM)

Accelerator Festival
Folkets Park
Malmo, Sweden
July 5, 2005

FM recording (sound quality VG to VG+)

Teenage Fanclub: happy bastards making happy music
this one and live photo below by Ryan Muir 
New studio album, Here — out in September
Hear the single "I'm In Love" HERE
Pre-order the new album here:  Europe / U.S.

01 Near You
02 Start Again
03 About You
04 It’s All In My Mind
05 Nowhere
06 Mellow Doubt
07 I Need Direction
08 Fallen Leaves
09 Your Love Is the Place 
     Where I Come From
10 Neil Jung
11 Ain’t That Enough?
12 Verisimilitude
13 Sparky’s Dream
14 Everything Flows

Here’s what Don said when he shared this at the late, great ASH blog:  “An absolutely stomping 54-minute set from the Accelerator Festival at Folkets Park in Malmo as the band tour the Man Made album. Simply wonderful!”

Phoenix Festival
Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK
July 18, 1997

FM recording (sound quality VG+; BBC Radio 1 broadcast)

Teenage Fanclub in the 1990s perhaps not quite as happy then
01 Start Again
02 Don’t Look Back
03 I Don't Care
04 Alcoholiday
05 Mellow Doubt
06 Ain’t That Enough?
07 About You
08 Star Sign
09 Neil Jung
10 Sparky’s Dream
11 He’d Be a Diamond
12 The Concept

All praises to Don at the old ASH blog.
Don't forget to check out Don's new musical musings & discussion blog:

ASH Tuesday post #48

Friday, August 12

Velvet Crush - Live in 1995 with Tommy Keene

Hoboken, N.J.
January 20, 1995

audience recording (sound quality VG to VG+; from master tape; club show with the usual audience chatter

01 Yesterday's Numbers (Flamin' Groovies cover)
02 Window to the World
Velvet Crush: with Tommy Keene in 1995
03 My Blank Pages
04 Ash and Earth
05 Why Not Your Baby? (Gene Clark cover) 
06 band intros
07 Atmosphere
08 This Life Is Killing Me
09 Hold Me Up
10 Remember the Lightning (20/20 cover)
11 Blind Faith
12 Prisoners of Rock 'n' Roll
      (Neil Young cover)
13 Keep On Lingerin'
14 Time Wraps Around You
15 Why (Byrds cover)
16 Don't You Slip Away from Me

ROB SEZ: supa dupa thanks to Scott S. for taping, Phil H. for tracking, and jgk1971 for sharing.

unknown venue & city
Sound waves so powerful, they screwed up the camera
January 28, 1995

soundboard recording (quality VG++; 
this would get a higher rating, but the vocals 
are a tad distant; otherwise, the sound 
is excellent)

01 Window to the World 
02 My Blank Pages
03 Ash and Earth
04 Why Not Your Baby?
05 Atmosphere
06 This Life Is Killing Me
07 Hold Me Up
08 Tell Me It's Alright
The band at Mitch Easter's studio, recording Heavy Changes
09 Don't You Slip Away 
     from Me
10 Keep On Lingerin'
11 Blind Faith*
12 It's Been Too Long and It's 
     Too Late Now* 
13 Drive Me Down*

*last 3 tracks = Lupo's, Providence, R.I., 
May 21, 1995 (sbd - quality VG)

Velvet Crush:
Paul Chastain - bass, vocals
Ric Menck - drums, vocals
Jeffrey Borchardt - 
                     rhythm guitar
^Tommy Keene - electric guitar

^TK may not have played on the final 3 tracks (you must snag these in MP3; they're not included in the FLAC links below)


FLAC (Maxwell's show)

FLAC (Denmark show)

Just-released archival collection
Demos & live tracks from the Teenage Symphonies era
Get it from the folks with impeccable musical taste at Omnivore
Read spavid's overview at Wilfully Obscure 

Tuesday, August 2

Pernice Bros - Live 2003 & 2004

2 separate shows; 2 separate downloads 
Bottom of the Hill
San Francisco, CA
July 6, 2003

soundboard recording (quality Ex-)

St. Bonaventures Club
Bristol, UK
March 15, 2004
soundboard recording (quality Ex-)

MY USUAL EFFUSIVE THANKS to Mick for compiling these & creating the artwork, and to Don & loremipsum for sharing. Additional thanks to my music mates from ASH for making me listen to Joe Pernice and Pernice Brothers! Check out the new ASH-related music reflection & discussion blog, I Don't Hear a Single.
ASH Tuesday post #47.