Tuesday, December 19

Norman Blake & Joe Pernice - Toronto, CN 2015

The Dakota Tavern 
Toronto, Canada
April 10, 2015

with heavy friends
audience recording (sound quality: VG)
Norman Blake (left) & Joe Pernice started playing together in Toronto in 2012
photographed above at the Sydney Festival, 2013

Norman & Joe in 2015 (Frank Yang photo)
00 banter
01 There Goes the Sun
02 Follow You Down
03 banter
04 By the Time It Gets Dark
     (Sandy Denny)  
05 The Loving Kind
06 banter
07 I Don't Want Control of You (Teenage Fanclub)
08 Telescope
09 Dark and Lonely Night
     (Teenage Fanclub)
10 Cruel Annette
11 Bob P. takes the stage
12 I'm In Love
    (Teenage Fanclub)
A 2013 performance inspired this artwork
13 switching to piano
14 English Lady (Jonny) 

15 banter
16 Sarasota
17 banter
18 That's How I Got to Memphis
     (Tom T. Hall)
19 Shouting Match
20 switchover
21 Start Again (Teenage Fanclub)
22 Laura Stein 
     + Jennifer Pierce take the stage
23 All Ready (Jale)
24 Sign of Life (Jale) 
25 Promise (Jale)
26 switchover + banter
27 Somerville
28 banter
29 Then He Kissed Me (The Crystals) 
30 switchover
31 The Concept (Teenage Fanclub)
32 Baby Lee (Teenage Fanclub)
33 switchover
34 The Kids Are Alright (The Who)

TT = 1:41:18
Joe Pernice: guitar, vocals all tracks except: bass on 12, 14, 21, 34; (does not play on 25)
Norman Blake: guitar, vocals all tracks except: glockenspiel on 1, 2; piano on 14; bass on 16, 18, 19; (does not play on 25)
New Mendicants' album: Into the Lime
Michael McKenzie: bass on 9; guitar on 16-34 
Mike Belitisky: drums on 9, 16-34
Bob Pernice: b. vocals, guitar on 12, 14, 18, 21, 27, 29, 31, 34; iPad on 16
Laura Stein: vocals on 24- 31, 34; guitar/bass on 24-31
Jennifer Pierce: vocals on 24-31, 34; bass/guitar on 24-29

ROB SEZ: Busy times at our house this week, so I wasn't sure I'd have a Tuesday post for you. Then, I remembered this share that from Don. Fans of Teenage Fanclub and Pernice Brothers, take note: Norman and Joe are leading lights of those better-known groups and formed The New Mendicants some years ago when they both lived in Toronto. They've released one album, an EP & at least 1 single.   

ASH Tuesday post #82


  1. Norman Blake & Joe Pernice
    Northcote Social Club
    Melbourne, AUS
    Jan. 22, 2013

    audience recording (sound quality VG to VG+)

    01 Everything Flows (live)
    02 Finding You (live)
    03 He'd Be a Diamond (live)
    04 I Don't Want Control of You (live)
    05 Bum Leg (live)*

    *Jan. 23 show, same venue

    HUGE THANKS to eckythump74 for the Jan. 22 recordings & to lildovette for Jan. 23 (track 5)


  2. Thank you for these and all the other great music on this site. I do not let you know often enough how much I enjoy the music you offer. Thank you and best holiday wishes.

    1. You're welcome, Bruce. Happy holidays to you & yours.


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