Friday, March 29

Gravel Truck - Winston-Salem 2008 + bonus

Gravel Truck (Letch Actively cover band)
The Wherehouse
Winston-Salem, NC
August 8, 2008

audience recording (sound quality VG-; sounds like it’s from a first-gen. source; some crowd chatter is evident, but doesn’t dominate)

‘BOY HOWDY!’ THANKS to dB’s Fan for sharing, as usual.
Shalini & 'Mick' playing at the late, great Milestone Club in Charlotte, NC
photo by CNS via Flickr

GRAVEL TRUCK was the name given to the Letch Actively cover band — fronted by none other than Mick Ersatz himself.

This was the second of night of the four-day Revolve Film Festival organized by Shalini Chatterjee, and was the night of musical entertainment. Shalini's husband, Mick Ersatz, pulled together a band of friends and performed a set of nothing but Letch Actively songs. Tim Lee, an alum of the road band from years ago though played bass with his wife Susan helping out on vocals.

SAMPLE: "Waters Part (W-S 2008)"

01  Every Word Means No
02  Ornamental
03  Reflecting Pool
04  Talking To Myself
05  Badger
06  Still Dark Out
07  band intros
08  Flags For Everything
09  In Little Ways
10  Bad Machinery
11  Waters Part
12  crowd noise
13  Easy Does
Gravel Truck plays The Wherehouse in 2008
photo by Todd Evans via Flickr
Gravel Truck:
Mick Ersatz: guitars, vocals
Shalini Chatterjee: guitars, keyboards, vocals
Tim Lee: bass, vocals
Susan Bauer Lee: vocals
Chris Garges: drums

Badger (live, acoustic)              Letch Actively (live, somewhere)
Sudden Crown Drop (live)         Mick Ersatz (live, somewhere)
Break Through (live)                 Mick Ersatz (live, somewhere)
Moral Kiosk (live)                      Rapid Eye Movement (Mitch on vocals)

HQMP3 (@192 & 320 kbps)
Alt. Link (@192 & 320 kbps)


Friday, March 22

LX Chilton - Bremen & Hamburg 1988

Bremen, Germany
March 7, 1988

Hamburg, Germany
Feb. 25, 1988
If you like to hear him when he's "on," you'll want to give this a listen...

FM broadcasts (sound quality Ex-; only a perfect soundboard recording would get a higher rating) 

BIG HONKIN’ THANKS to and his source for this great recording. 

ROB SEZ: wasn't planning to post another LX recording so soon, but this one's just too good not to share asap...

01 Bangkok
02 Make a Little Love
03 Dalai Lama
04 No Sex
05 Thing for You
06 B-A-B-Y
07 Rock Hard
08 Lost My Job
09 Volaré
10 Little GTO
11 The Letter
12 Come By Here
13 Take It Off
14 Tee Ni Nee Ni Noo*

15 New Girl In School
16 Rockin' Daddy
17 Train Kept a Rollin'
18 Sick and Tired
19 With a Girl Like You [DJ voiceover at 2:32]
20 The Letter** (end cut, faded)

TT: 75:23

*Tracks 1-14 = Bremen, Feb. 7, 1988
**Tracks 15-20 = Hamburg, Feb. 2, 1988
One of the most talented & confounding musicians, ever. 
RIP, LX...

LX Chilton Trio:
LX Chilton – vocals, guitar
Ron Easley – bass, vocals
Doug Garrison - drums

Explore Alex Chilton's discography at AllMusic   

Friday, March 15

The Feelies - Neptune, NJ 1988 + bonus

Green Parrot
Neptune, NJ
September 23, 1988

audience recording (sound quality VG++; full & balanced, a very satisfying recording; each track is smoothly faded out & in to minimize extraneous crowd noise)

The Feelies: now or then; always cool…
photo montage by

BIG THANKS to THE KING OF ROCK for the amazing job he did recording and editing this show

REPERCUSSION: The dB’s have indirect connections to The Feelies. One example: Anton Fier, who for a time was drummer for The Feelies, went on to found The Golden Palominos, which roped in both Chris and Peter for collaborative efforts. The dB’s and The Feelies also have Hoboken, N.J. in common. While they were in the NYC area, The dB’s often played in Hoboken, at times recorded there, and Gene Holder lived there for many years.

01 Let's Go
02 Deep Fascination
03 Higher Ground
04 The Undertow
05 The High Road
06 Dancing Barefoot
07 Too Much
08 For a While
09 The Final Word
10 Away
11 Slipping Into Something
12 Too Far Gone
13 Moscow Nights
14 Raised Eyebrows
15 Crazy Rhythms
16 Sedan Delivery
17 Run Run Run / European Son / What Goes On?
18 Everybody's Got Something to Hide
19 I’m a Believer
20 Roadrunner

TT: 69:25


Stanley Demeski – drums
Glenn Mercer – vocals, guitar, keyboard
Bill Million – guitar, vocals
Brenda Sauter – bass, vocals
Dave Weckerman - drums

The Feelies with Lou Reed
Malibu Shore Club
Lido Beach, Long Island, NY
December 2, 1988
Now for a REALLY different place to play a gig...
photo by Tina Russo via Flickr

audience recording (sound quality VG-; probably from a multi-gen. tape source, but you’re wanting to hear this because of the historic collaboration, not because it necessarily sounds great…)
photo by urrightaboutthestars via Flickr
EXTRA THANKS to the taper and uploader

01 Higher Ground
02 Away
03 We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together*
04 What Goes On?*
05 Sweet Jane*
06 Run Run Run / European Son*

*with Lou Reed

TT: 28:15

Learn more about The Feelies’ music at the band’s web site, their Facebook pages, or AllMusic

Friday, March 8

LX Chilton - New Orleans 1994

The Howlin' Wolf
New Orleans, LA
November 24, 1994 (?) exact date uncertain

FM broadcast (sound quality VG++; this recording has a low, but persistent hum [otherwise this would have been rated Ex-]; hum is only a problem between songs)

Repercussion: Here's a page at this blog that spells out the many connections between LX Chilton and The dB's.
photo by Simon Godley via Flickr
1-01 Tee Na Nee Na Noo
1-02 B-A-B-Y
1-03 My Baby Just Cares for Me 
1-04 Volare
1-05 Sick & Tired 
1-06 Thank You, John  
1-07 I Got a Thing for You
1-08 Devil Girl
1-09 Il' Rebelle 
1-10 My Bonnie
1-11 Turn Your Money Green
1-12 Money Talks 
1-13 I Do
1-14 Come Back, Baby 
1-15 What's Your Sign, Girl?
1-16 Do the Hucklebuck

2-01 Nobody's Fool
2-02 Little GTO 
2-03 Alligator Man
2-04 Tina the Go-Go Queen
2-05 Goodnight My Love 
2-06 Take It Off
2-07 New Girl In School
2-08 Margie 
2-09 I'm Ready
2-10 Little Latin Lupe Lu
2-11 Brazil 
2-12 Dateless Night
2-13 Only the Lonely
artwork by The Archival Group (included in DL)
some songs included in this collection are not listed in the artwork

Alt. Link Disc 1, MF
Alt. Link Disc 2, MF

Alex Chilton – guitar & vocals
Ron Easley - bass
Doug Garrison - drums
Explore Alex Chilton's discography at AllMusic

Friday, March 1

Peter Blegvad Trio - Italy 2002

Cortile del Castello Estense
Ferrara, Italy
June 14, 2002

audience recording (sound quality VG++; nice, clear recording for an audie)
The Peter Blegvad Trio
kind thanks to for this photo
01 Intro
02 Hangman's Hill 
03 On All Fours
04 Waste of Time
05 The Incinerator (aka Perfect Strangers)
06 Bride of Fire
07 Just Woke Up
08 Loss to Mourn
09 Let's Travel Light 
10 Scarred for Life
11 Golden Age / Powers In the Air
12 The Song* 
13 That'll Be Him Now
14 Haiku 
15 Face Off 
16 Driver's Seat 
17 (Something Else Is) Working Harder
18 In Hell's Despite (cut edited at 0:31)

Repercussion: I get the feeling Peter Blegvad has been friends with Chris Stamey and Peter Holsapple for some time, but I don't know how they met, etc. Chris produced Peter B's wonderful King Strut & Other Stories album, on which Peter H did his multi-instrumentalist thing on several of its tracks. Well-worth seeking out!  

Another related post, PETER BLEGVAD & FRIENDS LIVE IN 1992, is HERE.

BIG HONKIN' THANKS to the taper and to p.z. for sharing!

Alt. Link MF

Peter Blegvad Trio:
Peter Blegvad - vocal, guitars
John Greaves - e-bass, vocal (*lead vocal on "The Song")
Chris Cutler - drums
Karen Mantler - keyboards, harmonica, glockenspiel, vocal
(she'd make it a quartet, so she's listed as a "guest"!)
Peter Blegvad photo by SeánK via Flickr
Peter Blegvad's latest is a collaboration with Andy Partridge (XTC) called Gonwards. It's very different and very cool. Highly recommended. They seem to have a YouTube video for every song on the album!

Learn more about the music o
Peter Blegvad at AllMusic
and John Relph's beautifully-detailed discography