Friday, December 26

The Only Ones - Minneapolis 1979 (sbd)

The Only Ones
Longhorn Bar
Minneapolis, MN
Oct. 2, 1979

soundboard recording (quality: VG; good sound from second-generation tape source; the notoriously erratic Only Ones give an energetic performance)

The Only Ones: a fading musical memory, but one worth tuning in...

ROB SEZ: For a long time, I didn’t know much about The Only Ones. Then I heard that Will Rigby likes the band, so I put ‘em on my radar screen. Turns out they’re one of the best “lost bands” from the late 1970s and early 1980s — an invigorating mix of rock and punk with a dash of British New Wave and a touch of dark lyricism. Attentive dB's fans know the guys would cover "Lovers of Today" on occasion. Recently, I gave them a listen and found this excellent live show to share. Sincere thanks to SEETHELIGHT7 and to stacheleber for sharing and giving me the go-ahead to post it here. Please honor stacheleber's request to only share it losslessly (even if you convert it to lossy for personal use).  This one’s for Will, and any other Only Ones fans out there...

01 City of Fun
02 Inbetweens
03 Programme
04 As My Wife Says
05 The Big Sleep
06 Miles from Nowhere
07 Lovers of Today
08 Another Girl, Another Planet
09 Peter and the Pets
10 crowd noise
11 Me and My Shadow
12 The Big Sleep
13 Lucinda
14 No Solution
15 Out There In the Night
16 The Whole of the Law
17 Curtains for You
18 Another Girl, Another Planet
19 The Beast
20 Peter and the Pets
21 No Peace for the Wicked
22 City of Fun
TT: 1:22:56
NOTES: First set = 1-9; second set = 10-22; some songs were played in both sets; the previous night's show at the same locale is also in circulation

WAV lossless files

The Only Ones:
Peter Perrett - vocals, guitar
John Perry - guitar
Alan Mair - bass
Mike Kellie - drums

 Learn more about the music of The Only Ones at the band's site, Trouser Press and/or Wikipedia.

Friday, December 19

Mitch Easter - 2 live shows, 2006

Two full-band shows from 2006
soundboard & FM

Mitch was promoting his forthcoming solo album, Dynamico, in 2006
sound quality: Ex-

BUNCHA THANKS to the tapers and EXTRAVAGANT THANKS to Mick & Otis B for the shares.

ROB SEZ: One more reason the Internet is so great: I get to connect with people like Otis B. He got in touch one day out of the blue and shared these two shows with me. Both of them sound great, and have a mix of new and old tunes. Of the two, I prefer the later performance at WFMU for its fun atmosphere. Mitch & co. sound like they’re having a blast…

SAMPLE: "1 & 1/2 Way Street" (live WFMU)
The Garage, Winston Salem, NC 2006-04-03 (sbd)
01 Sudden Crown Drop
02 Total Rats
03 One and a Half Way Street
04 Ton of Bricks
05 You and Me
06 In Little Ways
07 Badger
08 So Gone Away
09 Dusky Lair
10 Love Slaves to Paradise Lost
11 Gonna Cry
12 Phantoms of Ephemera
13 It's So Easy
14 Time Warping
15 Stupid Proof
WFMU, Jersey City, NJ 2006-11-29 (FM)
01 Time Warping*
02 Sudden Crown Drop*
03 Flags for Everything
04 Dusky Lair
05 Every Word Means No
06 Reflecting Pool
07 Waters Part
08 Ton of Bricks
09 One and a Half Way Street
10 Edge of the World
11 You and Me
12 interview

*These 2 tracks have very brief anomalies due to streaming hiccups.
I repaired them as best I could... 

MP3@256 (second show @160)  

Mitch Easter – guitar, vocals
Shalini Chatterjee – bass, vocals 
Eric Marshall - drums 

Friday, December 12

Jellyfish - Live Nov. 1993 + bonus

soundboard-sourced live compilation
from ‘Socrates, Pathos, & Plato’ (liberated boot)

JELLYFISH: their music is probably more beloved 
today, 20 years after their demise

sound quality: Ex- (bonus tracks VG+)

ALL HAIL siveld, Shalom Aberle, and Jellyblog for sharing these tracks.

ROB SEZ: If you’re a Jellyfish fan, you probably know about the deluxe reissues of the band’s two studio albums coming in January from Omnivore Recordings. They will be packed with extra tracks, but nothing from this set will appear on either one. As usual, none of these has ever appeared on an official/commercial release. 

SAMPLE: "The King Is Half Undressed" (live '93)

01 All Is Forgiven
02 Sebrina, Paste, and Plato
03 That Is Why
04 New Mistake
05 I Wanna Stay Home
06 The Ghost at Number One
07 The Man I Used to Be
08 Baby's Coming Back
09 The King Is Half Undressed
10 All I Want Is Everything

11 Now She Knows She's Wrong  
     (London, 1991)
12 That Is Why (London, 1991)

13 By Bye Bye (live on ‘Later’ 1993)
14 The Ghost at Number One (live on ‘Later’ 1993)

Full artwork for this boot is in the DL
TT: 52:29

1-10 = soundboard live compilation from Socrates, Pathos & Plato boot CD. Culled from various live shows, November 1993.*
11 & 12 = Wembley Stadium, London, UK 
     July 13, 1991 (FM, speed-corrected)
13 & 14 = Live on ‘Later With Jools Holland’ 1993 (Shalom Aberle stereo mixes)
*(4 tracks from the S, P, & P boot were omitted here since they were included in the Not Lame box set from 2002)
Want more Jellyfish ROIOs?
Get thee to the fab BBChron blog.

Jellyfish: a brief but pretty sweet ride.
Learn more about the music of Jellyfish 
at AllMusic, Omnivore's artist page,  
or this fan site.


Shawn Colvin - Holiday Show 1998

KGSR-FM Studios
Austin, TX

December 1998 (exact date unknown)
Christmas Radio Special

Shawn Colvin & Band - enjoying pajama time & holiday tunes... 
From a live performance on the Tonight Show, 1998. Enjoy it on Shawn's Polaroids DVD comp.

Holiday fave at Rob's house
01 Even Here We Are
02 You and the Mona Lisa
03 If I Were Brave
04 Sunny Came Home
05 The Facts about Jimmy
06 Christmas Time Is Here
07 In the Bleak Mid-Winter
08 Shotgun Down the Avalanche
09 Little Road to Bethlehem
10 Mary*
11 Love Came Down at Christmas
12 Rocking
13 All the Pretty Little Horses
Simply put: Shawn's got what I like
14 Goodbye*
15 I'll Be Back Again
16 River
17 Have Yourself a 
     Merry Little Christmas

*guest vocalist: Patti Griffin

ROB SEZ: Was starting to think I couldn't pull together a holiday-themed post when this gem of a concert showed up, quite unexpectedly. It's a sweet blend of classic Shawn compositions, seasonal tunes from her just-released holiday album, and choice covers. Added bonuses: a string section & the marvelous Patti Griffin guesting on two songs.

THANK YOU KINDLY to mediaaddict for sharing.
Artwork included? But of course...
Shawn Colvin - vocals, guitars, piano
Doug Petty - multiple instruments

Kate Markowitz - background vocals
Lara Hicks, Ames Asbel, Sarah Nelson, Lee Mahoney - strings

TT: 65:59


Learn more about the music of Shawn Colvin 
at her web site and/or AllMusic.

Friday, December 5

World Party - Arkeology Leftovers (more rarities)

(stuff that didn't make it onto the box set)
various dates & sources (most all from studio or demo sessions)
sound quality: VG+ to Ex
Karl Wallinger: the genius behind World Party, still going strong.
 photo by artolog via Flickr
NOTE: This set includes 3 previously unreleased Beatles covers. Sources for the tracks are too numerous to detail here. In general, some are from a previous incarnation of, the old, as well as the bonus DVD that came with the Seaview edition of Dumbing Up. Be prepared, though, since they’re all over the map re: sound quality, volume levels, bit rates, audio imperfections, etc. None is previously released, as far as official/commercial releases go.

ROB SEZ: Karl freaking Wallinger!! Is there another musician alive making rock and pop music who’s as talented and under-appreciated as K.W.? Can’t think of a single person I’d put above 'Mr. World Party'. Abundant evidence for my claim can be found in this here post. These ‘leftovers’ (left off the recent 5-disc box set — which is all rarities) would be the envy of many better-known artists. The Mrs. and I caught a WP live show earlier this year — and we're here to tell you that Karl's still got it. 

(Check the sample and get a 4-minute master class re: how to take a classic tune and make it one's own.)    
SAMPLE: "The Long & Winding Road" (unrel.)

Karl & Co. play Chicago, IL in 2006
photo by Barry Brecheisen
01 Leave You to Find You
02 Don't B Late 4 2morrow
03 You're a Hurricane, 
     I'm a Caravan (demo)
04 Picture This (unfinished demo)
05 These Are the Days
06 Yeah Yeah Yeah
07 Nowhere Man
08 The Long & Winding Road
09 All You Need Is Love
10 Everybody Dance Now
11 Show Me to the Top (diff. mix)
12 Hollywood (groovy remix)
13 Strange Groove (live)
14 Photograph ('failed version')
15 Backwards for Your Love
16 (mystery track)

TT: 1:11:53

Special thanks to Scott for sharing tracks 1, 3, 4, 7-9

MP3 (variable bit rates)

World Party is Karl Wallinger ... and whomever he collaborates with. Just about everything you hear in this set is played, sung & produced by KW.

World Party’s most recent release is Arkeology, 
a 5-disc archival treasure trove 
(I own this, and I LOVE it. Read Bill Kopp's review 
of Arkeology at his Musoscribe blog HERE). 

Learn more about the music of Karl Wallinger and World Party at the official site and/or AllMusic

World Party - Amsterdam 1990 (FM)

Two FM broadcasts

The Roxy, Amsterdam, May 29, 1990 (tracks 1-11)
The Paradiso, Amsterdam, Nov. 6, 1990 (tracks 12-16)

Karl & Co.: World Party, in their heyday. Karl’s still making music today.

FM captures (sound quality: VG+ to VG++; transferred from master tapes)

EXTRA THANKS to frankvink for sharing.
Karl W, 1990s rock god on tour
01 Private Revolution
02 When the Rainbow Comes
03 All Come True
04 Put the Message In the Box
05 Is It Too Late?
06 God On Our Side
07 Way Down Now
08 Thank You World
09 Ballad of the Little Man (abbrev.)
10 Take It Up
11 Ship of Fools
12 All Come True
13 Put the Message In the Box
14 Sweet Soul Dream
15 Ain't Gonna Come 'Til I'm Ready
16 World Party

TT: 1:27:15


World Party:
Karl Wallinger - vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussion 
Guy Chambers - keyboards
David Catlin Birch - bass, vocals 
Jeff Trott - lead guitar, vocals 
Chris Sharrock- drums, vocals