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Chris & Peter - New York City 2009

City Winery
New York, NY
June 9, 2009

audience recording (sound quality VG++; nice ambient sound with some audience chatter, which doesn’t ruin the show)
Cover for the limited-edition "Begin Again" Euclid Avenue single

THANK YA KINDLY to the taper and uploader

SAMPLE: "She Was the One (City Winery 2009)"

01 Here and Now
02 Early In the Morning
03 Santa Monica
04 Nothing Is Wrong
05 Widescreen World
06 Broken Record
07 My Friend the Sun (Family cover)
08 Tape Op Blues
09 Lord of the Manor (Everly Bros. cover)
10 Black and White
11 Begin Again
12 Geometry
13 To Be Loved
14 Angels
15 Long Time Coming
16 band intros
17 She Was the One
18 I Am the Cosmos (Chris Bell cover)
19 Let It Be Me (Everly Bros. cover)
20 Song for Johnny Cash

Chris and Peter, holding forth at the Full Frame festival in 2010 (photo by Hathir Pfau)

Peter Holsapple – guitars & vocals
Chris Stamey – guitars & vocals
Andy Burton – keyboard
Jeff Crawford – upright bass
Gary Greene – drums & percussion
Dave Schramm – electric guitar

This show was part of Peter and Chris' tour in support of 
their second duo album, Here and Now

Smiths, The – At the Beeb (unreleased 1983-‘87)

At the Beeb
Radio and TV appearances (none officially released)
various locales & dates 1983-1987

(artwork included in the download)

FM, soundboard and video-derived audio (from best available sources)

sound quality: variable (range = VG- to Ex-)

01 Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now (Ear Say 84)
02 Pretty Girls Make Graves (Jenson Session 83)
03 I Don't Owe You Anything (Jenson Session 83)
04 Reel Around the Fountain (Jenson Session 83)
05 This Night Has Opened My Eyes (Y.E.S. 84)
06 What Difference Does It Make? (Y.E.S. 84)
07 Still Ill (The Tube 84)
08 Hand In Glove (The Tube 84)
09 How Soon Is Now? (Peel Session 84)
10 Barbarism Begins at Home (The Tube 84)
11 There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (Euro-Tube 86)
12 Vicar In A Tutu (Whistle Test 86)
13 Panic (Euro-Tube 86)
14 Bigmouth Strikes Again (Whistle Test 86)
15 Half A Person (Peel Session 86)
16 London (Peel Session 86)
17 Shoplifters of the World Unite (Tube 87)
18 Sheila Take a Bow (Tube 87)

Xa Asleep (Inverness soundcheck 85)
Xb [blank]
Xc Wonderful Woman (Jenson Session 83)
Xd Shoplifters of the World Unite (Megamix 87)

01 – early studio version with shorter ending, broadcast 31 March 1984 on “Ear Say” television programme, Channel 4 in the UK
02 – live session, recorded 25 August 1983 on David “Kid” Jenson show, BBC Radio One in the UK
03 – [same as 02]
04 – [same as 02]
05 – live performance, broadcast 31 March 1984 on “Y.E.S.” television programme, BBC North West in the UK
06 – [same as 05]
07 - live performance, broadcast 16 March 1984 on “The TUBE” television programme in the UK
08 – [same as 07]
09 – live session, recorded 1 August 1984 on John Peel show, BBC Radio One in the UK (includes abrupt false ending, followed by 42 additional seconds of music)
10 – [same as 07]
11 - live performance, broadcast 5 July 1986 on “Euro-Tube” television programme, Channel 4 in the UK
12 – live performance, broadcast 20 May 1986 on “(Old Grey) Whistle Test” television programme, BBC2 in the UK
13 – [same as 11] – features unusual long intro
14 – [same as 12]
15 - live session, recorded 17 December 1986 on John Peel show, BBC Radio One in the UK
16 – [same as 15]
17 - live performance, broadcast 10 April 1987 on “The TUBE” television programme in the UK
18 – [same as 17]

Xa – audience recording, 1 October 1985, Eden Court, Inverness, Scotland (soundcheck)
Xc - live session, recorded 24 July 1983 on David “Kid” Jenson show, BBC Radio One in the UK
Xd – live performance, broadcast 13 February 1987 on “Megamix” television programme, Dublin, Ireland


I’d been intending for some time to put together an audio compilation of all the British radio and TV performances that have never seen official release. I did this for my own amusement, but since it turned out better than I anticipated, I decided to share it.

Be prepared for quite a lot of variety in sound quality. That said, I think most listeners will find many, or even all, of these very listenable. I used the best sources I could find from an audio standpoint, lossless in most instances. Those interested are welcome to consult the comments section to discover the source I used for each track.

For the running order, I picked tracks that I thought sounded good before and after each other. Happily, the sequence ended up being mostly chronological. My apologies to fans of “Wonderful Woman” from the 1983 Jenson Session: I could not imagine it making a positive musical contribution to this compilation other than as a “bonus track.” The Xb blank track features 10 seconds of silence to create an audio gap before the bonus tracks.

Above all, please enjoy.


Friday, October 18

Whiskey town – Forever Valentine (with CS)

Forever Valentine
December 1997

1997 sessions with Chris Stamey

soundboard recordings (quality range: VG++ to Ex-; very listenable stuff; enjoy)

REPERCUSSION: From 1996-'97, Chris Stamey spent many weeks either playing bass for Whiskey town demo sessions or producing them, or both. Chris also re-mixed the album Faithless Street when it was reissued in 1998. When Ryan Adams became a solo artist, band mate Caitlin Cary did the same, and Chris produced several projects for Cary. Much more recently, Adams shared an unused song of his, "Universe-Sized Arms", that appeared on Chris' 2015 album Euphoria.

01 Anyone But Me (aka, Dial Tone)
02 Don’t Wanna Know Why
03 Easy Hearts
04 Sittin’ Around
05 Rays of Burning Light (aka, Rays of Light)
06 Ghost Without Memory
07 Runnin’ Out of Road
08 Can’t Take a Lover (aka, Talkin’ In My Sleep)
09 Think About Me (aka, [What You] Think About Me)
10 Crazy Lonesome (aka, A Memory Away)
11 Caroline

12 Losering (demo)
13 Everything I Do (demo)
14 New York Angel
15 Only to Lose
16 San Antone
17 All You Can Feel
18 Hipshake

Tracks 1-11: Forever Valentine sessions, Dec. 1997, Scores/Slackmates, Raleigh, NC and Modern Recording, Chapel Hill, NC

Tracks 12 & 13: Pre-Stranger’s Almanac sessions, Dec. 1996, Captured Live!, Durham, NC & Modern Recording, Chapel Hill, with Chris Stamey on bass

Tracks 14-18: Those Weren’t the Days sessions, 1996

HQ MP3  (Forever Valentine tracks = 320 kbps, others = 192 kbps)

NONE of the above appears on any of the official 
Whiskey town releases, including the reissues.
Disclaimer: Chris Stamey had nothing to do with my 
obtaining these to share here; 
these recordings have been floating around 
trading circles for a good while...

Comments about the Forever Valentine sessions from
Skillet Gilmore: "Forever Valentine was recorded around Xmas '97. The band at the time (for the purposes of recording) was Ryan, Caitlin, Mike Daly, Ed Crawford on guitar, Chris Stamey on bass, and me." "Although the record was made in about a week, the challenge was actually that Ryan wanted to make a record without the label knowing about it. And so we did."
Chris Stamey: "Skillet played drums, I played bass. Recorded in Raleigh at Scores/Slackmates, and at Modern, my place. The piano player … was Ben Folds." 

Whiskey town – Carrboro, NC 1995

Cat’s Cradle
Carrboro, NC
May 25, 1995

soundboard recording (quality Ex-)

SUBSTANTIAL THANKS to (where I found this and many other amazing shows; you really need to visit his site)

photo of Whiskey town and Chris Stamey by the great Daniel Coston

01 Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart
02 Lucky Me
03 Drugstore Truck Driving Man
04 Don't Take Your Guns To Town
05 Tennessee Square
06 Desperate Ain't Lonely
07 Top Dollar
08 Midway Park
09 Western Stars (Chris Isaak cover)
10 Blank Generation (Richard Hell cover)
11 Way Down In The County
12 This May Be The Last Time (Staple Singers cover)
13 Faithless Street
14 Encore Break/Interlude
15 Drank Like A River
16 If He Can't Have You

TT: 56 mins.

Ryan Adams
Caitlin Cary
Phil Wandscher
Steve Grothmann
Eric "Skillet" Gilmore

NC writer David Menconi has published a book about Ryan Adams called Losering: A Story of Whiskey town. Read an excerpt here. 
Learn more about the music of Whiskey town at AllMusic


Friday, October 11

Paul Carrack & Nick Lowe - Kansas City 1982 (soundboard)

Uptown Theatre
Kansas City, MO
October 29, 1982

soundboard (quality VG++; good, full sound for a source tape of this era)
That's Paul on the left and Nick, 4th from left. This is Nick's "Noise to Go" band.
These are well-written, well-sung, and very well-performed tunes from around the same time The dB’s were hitting their stride. If you usually enjoy the stuff I post, give this one a listen and leave a comment letting me know what you think.

QUITE LARGE THANKS to persic, markp and Edge

01. A Little Unkind
02. I'm In Love
03. Don't Give My Heart a Break
04. Tempted
05. Stick It Where the Sun Don't Shine
06. My Heart Hurts
07. Mary Provost
08. Always Better With You
09. From Now On
10. Burnin’
11. Cruel to Be Kind
12. Switchboard Susan
13. I Need You
14. I Found Love
15. (I Love the Sound of) 
      Breaking Glass
16. Cracking Up
17. How Long
18. band intros
19. Lesson In Love
20. Heart of the City
21. applause, hooting, cat calls, etc.
22. So Right, So Wrong
23. I Knew the Bride (When She 
      Used to Rock and Roll)
24. crowd goes wild
25. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, 
      Love & Understanding

TT: 77 mins. 25 secs.

At the time of this tour, Paul Carrack had released his best solo album, Suburban Voodoo and Nick Lowe released his well-received Nick the Knife. As evidenced by this show, a combo tour turned out to be a really good idea.