Monday, February 20


If you wanna talk about grave injustices in the realm of popular music, you can't get far without recounting the story of The dB's -- a truly fantastic combo from the Tar Heel state that deserved a LOT better than it got. The group made a handful of classic pop/rock albums that should be heard by all lovers of cool, compelling and intelligent music.

AND in June 2012, the original lineup released an album of new studio material for the first time in ... almost forever.
That alone justifies a fan blog like this.

This blog's debut made music news! Thanks to Fred Mills, dB's friend, fan, and superb music writer, the debut of The dB's Repercussion was featured in this Blurt magazine story about The dB's upcoming album. 

Coupla things about this blog:

1. IT'S UNOFFICIAL. If you want the official dB's site, go here: I'm not trying to compete with the official site, just complement it. So I'm not going to repeat anything here that you can read there.

2. THE MAIN FOCUS OF THIS BLOG IS MUSIC: ROIOs (Recordings of Independent Origin). Yup, that means live shows, outtakes, demos. A secondary aspect of the blog (when I get to it) will be news, reviews and articles about the band.

3. THIS BLOG WILL FOCUS ON THE GROUP AS WELL AS ITS INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS as solo artists and collaborators. The solo work, side projects, collaborations, etc., that these guys have done is a compelling story in itself, and I'd like to tell it using ROIOs. Holsapple-Stamey, anyone?!?

4. NO COMMERCIALLY-RELEASED MATERIAL WILL BE POSTED HERE. Chris, Will, Gene and Peter never made the kind of money their music richly deserved, so I will not be doing anything to worsen that sucky situation. When it's warranted, I'll post links to the places where you can legitimately buy their music so the guys might actually realize a little extra revenue.

5. NEW POSTS EVERY FRIDAY. I plan to do at least one new post with fresh music every Friday by Noon EST. Over time, I'll also try to improve the look of the blog as I'm able -- but you gotta start somewhere, right?

6. LOSSY VS. LOSSLESS: I know some of you would like to see/hear the music files posted in lossless, but that will be rare here. Almost everything I post will be in high quality MP3, @320 kbps whenever possible. Also, the file servers charge you more when files get larger than a certain size. And unless you have one of those high end audio systems, I really don't think you'll hear much of a difference between these and the lossless versions of the same tracks. So, most of the time, the audiophile types out there are just going to have to settle for high quality MP3s or take a pass. (If you have an extensive dB's collection of live shows, etc., and want to discuss a possible trade in lossless, that's a different story. If so, please email me: rdfield [at] rocketmail [dot] com).

7. CONTRIBUTIONS ENCOURAGED. Got something that you think belongs here? Let me know and, if we can work it out, I'd be glad to post your stuff with full credit to you.

8. I HAVE ANOTHER LIFE AWAY FROM BLOGDOM. If you're trying to get in touch and don't hear back from me right away, that's just because I'm not online all the time. And even when I am online, I might be focusing on other stuff. I have a full-time job and a family with kids at home. But if I'm going to be offline for vacation, etc., I'll try to let folks know ahead of time.



P.S. - For the curious, my blog handle is Rob-in-Brevard in honor of where I live, which is Brevard, N.C. (not far from Asheville, for those who've heard of that great overgrown mountain town). Thus, "Rob in Brevard".