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Crowded House - M T V Spring Break 1987

M T V Spring Break
Daytona Beach, FL 
March 28, 1987

TV audio (sound quality VG+; ripped from hifi stereo source; some distortion here & there)

01 intro by M T V veejay (fades in)
02 This Is Massive
03 When You Come
04 Mean to Me
05 World Where You Live
06 That's What I Call Love
07 One Step Ahead
08 Recurring Dream
09 Something So Strong
10 Hole In the River
11 Don't Dream It's Over
12 Now We're Getting Somewhere 
13 Throw Your Arms Around Me
14 Better Be Home Soon

TT: 59:06 mins.

Crowded House:
Neil Finn - vocals, guitar
Paul Hester - drums, vocals (R.I.P.)
Nick Seymour - bass, vocals
with Eddie Rayner - keyboards

ROB SEZ: Man, were Crowded House good! I've been a fan since almost the beginning, but I forgot just how musically sharp they were until I dusted off this vintage recording. Here's what I want to know: how on earth could this have taken place 30 years ago?!? I can still remember watching this show when it was first broadcast and thinking "Yeah, they've got it." Decades later, Neil Finn & Co. recorded some strong music in the band's post-Paul-Hester incarnation. Even though Crowded House is on hiatus after last year's big shows in Sydney, we've still got the new double-disc reissues of the albums to enjoy. Look for a hidden bonus set somewhere around here, available now, and expect more rare CH goodies in a few days...


Learn more about Crowded House's music
at the band's official site, FB page 
and the amazing Frenz fan site


  1. Crowded House – Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA 1987-03-24 (FM - remastered)

Remaster of this classic FM broadcast


01 This Is Massive
02 When You Come
03 Mean To Me

    04 World Where You Live
05 That's What I Call Love
06 One Step Ahead

    07 Jamaica Farewell
08 Recurring Dream
09 Something So Strong
10 Love You ’Til The Day I Die

    11 Hole In The River

    12 Don't Dream It's Over
13 Now We're Getting Somewhere
14 Throw Your Arms Around Me

    15 Better Be Home Soon

    16 announcement

    17 Happy Birthday Mitch
18 I Got You

    19 Sister Madly

    20 Not Fade Away

    Via Don at the old ASH blog. THANK YOU, Don!


  2. Thanks for all the crowded house shows, very much appreciated.

  3. Much appreciated! GREAT Blog!! - Stinky


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