Friday, February 24

Winterpills - Keene, N.H. 2013 acoustic show

Summer Knight Chapel
Keene, New Hampshire  
Dec. 7, 2013

audience recording (sound quality VG++; 
a well-recorded, intimate-sounding show)

00 intro
01 Leaning Slightly 
Winterpills:  never the cheap seats with this band...
02 Lay Your Heartbreak
03 Take Away the Words 
04 Handkerchiefs
05 Wander White
06 Broken Arm
07 October
08 June Eyes
09 Rogue Highway
10 What Are You Doing 
     New Year's Eve? 
11 Freeze Your Light
12 Dying Star
13 Want the Want
14 A Benediction
15 Feather Blue
16 Laughing
17 Amazing Sky

Winterpills' Philip Price & wife Flora Reed do it all
ROB SEZ: There are lots of Winterpills duo recordings out there with Philip and Flora, but this is the only full-length acoustic trio show I know about. BIG HONKIN' THANKS to El Ranchero Deluxe for taping & sharing this one with the fans. I'm betting everyone who listens will enjoy the warm, intimate sound the taper was able to capture. Note: if the lovely chats between songs aren't your thing, you can easily delete every file with a "b" after the track number, and you'll still have all the music. Thanks as always to Mick & Don for the hot tip about this talented band...

Philip B. Price - guitar, lead vocals
Flora Reed - guitar, lead vocals
Dennis Crommett - guitar, backing vocals


Read more about Winterpills' music 
at the band's web site and AllMusic


  1. hello, way off topic, but a very sincere thanks for your singular Golden Palominos post. Passing this along to you for keeping the music alive.

    (links are still active 4+ years later!)

    Montreux 1986 [no label, 1CD]
    Live in Montreux, Switzerland; July 19, 1986. Very good to excellent FM broadcast.

    Peter Blegvad - guitar, vocals
    Bernie Worrell - organ
    Jody Harris - guitar
    Lisa Herman - keyboards, vocals
    Chris Stamey - bass, vocals
    Syd Straw - vocals
    Michael Stipe - vocals (*)
    Jack Bruce - bass and vocals (**)
    T-Bone Burnett - vocals (#)
    Anton Fier - drums

    Enjoy ! Ps. track 5 is an amazing Mashup of REM/GP song

  2. Pretty sure I have that GP share, but others here might not. Thanks for the thanks!


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