Friday, February 10

Long Players - Perform R.E.M.'s 'Out of Time' live 2016

with Mike Mills
performing R.E.M.'s
     Out of Time
City Winery
Nashville, TN
Oct. 7, 2016

audience recording (sound quality VG+; solid recording with minimally intrusive crowd noise)

(lead vocalists listed song by song)

SAMPLE: "Belong" (live 2016)

Dez DIckerson (left) and 
Tommy Womack (right) were on hand
00 intro
01 Radio Song (Tommy Womack 
      with Dez Dickerson)
02 Losing My Religion (Joe Blanton)
03 Low (Jace Everett)
04 Near Wild Heaven (Mike Mills 
      with Mike Vargo & Carmella Ramsey)
05 Endgame (Bill Lloyd)
06 Shiny Happy People (Tommy Womack 
      with Mike Mills & Carmella Ramsey)
07 Belong (Dez Dickerson)
08 Half a World Away (Webb Wilder)
09 Texarkana (Robin T. Zander & Mike Mills) 
Good ol' Webb Wilder also sang a few...
10 Country Feedback (Warren Pash)
11 Me in Honey (Scott Laurent 
      with Carmella Ramsey)

12 Radio Free Europe (Joe Blanton)
13 Finest Worksong (Jace Everett)
14 Fall on Me (Scott Laurent with Mike Mills)
15 Everybody Hurts (Warren Pash)
16 Superman (Robin T. Zander 
      with Mike Mills)
17 So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry) 
      (Mike Vargo) 
18 Stand (Dez Dickerson)
19 The One I Love (Webb Wilder 
       with Mike Mills)
20 Driver 8 (Tommy Womack with Mike Mills)
21 (Don’t Go Back to) Rockville (Mike Mills with everyone)

ROB SEZ: Here's a lovely thing: veteran Nashville musicians, getting together to perform classic albums in their entirety, with a variety of vocalists, and donating proceeds to worthy causes. In this case, the classic album was R.E.M.'s Out of Time, and that band's bassist Mike Mills was on hand to sing on several of the selections. Apparently, the Long Players have been doing this since 2004 (!!). Big, sloppy thanks to mbodayle for sharing this one. A complete list of participating musicians is in the file folder.
Check out this one! 
(from a different Long Players show)
Learn more about the music of the Long Players 
at the band's web site and FB page

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