Friday, February 17

Feelies - New York, NY 1980 + 1983

Irving Plaza
New York, N.Y.
December 20, 1980

soundboard recording (quality VG+; filler tracks from unknown show are VG-quality soundboard)

SAMPLE: Fa Ce-La (live NYC 1980)

01 Phantom Captain Phantom Chief 
      (fades in) 
02 Skating On Thinning Ice 
03 Angels with Trumpets
04 When Company Comes 
05 The Boy With the 
     Perpetual Nervousness  
06 Fa Ce-La
07 Loveless love 
08 Forces at Work 
09 The Obedient Atom 
10 Moscow Nights
11 Crazy Rhythms 
12 Raised Eyebrows
13 Everybody's Got Something to Hide...  

14 The Boy With the Perpetual Nervousness*
15 Fa Ce-La*
16 The Obedient Atom*

*Final 3 tracks are from a different live show (date & venue unknown)

Peppermint Lounge
New York, N.Y.
this one includes custom artwork...
Oct. 29, 1983

soundboard recording (sound quality VG++; upgraded sound compared to other versions in circulation)

01 Original Love
02 Fa Ce-La
03 When Company Comes 
04 The Obedient Atom
05 Loveless Love
06 Forces at Work
07 Moscow Nights
08 Raised Eyebrows
09 Crazy Rhythms
10 Everybody's Got Something to Hide...

ROB SEZ: Only thing better than one vintage Feelies show from the early 1980s is two. Both were in NYC, both have excellent sound, and both are stomping performances. Massive thanks to the tapers and to Dartman and joebob2 for sharing. Here at Repercussion Towers, we are waiting rather anxiously for the arrival of the new Feelies platter In Between in another week or so. You could say we're in a state of perpetual nervousness until we finally hear it... 


Learn more about the Feelies' music at 
the band's official site or Trouser Press

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