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Crowded House - Winterthur 1991 (sbd) + bonus

'Stage Time'
Albani Musicclub
Winterthur, Switzerland
Oct. 28, 1991
soundboard recording (quality Ex-; ripped from my original silver boot CDs)

SAMPLE: "It's Only Natural" (live 1991)

01 Tall Trees
Crowded House: then there were 4 when Tim joined
02 Something So Strong
03 Weather With You
04 Into Temptation
05 There Goes God
06 World Where You Live 
07 It's Only Natural
08 All I Ask
09 Don't Dream It's Over
10 Mean to Me
11 When You Come
12 Chocolate Cake
13 Fall at Your Feet*
14 Sister Madly (with classical solo)
15 How'm I Gonna Sleep?
16 I See Red (brief)
17 The Weeping Song (brief)
18 Better Be Home Soon
19 Throw Your Arms Around Me
20 Four Seasons In One Day

*The song "The Same Language As Me" follows "Fall at Your Feet" in the original running order. However, that performance is omitted from this share because it was officially released on the recent Together Alone album reissue.

TT: 1 hr. 33 mins.

The House got a little too Crowded when Tim joined
ROB SEZ: Recorded during the brief period in the band's history when Neil's brother Tim joined Crowded House for the Woodface album and tour. Although histories of the group say it was an awkward period for band dynamics, I think it made for some pretty great music, as evidenced in this recording, with superb sound quality. Add a couple of rare songs, and you have an ROIO to treasure.

Crowded House:
Neil Finn - vocals, guitar
Tim Finn - vocals, guitar
Paul Hester (R.I.P.) - drums, 
                   backing vocals 
Nick Seymour - bass, backing vocals
Mark Hart - keyboards, backing vocals
(Mark H. became an official member of the band after the recording of the Woodface album)

The Mullanes
Homestead Hotel
Brisbane, Australia 
May 26, 1985

audience recording (sound quality VG-; vocals somewhat distant & there's plenty of crowd noise — but this is musical history, people!!)

01 Recurring Dream 
02 Can't Carry On 
03 Oblivion 
04 One Step Ahead 
05 Seen You Before 
06 Breaking My Back 
07 Return (The Reels cover) 
08 That's What I Call Love 
09 Left Hand 
10 Hello Sandy Allen (Split Enz cover) 
11 Galfriend 
12 Not Fade Away 
13 improv 
15 Walking On the Spot 
16 Now We're Getting Somewhere 
17 This is Massive
18 The Creek Song*

*Track 18 = bonus track, rarely-played song, live at The Tivoli, Sydney, NSW, AUS 1985-05-29 (aud)

ROB SEZ: After Split Enz and before Crowded House, there was the short-lived Mullanes (Mullane is Neil Finn's middle name). After dismissing guitarist Craig Hooper and refining the band's sound, Crowded House was born in late 1985. In this rare recording, you hear the origins of Neil Finn's most popular musical vehicle. Mega thanks to the taper, Atlasstar and simplewisdom for sharing, and the amazing Janemusic for providing so much rare Enz/Crowdies/Finns music over the years.

Learn more about the music of Crowded House at 
Neil Finn's official site, the Crowded House FB page 
& the amazing Frenz fan site 



    Crowded House - Rare Early Demos (c. 1984-’85)

    Sound quality VG to VG+

    Almost all the known early-era demos were remixed, remastered and released as part of the 2016 deluxe reissue of the debut album. To be completely accurate, most of them come from the pre-Crowded House era when Neil Finn & Co. called themselves The Mullanes. Probably recorded in Australia in 1984 and/or 1985.

    Here are a handful of demos that have never been officially released. (We collectors and completists have to have ‘em!)

    Big thanks to Atlasstar and simplewisdom for sharing.

    01 My Darkest Day (early demo)
    02 Walking On the Pier (early demo - skeletal version)
    03 Love You 'Til the Day I Die (earliest demo)


  2. Thanks for all these great CH shows, really enjoying them, very much appreciated.


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