Wednesday, February 8

Peter Holsapple - Hear his NEW SINGLE now; buy it today


Peter's new single is
Don't Mention the War / Cinderella Style

Here's the new video for the A side

Read this story from Indyweek 
& another from Innocent Words about the single,
and this interview with Peter by Indyweek

The whole family's lending a hand...

Order the vinyl 45 single here now.
(includes download card for lossless files;
if you don't own Peter's excellent solo album Out of My Way
you can buy that also)

Bonus: hear an early version of the A side 
that Peter recorded for Radio Free Song Club

Apparently, this is a really big deal
This & above family photo from Peter's blog — which you really should read!
Way to go, Peter! Thank you for the new music.

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