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Beth Orton - Live Sessions 1997 - 2002

'Brilliant Bits'
Live Radio and TV Sessions 
Various Venues & Dates
1997 - 2002

soundboard and FM recordings (quality VG+ to Ex-)

Part of the enclosed artwork; see comments for track listing.

ROB SEZ: No time this week to do more than post the cover art, but trust me on this: if you like Beth Orton and don't have this fan-made compilation, you'll be glad you went click, click, double click after you download this two-volume set & give it a listen. Total of 29 tracks; see comments for full track listing. All thanks & praise to the fans at the Beth Orton Trailer Park digest for compiling these and to my friend Don for sharing.

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  1. TRACK LISTING for BETH ORTON: Brilliant Bits

    Back in 2002, a dedicated group of fans on the trailer-park-digest mailing list created this 2-disc compilation of quality radio & TV appearances,


    01 She Cries Your Name
    (Grosvenor House Hotel, London, England 1997-08-28)
    02 Best Bit
    03 She Cries Your Name
    04 Skimming Stone
    (Paul Ross Show, BBC-TV Cafe de Paris, London, England 1997-11-28)
    05 River (Joni Mitchell cover)
    (Jo Whiley Session, BBC Radio One, England 1997-12-19)
    06 Blood Red River
    (Later...with Jools Holland Show, BBC-TV London, England 1999)
    07 Central Reservation
    (Late Night with David Letterman, CBS-TV New York, NY 1999-05-13)
    08 So Much More
    09 Pass in Time
    10 Thinking About Tomorrow
    11 She Cries Your Name
    12 Best Bit
    (Den Haag, Netherlands 2000-03-27 FM)
    13 Concrete Sky
    (Late, Late Show with Craig Kilborn, CBS-TV Burbank, CA 2002-08-23)


    01 She Cries Your Name
    02 Acceptance Speech
    (Mercury Music Prize, England 1997)
    03 Best Bit
    04 Sweetest Decline
    05 Central Reservation
    (acoustic "World Cafe," Tongue & Groove Studios, Philadelphia, PA 1999-01-29 FM/sans interviews)
    06 So Much More
    07 Stolen Car
    08 Stars All Seem To Weep
    09 Best Bit
    10 Sweetest Decline
    11 She Cries Your Name
    12 Devil Song
    13 Thinking About Tomorrow
    14 Whenever
    15 Pass In Time
    16 Someone's Daughter
    (Prince of Wales, St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia 2000-01-31 FM)

  2. Thank you for sharing this here. I'm a new fan and can't wait to hear this.

  3. Thank you so much for this - I'm on a huge Beth Orton swing right now so this will be so great!!


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