Friday, February 26

Bluetones - London 1996 (sbd)

Camden Roadhouse
London, UK
December 11, 1996

soundboard recording (quality Ex-) 

SAMPLE: "Carnt Be Trusted" (Camden 1996)

01 Don't Stand Me Down
The Bluetones: Down in the tube station at midnight
02 Bluetonic
03 The Devil Behind 
     My Smile
04 The Simple Things
05 Putting Out Fires
06 Carnt Be Trusted
07 Vampire
08 Slight Return
09 Sleazy Bed Track
10 Marblehead Johnson 
11 Driftwood
12 Time and Again
13 Are You Blue or 
     Are You Blind?
14 Cut Some Rug
15 Things Change

TT: 69 mins.

BIG THANKS to titiemon2 for sharing

ROB SEZ: The Bluetones might be handily summarized as second-tier Britpop. But if you give them a chance, they might just move into your top tier. Song for song, their musical excellence exceeds that of Oasis. Hit the sample and listen for yourself. Thanks to the ASH crew for the inspiration. 

The Bluetones:
Mark Morriss - vocals
Adam Devlin - guitar
Scott Morriss - bass
Eds Chesters - drums 

Learn more about the music of The Bluetones at their official site, FB and Wikipedia


  1. Many thanks for all the shares.
    Just found you site and it is excellent!
    Have downloaded Teardrop Explodes/REM/Bluetones to name a few.
    Please keep up the great work it is much appreciated.
    Best wishes,
    CC England

    1. Thanks for stopping by, CC England. Glad you found some music to enjoy...


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