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Bluetones - Live Comp 1995-'96

The Bluetones
‘Old, New, Borrowed & Blue' + 'Fade Away’
Live comp 1995-1996

FM captures (sound quality VG+)

01 Slight Return
02 String Along
03 Carnt Be Trusted
04 Glad to See You 
     Back Again 
05 Slight Return
06 Don't Stand Me Down
07 Vampire
08 Bluetonic
09 Carnt Be Trusted
10 Slight Return
11 Talking to Clarry
12 Putting Out Fires
13 Castle Rock
14 String Along
15 Slight Return
16 Driftwood
17 Time and Again 

A compilation of two unofficial releases: 
Old, New Borrowed, Blue & Fade Away
01 = The White Room, 1995-03-25
        (source unknown)
02–05 = Evening Session, July 1995 (FM)
06–10 = Anson Rooms, Bristol, UK 
            Jan. 1996 (FM)
11-13 = Town & Country Club, Leeds, UK
            1996-04-10 (FM)
14–15 = Anson Rooms, Bristol, UK 1995-04-21 (FM)
16–17 = Reading Festival, UK 1995-08-25 (FM)

NOTE: some of the tracks on the original boots were later released on the bonus disc included in the expanded reissue of Expecting to Fly. Those tracks are not included here.

ALL THANKS & PRAISE to Don at the old ASH blog, my source for the Fade Away set.

ASH Tuesday post #36.

Learn more about the music of The Bluetones at their official siteFB and Wikipedia


  1. Many thanks for this compilation.
    Much appreciated.


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