Tuesday, February 9

The 88 - KCRW 2005 + 2008

'Morning Becomes Eclectic'
Santa Monica, CA
Sept. 22, 1005 + Oct. 31, 2008

FM (or possibly web stream) captures (sound quality Ex-)

ALL PRAISES to Mick, who compiled these and made the artwork, and to Don, who posted it all at the old ASH blog. Check out Don's new pop music reflection & discussion blog, Anything Should Happen Again.

NEVER HEARD OF The 88? AllMusic describes the group as "a pop band from southern California that blends British Invasion melodies with a subtle but potent instrumental approach that recalls David Bowie and other '70s rock icons."
Learn more about the music of The 88 
at Wikipedia, the band's own site & FB.
ASH Tuesday post #33.


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